Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bus Stop Pizza

It's been awhile since I blog about fewd.

This is yet another attempt to make my readers hungry. *chuckles. KIDDING!

There's a new place in town.

Located around Jalan Haji Saman near Ang Hotel (the same row as Milemewa Supermarket, only it's in the middle). Simply say it's considered as near Jalan Pantai and Jalan Gaya. Just in case you guys still don't know where it is, refer to my previous post, here, there's a map there. This is after all in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ogie. Just to remind everyone.

This shop only can fit 10 people. I think. There's only 10 chairs when I went earlier. *sweat.

the wallpaper

Sorry didn't take any photo of the wall, it's filled with photos of red buses in London.

This place opens at around morning (I'm not sure what time but my friend said around 11:30am) till 2:30pm. They break around 2:30pm till 5pm (or was it 5:30pm?) and opens back till 11pm at night.

You can get other info about the fewd and feedbacks from the forum (CSP), here.

Ogie, so far so gewd to proceed talking about fewd.

There's 3 types of pasta, 6 types of pizza and er the meatballs.

What I had earlier?

Er, I forgot what this called. Let us just call this meatballs. Hehe.

Look at how big it is. This is Aust. Beef meatballs btw.

Served with Salsa sauce and 2 slices of erm, do you call those bread? Need more sauce! *drools.

Close up

The pastas.

One of the pasta (this is what Jack ordered).

spaghetti needs some more sauce

The pizzas

"Are we gonna measure the pizza too?"

Available pizzas (the ones I could remember).

Pepperoni, smoked chicken, mushroom and chicken, aust. beef, erm the other 2 I can't remember. There's turkey if I'm not mistaken. *sweats.

Pricing? RM6 each. Get 20% off if you got coupon.

Get a pasta and a slice of pizza for RM12 gets a free drink.

Oh yeah, you need to pay first before get your fewd. Hehe.

Friends who went for lunch earlier hehe.

panja and yack yack (Jack)

ripz taking photo of his lunch

"Can't see double chin from this angle huh?"

Oh yeah, check out the raves, here.

I haven't rave about the Meatballs yet coz can't remember the name. *giggles.

I hope I didn't leave anything out. Lets go eat at Bus Stop Pizza! XD

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weekend

I don't know how many times I have these kinda title. *rofl.

I'm getting sick of my blog layout. I want to reorganize it but I'm too lazy.

I'm also torn between to blog about my weekend or not. But I guess I better.

Oh yeah, so before I start with this whole weekend story. There's a new place to check out around Jalan Pantai here in Kota Kinabalu. I haven't been there but I can't wait to talk about it.

The place I'm talking about is Bus Stop Pizza!!! (please don't ask me why they name it that way).

Where is it?

Here's a map.

There's 8 different flavors and they have spaghetti with "BIG" meatballs. I don't know. My friend said so. I wanna check it out next week. Don't worry. I'll take photos. I promise. OH yeah and it's RM6.

Oh, this place ain't that big. Only can fit 13 people (explaining based on people's post *rofl).

Other info/discussion about this place, refer here.

Ogie. Now I can start with my weekend.

On Saturday, I went to kids (3 in 1 to be exact) birthday party. Erm, my sis's ex-classmate's daughter's birthday and her cousins.

Kids performance was cute. Especially Rayyan. He sure can dance. Should see when he sing. Damn cute!

Buffet dinner.

I'm stuffed.

Oh yeah, not much photo sorry.

End of Saturday.

As for Sunday, I went to attend my boss's son's wedding at Kawang. I know it's far, but not that far @_@.

I got lost along the way. Imagine this. I was out from the house around 11:45am. I reach there near to 1:30pm. Yes, I got lost along the way. Lets just say that instead of going straight which is like a shortcut, I end up going a full big round.

At least we made it! Yay.

Surprising enough that the bride and groom's house is not far apart. It's like few blocks away. Maybe like 3-5 houses away? We walk to the bride's place, 5 minutes to be exact. The weather is crazy though. Everyone was sweating. My friend's make up also melted *rofl. Their theme? PINK! OMG! *my eyes! it bleeds~ Ogie sorry, exaggerating a bit hehe.

Glad I went though. I think the bride is pretty. Mum thought she look like one of those local celebrities. *giggles.

