Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Cubex

I'm done mourning. Life goes on even it's farked up at times @_@

Well, this is yet another crazy last minute plan.

Lemme start with the planning. Thanks to Fara and dori for helping me plan this crazy "mini BBQ party" ala surprise birthday party for my brother, cubex. Thanks to uncle, for letting us have our little BBQ at ur place again (wish we had ur dad's curry). It was so last minute that we had to invite ppl 1 day before the party @_@ kerapu~ (this is where I start to panic). Well we actually planned to get cupcakes for the birthday cakes but somehow I decided on the usual classic 1 big cake hehe. Which is...

Chocolate Chip Walnut from Secret Recipe

Well since it's potluck, we had people bringing stuff for us weeeeeeee. Thanks to everyone who came! And uh thanks for the fewd. These are only some of it. We had chicken wings, sausages (with cheese filling) and black pepper lambs too.

And our usual "griller" not giler ah, dori XD Ko grill mmg sadap man! XD *thumbs up. Wait make that double *thumbs up.

Well actually I was suppose to pick the cake up at Warisan Square at around 3 -5pm but it was way too early so I decided to pick 540 up from KAC and accompany me to pick up the cake coz I'm way too lazy to go by myself, besides, I juz wait in the car *giggle. The cake is a present from me and my 2nd sis (well since my parents are out of town). Went to pick the pie 540 baked for cubex at her house and pick Jack up after that. Coz his house was near.

Arrived at uncle's place around before 7pm, "oh gawd, we're early". Oh, we're not alone. Nick (fallenone) was already there. *rofl I had 5 rounds of Mario Kart with Nick. He cheated *nods nods. XP

Everyone reached around 8pm. I was hungry. I had the fried mee/mee hoon that Nick brought. Oh the mee hoon, tasty! I rike. This time we were loud. I mean loud. It's a loud crowd. But it's fun. There are some funny moments which I won't wanna tell coz it's too crazy @_@

People was playing foosball all nite.

While waiting for the clock to strike midnite, here's wut happened. Uncle freaked out when he saw frogs @_@

You can actually see his paranoid face.

Ahhh this is the spider web cheese flan that 540 baked especially for cubex, but we shared it hehe. Btw check out the recipe at her blog, here. Tasty! XD

We played taboo. It was fun! XD

When the clock strike midnite, *giggle It was hard making ppl stay till the surprise cake.

fallenone and jason left early T_T

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who came for the BBQ tonite! Thanks for the great fewd! It was fun!!!!

I came home after 2am weeeeeeeeeeeee. I is high. XD

More photos, here.

Anyways, I should get off to bed now, it's 5am and I'm hungry! =_="


Friday, May 30, 2008

In Mourn

Lemme mourn for the lost of 500GB of hddisk space. Dun ask. I feel retarded T_T

Monday, May 26, 2008

Movie Marathon

Kerapu~! I was sleeping but I woke up =_=" sux. And I shouldn't even feel this moody. Wait, or do I? Nope *giggle.

Gewddie, I'll blog about today's movie outing. Uh oh, I'm hungry. *let the starving pass, I'll eat in the morning.

This movie outing is brought to u by, Edgar a.k.a doridori. (Advertisement kijap). Thanks for getting the tix man.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 11am
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 1:45pm

The plan was to meet up at KFC Bandaran at 9am and hang out there till 11am. But did I stick to the plan? Nooooooooo XD I woke up (like my previous post) at before 5:30am, *sigh. Blogged and feed my cats. I know I should get ready around 8am but did I? No I didn't. I have no idea why I was laggy in the morning. I even get to clean the toilet. *giggle. I got ready at around 9am-ish. So I thought, since I'm still coughing and all, I shouldn't like eat fried fewd. Instead, I cook myself an egg (from a nonstick pan) and ate that with 2 pieces of bread and pray that I won't get hungry till both movie are over.

I left the house before 10am, went to fill em fuel and guess wut? I was stuck in a jam for few mins, I mean the cars are barely moving. Damn traffic light, and on a Sunday?! You gotta be kidding me! I called 540 up and went to pick her up. Made a U-turn from there and use another road, lucky for me. Reached the cinema at er I think it was 5-10 mins before 11am. And no, I wasn't speeding, I know em traffic rules ogie!

