Friday, September 28, 2007

Did u miss me?

The reason for me being missing is that I've been spending so much time, with the forum and playing sudoku and watching TV Series online XD

Yes, u heard me, I watched latest ep of Heroes, Prison Break, waiting for CSI and Grey's Anatomy XD Besides, I went and watch Ugly Betty too. Actually I didn't like it coz I sort of know where this story is going but as I watch it omg~ I can't stop. So help me gawd.

Anyways, almost the whole story but I ended up being annoyed becoz of some noise made by this "pakcik" (uncle) who owez came to the office. Yes, he owez steal our newspaper. We called him "pakcik kambing" (uncle goat) for all that mattered. Well, I couldn't be annoyed coz he was not talking to me, but to the other colleagues but, he was LOUD!!!! Super loud!!! It's so annoying!!! omg~ Besides, he's talking crap, and I have the rights to be annoyed.

An addition to my frustrations, it wasn't 4:30pm yet and it's jam. Well, I got no complaints really except in this jam, there's some stewped drivers. Especially the ones who cut queue. Well not a racist or anything but in this case, I haf to pin-point some typical ppl! Who doesn't signal when they wanna change lanes -_- budu! I swear I won't curse ppl when I drive but I guess I broke that promise. I'm sorry, I can't help it! Some ppl are idiots *sigh~

Today is juz not my day *sigh..I'm juz gonna leave at that. *takes deep breath.

Monday, September 24, 2007

CSP Forum

Yes, the forum was down yesterday around noon till 2am -_- Guess wut I did, browse facebook like a mad woman -_- save me~

I think I'm halfway crazy keep on pressing F5. On the other hand, somehow I can't stop wanting to eat waffles. My dad bought me some yesterday and it's not enuff T_T isk isk. I want more!!! Till I dun wanna eat it anymore. I dun care!

Can't stop thinking about money oso coz I want NDSL. Everytime I saw my bro playing his NDSL I feel depressed. I want my MONEH!!!!! T_T

I seriously dunno wut I should blog about now. I'll come up with something later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dancing Avatar

Yes, you heard me, it's not such a new thing but my fren decided to make em XD

Guess which one is me? XD

We're using it in forum XD

On other story...

Maple Story on FOX! Woot?!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Revisiting my dA

Yes, I've abandoned my dA page for quite awhile now. All I do is check for new deviation, reply comments, say thanks to ppl for adding my photo as their fav and that's about it.

While organizing my 14.2GB folder of photos, I stumble upon some which I think needed to be shared. So I did. And uploaded at my dA page. Finally. Since I know some ppl might be lazy to go there, I decided to post it here XD

I'll edit this post if I added more photos XD


Edited: Terpesong post sikijap XD

It's her play time. Hoi~ 11pm oledi dis. Go sleep mimi!!! ^^;

Ravejoint: Fewd Heaven

Here's a new kewl site u guys should check out. The great thing about this site is, you rave about wut u eat and give ratings. Currently under beta testing, yes, we need feedbacks ppl! XD

Wut u can do at this site?
  • Post and upload ur personal review of a particular meal you had.
  • Comment on other raves.
  • Put up ur profile.
  • List down fewd by categories.
  • Etc etc, check it out here,
I currently have 40 over raves there. Check it out XD here.

Lai lai~ post some raves. I wan know wut u eat XD

After the break~

Having additional day to the weekend is fun but also bad. Why? Coz I end up not sleeping at all. Well maybe a bit too much sleep. Even yesterday, I slept at 5:20am and woke up around noon with dizziness @_@ Wut was mas doing? Mapuring nyahahaha! Yeah, hence the lack of visit to everyone's blog. Gomene minna~ T_T I promise I'll visit today! Well actually I did.

I wanna complain! PapaJoneh's and Cindy's blog (forever tulip tu) inda bulih masuk uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T

Lack of sleep, hence hyperness.

Oh, and I spent a lot of time at the forum oso XD hehe.

Meanwhile, lemme go do something useless again weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Current thought: Save money for DSLR or get the NDSL *cough..ohhh the temptation!!! -_- save me~

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Friend's Wedding Reception

I was suppose to post this on the day itself but I was too lazy. Photoshop making me lazy. It's making my compy super lag, that's why.

I'm currently using my previous hddisk. Wooh~ lucky didn't format dat yet. Way faster. Wut could be the problem? Hmm, I'll stick to this for a while.

So the story, the bride is my 2nd sis ex-classmate during high school. Best friend also. And she's our neighbour (during our days staying at Putatan). The bride and groom meet in KL. They've been together since 1999 *cough.