Here's some photos my sis, Tina took. Erm, sorry, I don't mingle well enuff. LOL.

the photographer aerial view ka?

upon arrival, the groom had to circle around the compound few times. not sure why though XD

the bride and groom. the bride very photogenic oh

cake cutting

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Went home when it's all done. On the way back, bought some sugarcane drink at the road side. We're talking about PURE sugarcane drink ogie. No sugar added. Damn! Stop by Putatan to get Mediterranean pizza for dinner. Yes, there's a Pizza Hut branch at Putatan near Servey Hypermart.

It started pouring after we got our pizzas. I love rain but I hate it when it rains when I'm driving. LOL I can't see shite!

At home, we have


OMG! Fewd @_@""" I'm stuffed.

To conclude the weekend. I'M FRIGGING STUFFED @_@"""

Unagi sushi *drooling~

Friday, June 26, 2009

Neat freak or Organize?

Are you a neat freak or are you just organize? That's one of the question I'd ask myself from time to time. But then, I've already know the answer to my own question hehe (this actually only happens when I hung my clothes to dry at the balcony *cough cough).

Ogie here's the thing. I'm not the neatest person alive. I mean I'm not neat at all. I know some of my friends who are NEAT. Like wayyyyyy neat? But I'm not even close to that. Maybe I'm messy but I have my limit to being messy. But I guess I'm just organized? @_@ Or I'm just weird?

Here's one of the things I'd like to do when I hung my clothes to dry at the balcony (which my sis and mum won't do *sigh yes it gets on my nerves sometimes, OGIE fine! All the time!!!). I don't know what's wrong with me. @_@

Anyways, here's the thing. I'd owez do my laundry on Friday, after work. Ogie maybe sometimes Saturday morning. Everytime I'm about to start hanging my clothes (yes, we use hangers), I tend to arrange them first, I mean the hangers. If it's on both sides or hung at random order or facing opposite ways, I'd move em to 1 side (it's like forming a line) till everything is aligned, then only I start hanging my clothes. And I rarely leave a gap in between clothes. The hangers had to be facing the same sides/way.

And I'd do this all the time. I don't know why. I just do. Same goes with the clips.

So, anyone else does this besides me? Or I am weird? @_@

Out of curiousity really *sweats.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Me wants frog hat! Me dun care! Help me find! kthxpie

I actually wanted to quit playing Pet Society coz it makes my computer lag somehow but, ever since Pet Society (on facebook) release the new outfit for this week, which is a frog outfit which is extremely cute. It got me wanting an outfit like that too. I know there's such thing as an actual frog hat. So, this post is to...

ask everyone...




This one. *points at the photo.

I admit it! I leeched this photo from someone's flickr, I forgot to save the link though. My deepest apology~

NO! THIS IS NOT AN OBSESSION. This is just something I want. XD

Leave a comment.

Thank yew very much. *giggles.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An explanation to not updating for a week

Ogie here's the thing. Everytime I thought of something to write about (yes I wanted to update), but I can't seem to put em in words. So uninspired.

I have new readers! YAY! Welcome to my humble blog *cough cough. I rant a lot. Sorry 'bout that.

Lets get to the points shall we.

This past week (*roll eyes to the date of the previous post), I've been...

1. Reading a book. Murder on the Leviathan by Boris Akunin to be exact. I'm such a lazy arse. I can't seem to finish it fast enuff. I ADMIT! I dislike reading. I prefer people tell me bed time stories, that would get into my brain faster and more efficient (well that's how I learn anyways). It's been with me for a week or more than that. 223 pages of text. I only reach half.

What's this book about? Hehehe. MURDER! (SATSUGAI SATSUGAI SEYO! ehem~ distracted). Ogie la. It's mystery. Why can't they make it into a movie or something. It'll save me time to discover who killed Lord Littleby and his servants. *cough cough. Opps spoiler.

2. Watching movie. The most recent movie I've watched.

BLOOD: The Last Vampire. Simply described in 6 letters. B O R I N G.

Terminator: Salvation. It's not bad but way better than the above movie *cough cough.

3. Playing facebook application. Guilty as charge! I don't know how many games I'm playing LOL. SAVE ME! SAVE ME!

4. Pizza Hut got new menu! Mediterranean *drools. CHEESU!!!

Love the pizza, dun like the rice, the pasta ok la (actually it's the usual pasta with 2 prawn hekeh~). I've raved it here.

What's left to try now is the creamy chicken gratin *drools~

There's more but I can't seem to remember. Ogie fine! ONLINE SHOPPING! XD HARLP! (harlp = help).

This week stay home and try to clean room. Yeah rite.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chop em off!

No, we're not talking about butchering any endangered animals here.

It's about cutting my hair.

I've been complaining for months. People is sick of me complaining about it.