Some of em are already there. So, here's the 1st session, I mean movie, which is Narnia 2. There's erm like 6 of us who watch this movie. Head on to cinema 2. In between the movie, I was coughing, I'm sorry ppl.

I love it. I mean I love it. I know when I watched the first time, it slightly affected my mood coz I was sitting way in front. But since this time, we got gewd seats and I was in a really gewd mood, *thumbs~ I love em mystical creatures (AND NO 540, LOVING THOSE DOESN'T MEAN U GOTTA GET INTO MTG, U ADDICT!!! =_="). Oh and not forgetting that Prince Caspian himself looks like a hottie, ogie except for the "girly looking" moment throughout the end of the movie. I overall liked it. Gawd I even like the ending song! It's a song by Regina Spektor - The Call.

Now, the 1st Narnia, my fav song would be by Imogen Heap XD *giggle.

For discussion about this movie, click here (from the forum) or check out Impy's blog.

We have 10 mins break before the next movie. I had to go to the loo. Gawd, took awhile for me to get in, it wasn't that crowded but I had to queue. =_=" No I'm not even complaining.

This time, there's 12 of us. Oh, and at that point, I was so hungry and my stomach was growling it's not even funny. And I think I sound slightly high. Coz I had medicine earlier after breakfast. OMG!

Move on to cinema 3, the earlier part notice I didn't mention about camera checking? Well this cinema do. Cameras aren't allowed into the cinema, I mean at Cathay which I think is retarded. I still dun get the point of having em keep my camera like last time. So, this time, the "smart" massy left her camera in the car (sure raise up some paranoid side in me, coz I never ever leave "stuff" before and I hate doing so, SHADDAP! I know I'm very particular with stuff @_@). It was the same dood, I know he's doing his job and all, but I was annoyed and I sound sarcastic. I couldn't help myself. *giggle. I think when he said he wanted to check the bag. I was like "Oh, this time I didn't bring my camera". And I was hungry!

Thank yew duck for donating some popcorn, though eating those could actually "kill" me. I mean make my coughing worst and yes it did. My throat was so itchy that I couldn't stop coughing. *kuyak~ Ogie, lets not talk about my cough or me being sick but the movie. FOCUS PPL! *takes a moment, know wut? I barely could remember anything at this point. See, this is how bad the movie was for me. I know it's suppose to be interesting and exciting, but that's juz it, I'm not. =_="

I got this "I feel retarded" feeling after the movie. Go figure. Gewd effort though, in trying to make it funny? O.o?

For discussion about the movie, click here (from forum) and Impy's blog too.

But compare these 2 movie, I like Narnia 2 better. It got me excited. That's why. Indiana Jones 4 was like urgh~ for me and it's not even becoz I was hungry.

I went to my car and took my camera for a group photo. Ogie maybe 2. The person, who I asked to help me take the photo, aduh~ no ready or anything, terus snap. Oh well. Here's almost everyone, almost coz Jason went off right after coz he have to open shop.

Oh yeah, and notice me and 540 wore the same color shirt again *giggle. This is the 2nd time. We're like twins but I dun play MTG XP

Went to KAC rite after coz I was damn hungry. Ogie, when I said I dun want to eat anymore porridge, I really meant it but since I can't stop coughing, I think I should. So I did, well with the exception I "culik" 2 pcs of chicken chop/fillet thinggies from dori. And when I said I'm hungry. I mean seriously I was hungry, I dun normally eat that fast. Ahhh, I feel slightly better, it still doesn't mean that I'm full too.

We were hanging out at KAC till 6:30pm, coz we were going to eat dumplings for dinner. We had a small NDS gathering of 4-5 ppl. Playing clubhouse DS. Oh it's so fun. We played 5 games from that game. And I still can't stop coughing. But it wasn't as bad as having that "crucial pain" for 2 days.

I had 9 pcs of dumpling. Fried dumpling to be exact *giggle. I'm not full, after the whole dinner thing, I went off around 8pm-ish. I dunno, I somehow lost my mood to stay longer. I showered, wait, did I? Oh I did. And I end up sleeping after playing CrossworDS. And now I'm up and I'm finishing up on my blogging.

