Friday, May 09, 2008

Blogger Problem

For those who can't access and wondering why I can't view my own blog, please read em through my feed at

As much frustrated I am or you are, I have no idea wut's going on and who's sabotaging me. I seriously hope that my blog will return back to normal, and SOON too, coz I'm not the only one complaining here. I've sent 4 reports now and was hoping to see my page.

Anyways, juz in case you miss me or if you love my pinky street photos, do visit my other blog, here. And for those who laffed at my typos, yes I know how frustration could make a person lose their minds @_@

Till then, I'll be whining.


  1. We still like to read your stuff, typos and all.

  2. hahahah very funny XP