Our location is Ocean Seafood Village. Located in between Promenade Hotel and Wawasan Plaza. Talking about strategic table sitting huh?

Decorations. So cute XD

Table setting XD

While waiting for other guest to arrive, we get to see, photo slides.

And our MC for tonite, *drum rolls, my sis ^^;

The dummy cake *cough

The opening, the bride in-law sang with the bride's and groom walk down the stage to their table.

Since there's this one guy was snapping photos for each table, we asked him to take photo XD


Deluxe Four Season Combination

Shark's Fin Soup with Chicken Meat

Steam Red Snapper with Nyonya Sauce

Twin Style of Prawns (butter prawn and garlic *drools)

Crispy Chicken

Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom and Brocolli

Steam Rice with Lotus Leaf

Sweet Lotus with Longan Pak Hup

Thanks to everyone sitting at my table for being so sporting XD

In between meals, got singing and dance performance, couldn't snap everything u know. I'm hungry too mar. Probably around 5 dance performance by BodyCare and a lot of singing. Lost count XD

one of the bride's friend who came all the way from KL

the kid who demanded for his mic. *cough. his younger brother and his dad sang dat nite also

dance to macalena? macarena song

Belly Dancing? She's standing rite in front of my table. Easy to shoot. Compared to the other 3

There's other photo too but too lazy to edit XD

They wanna sing too. Oh the boy is the bride's nephew. XD The girl hmm related too I think. Blur on that part.

You get to bring back some chocolates.

Group photo XD

Note: sorry no kissing shots coz there's a kid blocked my view with his balloon -_-"

Saturday, September 15, 2007


There will be a Pesta "Kuih Bulan" at Jalan Gaya today (today means 15th September 2007, yes Saturday ^^;) around 6:30pm, located at Gaya Street. Well, I actually saw ppl assembling the stage there, near pizza hut parking area.

Though, I couldn't be there if I wanted to coz I'll be somewhere else. Anyone going, dun forget to take photo thanks!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cat Love

This is "fat loui" ogie sorry no, this is mimi. One of my mimi XD

She loves to sleep on my computer table looking at me. Sometimes her paws tend to press the keyboard. XD Cute isn't she. She's obedient compared to the other one. The other one sort of have this revenge thing going on. Kekekeke, maybe coz I poked her stomach often kekekek XD but they are too cute...Btw, mind her bald nose *cough -_- I told her not to drag her body or rub against anything but she won't listen -_- my bad.

Oh and mind my messy compy table XD I can't leave it empty. I tried, I failed kekekeke

And NO Rum, her "ling ling" is not tight! -_- she's juz puffy XD

Movie Marathon

I was watching "Bring It On: All Or Nothing" this morning after sahur. Actually I watched it on astro the other day but halfway. So, this morning decided to watch it. Oh btw, if u're wondering, this is not new. I'm confused. There used to be one staring Kristen Dunst isn't it? This one staring Hayden Panettiere

There's barely anything to do at work. So, I worked a bit and start watching movie again yes. My other colleagues, sleeping XD Btw, going home at 4pm weeeeee. I know married colleagues get to go back at 3pm -_-"

Anyways, was watching "I Think I Love My Wife" earlier. Gawd, this movie sucked! -_-" punya boring. So anyone decided to watch this? DUN! You've been warned. Why?! Coz as I finish watching this movie, the only thing that rings in my head is "F****" yeap~ vulgar words. The same one, every now and then in the movie, wait, I think nearly the whole movie almost each and every single character cursed. -_-" Oh btw, I think I saw Eva, one of ANTM winner? there. Oh and this movie staring Chris Rock. Gawd, such a boring movie.

Now I'm gonna watch "The Messengers"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Watching movie and Fasting Month

Selamat Berpuasa Everyone!! XD

I watched "Blades of Glory" last nite. *lol. Still didn't like Will Ferrel though XD It's funny. I like it, the movie, not him ogie. Then I watched "Evan Almighty" -__- *sigh, punya boring -_-"

Yes, the shortest post ever. I'm going off to bed so I can wake up for sahur at 3am XD

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Meet The Robinsons

This is an animation by Walt Disney. I dun owez like it except for Finding Nemo, well maybe Charlotte's Web too, definately not Shrek. I didn't like Shrek. But I gotta say, I love this "Meet The Robinsons" movie. From start as I started watching, I know I would love it, why? Actually I somehow got a feeling that I would love it. And I was right, I started loving it more the moment I heard the soundtrack. I could seriously recognize the voice!!! It's RUFUS WAINWRIGHT!!! OMG! So getting the OST! I so love him ha~~~ music to my ears~

Anyways, enuff about me going crazy about *cough him. I'm actually gonna give ya some brief introduction about this movie. Yes, animation, hence 3D. Oh, dun ask me how was it, I would really care more about the storyline. It's great!