Anyways, overall it's a fun day! (well except for the part where I sound high and something else but who cares rite?) as long as it's fun! Lets do it some other time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Waw, my brain is active. =_=" How am I gonna sleep now *sigh. Whoever is reading this at this hour, "OI X PAYAH KERJA KA, TIDO TIDO!" *giggle.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Dream

I slept before midnite, I woke up before 5:30am. Wut's wrong with this picture?! *sigh. Anyways, I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I love it! *giggle! She finally gets it! opps opps spoiler. Anyways, check out the song, it's by Priscilla Ahn and I love it! It's from the latest ep OST.

This whole being sick thing is getting to me coz I've been eating porridge for days and I'm bored of eating porridge! I wanna eat solid fewd!!!! FEWD!!!

Wut should I do now?! Gahhh! I'm so bored.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Guess who's on the line?

I can't stop laffing eventhough I'm sick. This is totally a gewd distraction for me.

I was chatting with my fren when I receive a call from an unknown number. The usual me, who doesn't pick numbers which aren't stored on my phone. *giggle. The same number called twice, curious as I am. I received an sms from the the person, whose number I dunno. Guess who? It's YB Zaini! OMG!!! *rofl.

Actually I was gonna pick up his 3rd attempt to calling me, but I was replying his sms and I sort of ter-press something hahahah omg. Too funny, he called me back and we talk for less than 30 mins *rofl.

Mmg teda kerja! Guess wut's his reason for calling. REVENGE! *rofl. Juz so that his fren used his hp to call out and finish up his credit *rofl. Pay back! Revenge is so sweet *giggle. He said he try to call everyone, even tried to call Cindy but can't get her. *giggle. Kasian ni YB.

Anyways juz another reminder on the "Kaamatan Celebration" thing at his kampung. It'll be on 1st June 2008, details at his blog here. And everyone is invited! ARAMAITIH~ ngam ka spelling? XD

I'm planning to go. WHO'S WITH ME?!

Anyways, zaini, sorry la, I can't help u with finishing up ur fren's credit coz my voice is partially gone and I can't stop coughing, thanks for calling though XD *peace.

It was fun, no doubt about it *giggle.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pick a Poison

I mean medicine.

we haf antibiotics, fever med, cough med and sore throat med. which one u want?

So, I finally visited the doctor today, after days of enduring pain. I guess it reach to the point where my throat hurt so badly that I can't even swallow.

Here's wut's wrong with me:
Mild fever
Dry throat
Dry cough

Here's wut I should take for few days till I recover.

And gargle this 5-6 times a day.

No aircond and plenty of water. Gewddie @_@

Oh, last but not least, I despise ppl with A.S.S.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful Sabah - Digital Photography Contest Workshop

The "jambatan gantung" (hanging bridge? O.o? Ogie fine I dunno wut they call it in english, it's a bridge XD ogie fine! I corrected it, suspension bridge nah!!!! =_="), yes, I'm afraid of heights *hehe~ But guess wut? I manage to cross over and come back ALIVE! XD *sot jor~

So, hey, guess wut? I end up going after all *rofl. Details, here. Organized by KKIPC, Sabah Journalist Association and sponsored by Monsopiad. It's awesome!!! I mean AWESOME!!! I even got a cert for participating. Uber kewlness! And an inspiring talk by Edmund Samunting and Datu Ruslan Sulai from NSTP.

I also got to know some interesting new ppl. We had this photography assignment, consist of a group of 5, well I'm actually awkward around ppl I dun really know. In general, I am an awkward person to begin with, unless I'm used to a person already of coz. Ogie, not the point, I was gonna say dat the assignment theme was showcasing Monsopiad Cultural Village as a tourist attraction. But from the shots I took, I think I can't or not yet couldpicture anything from wide perspective coz I'm very particular with stuff, or in other words, specific @_@" I think this is one of the reason why I'm so into macro, coz I love details.

You'll understand once u seen my shots.

But, of all that, know wut? I notice I didn't take any shot of ppl. OMG! @_@" eek~ I know, I paiseh when it comes to taking ppl's shot oso *hehe~

Especially the group photo. I want it! XD

Oh btw, check out chucky's post, here (more photos) and they spelled sotong's name wrongly *sweat, check it here.

Oh and like lucy said, we were in today's newspaper, Daily Express.

Anybody can spot me? XD

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Food Outing: Fish & Co.

I'm sorry for the late updating, but I was uber tired last nite that I had to go off sleep before 11pm. Or was it after 11pm? I have no idea. The nite before, me and some other people (you know who u ppl are!!!!) were reminiscing the IRC days. OMG~! And we were up till 4am @_@ OMG! I woke up around 8am OMG!!! Well actually I'm a bit too early coz my fren smsed me about some computer stuff. I'm like a personal 24 hour technical assistant to my frens @_@ Ogie. Fine~ I'm fine with that.

