Monday, November 02, 2009

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009

Lets start off with my morning.  Went breakfast with my bro at Kedai Kopi Janggut coz both of us were craving for Fish Mee and fried foo chuk.

Went home and watch tv.  Lets just say that I was contemplating and complaining about how I didn't wanna go.  I think it's the bad weather.  And since it was my first time putting on wig for few hours, I was trying em out since 2pm.  Lets just say that my bro, cube, had to listen to me whining all day long.  In the end I settled for my blonde wig.

Oh, to add to that whole complaining whole day thinggie, I also had problems deciding which camera to bring.  I end up having both my PNS and DSLR with me.  But guess what?  I didn't use my DSLR, it was left sleeping in the bag whole night LOL.

I've psych myself out that I must keep it on whole night.  Lets just say that I was expecting aircond.  Followed cube's car coz I was too lazy to drive.  We were there around 6pm and my bro and the others were getting ready at the parking lot.  A car parked next to us and this family asked if they could take photo with my brother and dori.

By 6:30pm, we went up to the 10th floor.  Here's the funny part, we went up till 8th floor, and went back down to 3rd.  Yeah, coz most of us can't remember the details.  I just remember that registration at 6:30pm and event at the rooftop.  Was in the lift with Joan but I didn't know it was her till we were inside.

SBG this year's decoration was awesome.  Lets just say it was dark. 

Met Lorna and Margaret.  These two (2) sure did lotsa mingling that nite ;)

Took photos, I won't say tons of em but enuff for my blog.

More photos, here.

Fewd.  There's more than this being served I mean.

Can't remember wut were the names but lets just say that when the after effects kicks in, it's not farnie.  Oh and what's up with that night?  Sure lotsa broken plates/glasses going on.  I keep reminding my bro not to take off his shoe.

look at all that sweat

Oh and I was screaming for help coz it was so hot (this started the headache).  Why?  The fan weren't turned on.  Try to imagine how'd my bro feel in his werewolf costume?  He was sweating.  I mean serious sweating going on there.  Thank gawd Dino came to the rescue!  Thanks a bunch dood!  Oh and the sad part was, he didn't get to get his fewd till everyone get theirs coz moving around in his 4 to 5 inch shoe is a bit hard.  Me and his Irene were all paranoid when he got up the stairs with it.

I think there's something wrong with the sound system.  Sometimes it's too loud, sometimes I can't hear clearly.  Like during Roger Wang's performance, it was too loud that it sound annoying at times.  I was disappointed that during Sasuka's performance, I couldn't hear shite =_=""".  Maybe I turned deaf  for a moment there.  Hmmm just maybe.

Don't get me started with the numbers of camera flashes flashing.  Eyes were badly affected.  @_@"""  One could seriously vomit blood.  

Here's the nomination for best costume voted by the crowd.  Throat got all sore from all the screaming.

My bro won the PS2 with guitar.  Etto~ but where is the game ah? (totally killed the excitement, thought wanna play when reach home but no game, can't play)  Two (2) ps2 at home now.  LOL.  Alar I want a Wii.  Anybody wanna sponsor Wii? XD

Here's my bro's costume that he worked on for a month, click here.  Glue failed on him.  I think it's all the sweat LOL.  He should have sewn it ;)

Some CSP randomness.


Oh yeah, I know there's a cake cutting ceremony but where's the cake?!  @_@"""

What I missed out on?  Getting know some of the bloggers.  I know the MC asked us to mingle, but I think I only talk to CSPians (around 30++ members) mostly and some of the bloggers that I know.  The others, I dunno ;_; I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to know some of them that nite.  I can't simply leave my bag u see, and I don't wanna leave it lying around unattended.  @_@"""

Aight enuff of that.  I don't remember what time the event ended but I know there were lotsa waiting at the parking lot and we went to yamchar at BK Putatan coz cube got really hungry.  I had blackcurrant and I think I yapped a lot again coz I got a terrible headache.  Yes, I yap to release stress.

Sorry cube for having to put up with my yapping whole day LOL.  See, when I'm having second thoughts on something, dun make me do things I don't want.  It's damaging.

The Aftermath

Need to wash wig.  That whole sweating urgh =_= disgusted.

Cube's leftovers LOL

The balcony is his friend.  Oi clean this mess!

And the 4 inch shoe LOL. 

Well at least his a month effort paid off.  Congrats again cube.  Oh and congrats to everyone else who won that nite too.

Uh oh, last but not least, Happy birthday PapaJPP XD

That's it.  I think I shouldn't blog when I'm stressed. Fuuu~~~ must make headache go away urgh  I yap too much lately.  orz.  Dangdut techno is not helping.  I think that wedding gonna go on whole nite.


  1. foo chuck, i saw fucuk.

  2. fuuuuuuuuuu cuk XD hahahahah @_@"""

  3. what does it mean???? foo chuk???pucuk??


  5. Woahhh! You all Sabahan Bloggers very happenings wei! Nice mannnn!

  6. Mas, I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out what you came as. You mean you came as yourself but blonder? LOL!

    I can't believe you thought of not coming. It would be as bad as Dan and Mel, or Chegu or Jacq not coming... SBG would have been so weird without you, seriously. Bah, famous gia, mana buli ndak dtg.

  7. massy...yea la..still funny ni in the elevator, tidak kenal kunun..all with their own character bah kan.

    oh ya, ur bro's costume rocks bah! but i was kinda scared when he climb the stairs that time * we were behind him btw * ~ macam dia mau jatuh saja..

    anyway, SBG was fun kan?

  8. @chien: you can say so.

    @lorna: I am me as a blondie LOL sot @_@ *rofl. Anyways, I dun think I'd be missed if I didn't go hahahaha.

    @Joan: yeah, it'd be more fun if I get to know everyone else ;_;

  9. haha...blond & white hair individual was spotted all around that night, realy awesome night...i ORZ at cube costume lol @_@"

  10. @nova: I know wut u mean. Oh cube's costume. Oh man, dun get me started with that. When he make the leg, he was walking around the house LOL

  11. mas...the SBG cake was cut and serve near the entrance...self service tabik sendiri tu....;D

  12. @Margaret: I know there's a cake cutting but I didn't know it was served near the entrance and self service ;_; *cries.

  13. The event looks fun XD! How i wish there's such event in Sarawak for "sarawak bloggers" :(

  14. @theeggyolks: I guess they're planning one for s'wak next year? XD

  15. Mas, sedap tu cake he,he,he... owh imagine during Rojer Wang's performance our table was nearer to the speaker... tuli juga la.. and ya panas oh kan that nite... sampai I just stand infront of the blower ha,ha,ha...

  16. @OLie: ;_; no cake for massy *cries.

  17. I kept forgetting to tell myself NOT to visit your blog before having lunch. >_<

    I am soooo hungry right now.

    Btw, I also wanna join.

    FCUK!!! Ha ha ha!

  18. @cindy: I owez wanna meet u ;_; haven't got the chance yet ;_;

  19. Wah..
    You Sabahan Bloggers sure had loads of fun. =)

  20. @Nabil: yeah, but last year's more fun ;)

  21. come la one of these weekends we bloggers go on a makan makan splurge??? Mahu!? Minta tolong Dino organize in the event page... heh,heh,heh...

  22. @JOLiE: LOL, bulih bah kalau ngam time ;)