The story is about a kid, Lewis, who was left by his mother on 1 rainy day at the orphanage. He's a science geek. His life is all about invention stuff. But most of his invention doesn't work. Nobody wanted to adopt him. He actually have a record of the number of times he had an adoption interview. One day, as he had a conversation with his caretaker, she sort of gave him an idea to invent a machine that enables a person to see their past through their memory. So, he started inventing it. Till the day at the Science Fair he didn't get to test it coz he was late. His roomie, who loves baseball couldn't sleep coz Lewis was bz inventing the machine. At the fair, he met a kid who told him dat he's from the future.

Now I'm not gonna tell u wut happen, go watch it! XD It's great! Well, hope you guys love it as I did XD

Servicing at Perodua

Today I sent my car for service. Booking time 11am. I reach there before 10:45am. Estimated time of service most probably be around 1 or less than an hour or so. But guess wut? I waited for my car till 1:30pm. If I didn't go down and asked them when, they prolly leave it there till 5pm!!! -_-" *cursing. *sigh. Reason why my car was untouched? The person who suppose to service it went to lunch. They lunch till wut time? 5pm? WTF?! I asked for an estimate time oso they dunno. Keep saying sikijap. Sikijap is less than 20 mins duh~ Sikijap my foot la!!! This is hours *cursing again.

-_-" There goes RM147.41 Actually there's more stuff to change/service, but I didn't want them to reach RM200. Gila?! Pokai lor~ *sigh~ I've wasted RM100 for that themed dinner the other day. *sigh~ -_-"

I better stop here for today's post and go eat before I curse nonstop.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Borneo International Trade Fair 2007 and Matta Fair

I forgot to post about this. So, I see, there's gonna be new houses around my area. O.O I hope there won't be any unwanted noise, or we'll be moving again *sigh

Meanwhile, no electricity at my house from 9am to 5pm. Wrong timing butul oh ni SESB *sigh.

I went out with my parents and my sis to Borneo International Trade Fair 2007 at Likas Sport Complex. O.O wooh~ it's huge. I mean lotsa booth. Lotsa ppl. The only thing I didn't like is how stingy the girl at the front desk. She suppose to give away free er "koyok" (not sure wut's the translation, medicated patch thinggie?) but she was telling us dat still got lotsa ppl coming she can't give, well she only gave my mum. *lol. But mum took extra for me and my sis *cough. The next thing we realize, this guy from front desk took out few boxes and start giving to ppl -_-" teruknya tu urang.

Some of the booth there.

the biggest moon cake in borneo

8 booths from Brunei

koko XD chocolate XD

anyone spotted the corn man? *cough. this is scary *cough. btw, this was from my dad's photo collection XD 2 of my dad's company booth XD nelson's corn in cup and dpbs holding booth XD

Actually I got somemore booth shots but I'm a bit lazy to edit. -_-" bring me back to the time when I hated photoshop.

Another incident which make my dad turned moody. We weren't there to witness but he was yapping and complaining about it in the car -_-" urgh noise. He was buying something at this stall, the ppl are from Johor if I got this correctly. I haf no idea wut izzit but dad told me, he bought the stuff for RM90 while a chinese guy bought it for RM60. How my dad know this? The colleague of the person who sold it to my dad told him. First of all, I think she's stewped. 2nd of all, talking about racism/bias. Juz becoz my dad didn't talk the same dialect as other ppl who does, doesn't mean dat he should be treated differently. *sigh. That is juz sad to even hear it from my dad. *sigh. Things like this still happen -_-" it's juz sad.

After BITF, we went to Sabah Trade Centre to check out Matta Travel Fair 2007. -_-" we had to pay RM2 upon entrance and it was boring. Nothing to see here ppl XD

I had KFC for lunch. Then had durians XD

Me, my bro and mum went out to Inanam for dinner. This restaurant opposite of Restoran Juara? XD Serve chinese style cooking me likey~

this is not part of the meal XD this is the plush my bro got from that plush machine thinggie

chinese tea 30 cents XD

ikan bakar~ RM11 for my mum and bro, since i can't eat belacan XD

baby kailan with garlic. i lurve~ RM7

sizzling beef for my brother RM8 ka ni ah

deep fried talapia RM18 *cough. this is mine and i paid for it XD mwahahha greed~