I woke up, the first thing I do is check the computer. Ogie, bad mas bad! I mean seriously! Then I listen to some new songs from Grey's Anatomy OST. Nice! I love indies! XD I was high. I was so high that I was singing (even my voice was partially gone) and was jumping around in the room. Oh how high I was. Got ready at around 11am coz I had to pick 540 up, well actually I was suppose to pick my sis up from work too but she didn't wanna come, but since she informed my dad kinda late (hah!), I had to pick her up and she had to join our "little" outing. BWAHHAHAHAHA.

Check out some of the raves, here.

It's been awhile since I went to Warisan Square. But I think I wasn't in the mood to get anything. I mean shopping. I was a walking zombie (Panja! Dun even think about it! I know wut u wanna say!). 540 reserved some seats at Fish & Co. Oh yes, we were early. I mean we arrived there at around 1pm. And we had to reserve seats coz we scared that there might not be any seats if we didn't do dat. From a 4 person outing, turned into a 17 ppl outing waw! THIS IS MADNESS! THIS IS CSP!!!! *rofl~ Ogie, I still sound a bit high. The effect haven't totally ware off. Waw, I'm like a typing machine that type on it's own *rofl (ogie ignore dat part).

I took some shots of the fewd

And some of the ppl. Uncle is bad! Laff at ppl's voice XP

and yes i know i like to do the peace sign. old habits die hard @_@

Thanks to the Fish & Co. staff for taking the group photo. XD

fara was there too. sorry sotong, since u sit terpisah kan. teda la gambarmu XD

For more photos, click here.

Oh guys, btw, wut's this?

I didn't get to taste it coz I was walking from one end of the table to the other end XD

Oh btw, Nick, u wanna play Betrayal rite. *hint hint to the Betrayal boardgame owners.

Some of us went off and some of us went to Centre Point later on to check some camera stuff. Uh oh! =_=" Had camwhore moments with Jassy. Jassy, I know u felt my awkwardness =_="

photos from jassy XD

Me, my sis and 540 were hanging out at CPS till nearly 6pm. Coz 540 have class after dat. Oh, I think I "purposely" spoiled my throat hahahaha. I had oily fewd and cold drinks. And my coughing was bad at nite. After I drop 540 off, I had to send my sis home. Some of the guys went to CarcaSean, so yeah I sent my sis home first and went off direct to CarcaSean. I only reached there around 6:30pm.

Had a round of "Cartagena" (wow, that reminds me of that girl from ANTM, Cycle 10). Took me awhile to get it. Coz you start with 6 cards and u only get cards if u reverse to the nearest pirate? Ngam ka? Uh oh, and max 5 players *nods nods. And the cards u get determines how u move according to the symbol/icon on the board. @_@ And you have to send all ur pirates to the boat? Anyways, get the guys to explain. I'm still in lost world. But with dori's help, I WON!!!! BWAHHAHAHAH I WON!!!! XD *giggle.

We wanted to play another new game called "Diamant" but we dun get it and Sean was bz T_T *cries. Oh well. Maybe next time.

It involves those people in the coffin ogie it's not a coffin, it does look like one. Some cards and diamonds? *blur (the hand not included) *rofl XD

We had a round of Blokus. dori won =_=" and 2 rounds of Ubongo *giggle. Too funny. Went home around 9pm-ish, showered and dump my body to my bed, which is juz right next to my computer table. Gahhh!!! I need to move my table. SERIOUSLY!

Oh, I edited this like 3 times and now only I remember wut I wanna add.

CarcaSean will be closed on 24th May 2008 (Saturday)

Well that's wut I saw at the counter la XD correct me if I'm wrong.

Have fun reading this long post ppl! *giggle.

Uh oh, there's this Photography Workshop on Monday at Monsopiad, posted the details here, but I dun feel like going @_@.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mari Berpesta XD

Hear ye hear ye! XD

I'm helping zaini promote pulak XD Long time no see YB eh silaps, I mean long time no chat.

Anyways, here's an open invitation to everyone. His kg. is having this "Kaamatan Celebration" thinggie and everyone's invited. You heard me! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!!

