Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moe Yume Toys Studio

We had this plan, to eat porridge with pitan on Saturday. Well, they actually did, I didn't, I had a taste of it only. Coz I felt more hungry than usual, so I had rice instead. But the porridge at KAC food court taste ogie XD I'll try and eat 1 claypot size next time.

Was there chit-chatting with uncle till 3pm. We went to Kompleks Karamunsing after that, for BakaNeko's shop official opening, which was suppose to be around 2:30pm, yes, we were late XD gomen gomen~ The shop is called Moe Yume Toys Studio. It's located at the Lot 1.39, 1st floor, next to Orange Channel. If you're a big fan of PVC figures/gundam/re-ments (*drools) and stuff like that, this is the place to visit. They provide fewd and drinks, omg but I is full, we should have eaten there instead @_@ gomen BakaNeko, we didn't know @_@

More info, can be found, here and here. The re-ment I wanted wasn't there. I want the mushroom collection!!!! =_=" I'm not obsessed with mushrooms, no I'm not.

Some camwhoring moments.

Group photo, courtesy of Shadow. Thanks.

More photos, here.

We had planned for "Speed Racer" movie after that. It's suppose to be a 4 person thing, but Jassy couldn't make it. So it became a 3 person thinggie, till we told everyone else, in the end, it became a 9 person thinggie. But it was fun, the more the merrier :)

Cathay cinema's new policy, no cameras allowed. Waw, that sux man. It's not like I'm gonna record it man. I took out my batt and memory card. Gewd thing is, they stored my camera in a plastic bag @_@ Oh ogie. The movie finish around 9pm-ish.

This is wut I think of the movie, I dun recall watching a lot of Speed Racer when I was younger, though, this is wut I gotta say, hippie psychedelic colors @_@ waw~ Though, I like the retro furnishing. Story, wut story? There is no story, ogie wait, maybe coz it's too predictable for me. And I have to close my eyes when I saw some snake scenes, not to say I dun like it, I mean I like cars speeding and those gadgets thinggie in it ah. I'm juz saying it's a ogie movie XD

It was raining heavily right after. I think we laffed at a dood with an umbrella problem. Gawd I feel so bad. I know how that felt actually. Drove to Grace Point to yamchar. I had lemon tea. It's gewd for my throat, got that piercing feel, went home around 11pm-ish, showered and end up sleeping at 3am with a headache. I stayed up coz the neighbour was karaoke-ing. It was too noisy that it got on my nerves @_@


  1. up and running... eh.. someone became ROUND sudah ooo.. hehehe

  2. justine: u referring to who ni? me or amy ahhahahah punya kijam mas dis XD sensitip XD

  3. You guys planned to all wear black or something? Colour! More colour!

  4. compy: juz happens that we wore black that day..we didn't plan it XD

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    hahahaha... both of you la... terlampau byk lepak and Makan..

  6. justine: manada! =_=" yerrrr

  7. aik.. inda percaya.. hahaha u try and see ur face and amy... ROUND bah..

  8. justine: it's not round bah @_@

  9. hehehe... a bah then... hhahaha bujur... hahaha really bah