So, today, I went to my usual hair stylist to cut my hair.

This is the shortest hair I ever had in my entire life! Hehehe. Before that, let us remind ourselves how massy look like with long hair kekekekek.

Now, here's my new hair. Kekekeke.

Maybe this?

Ogie, kidding. Trip dragon ball.

Hair wax is funny.

This is the actual hair without wax.

From the side, nice kan the layers. I love layers.

I do think I need to cut the back again. It's still too long. Don't you think?

OMG my forehead got pimple @_@"""

Feedbacks please XD thanks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Metric - Sick Muse

New song from new album. I WANT!

Anyways, doesn't this song makes you wanna dance? XD

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The early month of June

I've been neglecting my blog again.  It seems like this year, I don't seem to have anything to blog about.  Even if I do, I'm uninspired, as acom calls it.

Here's an update though.

Last Friday was my eldest sis, Lyne's (or everyone know her as DJ Selina Light from Sabah Vfm) wedding.  I apologize for the people who didn't get the invites.  I didn't handle the invites.  I handle the gifts only.  

Some of the photos I manage to take, click here.  Forget about the wedding reception.  

I was too bz giving away gifts to invited guests.  Hence, skipping dinner entirely.

It was a success, both my parents are happy with how it turned out.  My grandpa came all the way from Tawau.  He loss a lot of weight.  But it's fun to have him around.  He's a joker.

My uncle Ropnie's family also came.  Damn my cousins are tall.

My aunt Sara and Rainah's family also came to help.

Overall with everything else.  I've been playing Restaurant City on facebook.  That game is addictive.  SERIOUSLY.  

I've also been spending a lot, I mean seriously a lot of time playing Killing Floor.  OMG, 36 new maps is way GG.

That's pretty much it.  Yar, lack of motivation.  

I need a haircut!

I am so uninspired T_T

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cubex's birthday dinner

It's been awhile since I blogged about fewd ei?  I'm gonna blog about it today.  Heheh.  

It was my brother's birthday 4 days ago.  Yes, it was on a holiday.  We didn't have our "ritual" candle blowing and cake cutting.  But we went out for a dinner at Dynasty Restaurant at Sri Selera Kg. Air for Steamboat.

My first time there.  I got every reason being excited.  I get to rave and I get to blog about it LOL.

How did we came to know about it?  Mum showed me the newspaper clipping.  I think it was on half price.  Usual price is at RM22 per person.

There I was, in one of my long dress.  Hehe.  No I dun wear dress often enuff to show it to everyone.  On rare ocassion I would though.  And since that I bought that dress online last week and loved it!

Anyways, this is what you get.



There's 4 selection of kinds of soup.  Tom Yam, chicken soup, herbal soup and porridge.  Newb blurness.  Confused with the porridge part.  We tested the herbal soup before deciding.  Er, we decided with tom yam and chicken soup.  

The verdict?

We put too many things in it that the soup which was divided in 2 section was all mixed up.  I couldn't taste the tom yam soup which to my sis is spicy/hot.  *blur.  Chicken soup taste like maggie chicken.  

Service is bad.  There's only 2-3 staff on duty.  Refills too slow.  

The meatball taste funny.  The shrimp and crab is not fresh.

The ice cream was out.  And the choices is between corn and blueberry?  Not quite sure with the one that ran out.

From all that, it totally killed my appetite.  

Steamboat Beijing at Nelayan or having it at home is still the best!

I think my disappointment gotta do with me wanting to eat Soft Crab XD hehehehe.

Since that this year we didn't get him a cake.  My sis decided to get him a spidey cupcake or better known as Cartoon Cup? for his birthday.  And selected a spidey cupcake playing ping pong.  I dunno whether to laff or I somehow find this cute.  I was singing a spidey song.  Please don't tell me to sing it again.  It only can happen when I'm sleep lacking LOL.

Yes, ever since the lizard incident.  I happen to be sleeping on a single person seater couch at nite.  Bad idea.  Super bad idea.  Not that the couch is not comfie.  But the noise! OMG the noise.  It's crazy.  Every nite, I end up sleeping around 1 or 2am but will hear sound from my sis coughing or my dad playing the music at 4 or 5am.  OMG! At about 6am, there'll be sound of people walking around or cleaning up the house.  Urgh.  

My thoughts goes way crazy about the fact that the lizard might jump on me when I'm sleeping.  HORROR on my side.  Prevention is better than cure you see. *sweat~

So, that's pretty much it.  Thanks for reading ;)