You might ask me where it's gonna be and when rite? Read as follows...

Venue : Kg Logkou Baru, Telipok
Date : 1st June 2008
Time : Anytime (this part seriously make me wonder ni)

I'm planning to go, well if I could get someone to go with me, I'm scared I might get lost or something. Anyways for more info, click here.

And please ignore the part where he said if anyone interested call me. Mmg rusak! XD


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oozie Woozie

To Do:
  • I need to rearrange my room, coz everytime I sit in front of my computer, I get all woozie and shite. Feng shui not ngam ni. I need to move out the tv coz it's sucking all my energy when I sleep.
  • Eat more herbs, I've been sneezing quite a bit lately and I'm starting to lose my voice @_@
  • Finish up with the curtains sewing thinggie and change the gawddamn curtains.
  • Start on my sewing project @_@ I is amalas.
  • Have my Pinky Street Figure arranged nicely in the box after take photo.
  • Actually there's more but I'm currently unstable from sleeping too much. Yes, my so called "nap" last nite turned into sleeping @_@ Bad! VERY BAD! Slept before 9pm woke up around 1am is shitty I tells u =_="
I hope I recover soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm helping Jassy to promote this.

There will be a KDCA-ISCEP Concert’s 4th year and we want YOU to be a part of the concert this year! This year’s concept would be one of the most interesting and unique concept ever done as it features the EVOLUTION of Sabah’s unique culture.

With that, it is our honour to present to you the 2008 KDCA-ISCEP Concert!!!

Date: May 28th 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Venue: Hongkod Koisaan KDCA, Penampang (SABAH)

The main objective of this concert is to raise fund for the future students who will be representing Sabah under KDCA to South Korea for the KDCA-International Cultural Student Exchange Program (ISCEP). Thus we need YOUR help in making this year’s concert a bang and also, help us in raising the fund.


So, if you're interested, please send a reply to her post, here. And spread the news. Thanks! XD

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moe Yume Toys Studio

We had this plan, to eat porridge with pitan on Saturday. Well, they actually did, I didn't, I had a taste of it only. Coz I felt more hungry than usual, so I had rice instead. But the porridge at KAC food court taste ogie XD I'll try and eat 1 claypot size next time.

Was there chit-chatting with uncle till 3pm. We went to Kompleks Karamunsing after that, for BakaNeko's shop official opening, which was suppose to be around 2:30pm, yes, we were late XD gomen gomen~ The shop is called Moe Yume Toys Studio. It's located at the Lot 1.39, 1st floor, next to Orange Channel. If you're a big fan of PVC figures/gundam/re-ments (*drools) and stuff like that, this is the place to visit. They provide fewd and drinks, omg but I is full, we should have eaten there instead @_@ gomen BakaNeko, we didn't know @_@

More info, can be found, here and here. The re-ment I wanted wasn't there. I want the mushroom collection!!!! =_=" I'm not obsessed with mushrooms, no I'm not.

Some camwhoring moments.

Group photo, courtesy of Shadow. Thanks.

More photos, here.

We had planned for "Speed Racer" movie after that. It's suppose to be a 4 person thing, but Jassy couldn't make it. So it became a 3 person thinggie, till we told everyone else, in the end, it became a 9 person thinggie. But it was fun, the more the merrier :)

Cathay cinema's new policy, no cameras allowed. Waw, that sux man. It's not like I'm gonna record it man. I took out my batt and memory card. Gewd thing is, they stored my camera in a plastic bag @_@ Oh ogie. The movie finish around 9pm-ish.

This is wut I think of the movie, I dun recall watching a lot of Speed Racer when I was younger, though, this is wut I gotta say, hippie psychedelic colors @_@ waw~ Though, I like the retro furnishing. Story, wut story? There is no story, ogie wait, maybe coz it's too predictable for me. And I have to close my eyes when I saw some snake scenes, not to say I dun like it, I mean I like cars speeding and those gadgets thinggie in it ah. I'm juz saying it's a ogie movie XD

It was raining heavily right after. I think we laffed at a dood with an umbrella problem. Gawd I feel so bad. I know how that felt actually. Drove to Grace Point to yamchar. I had lemon tea. It's gewd for my throat, got that piercing feel, went home around 11pm-ish, showered and end up sleeping at 3am with a headache. I stayed up coz the neighbour was karaoke-ing. It was too noisy that it got on my nerves @_@