Sunday, July 18, 2010

I gots meself a haircut

Yes, after more than a year (sad but true) of complaining about the long hair (which make me look like ah poh), I finally cut my hair today.  Ahhh!~ Head feels lighter!

Recap of last year's haircut.

Not short enuff to call a pixie cut.

1 year past.  My ah poh hair.

Photo "pinjam" from Chucky.  Bro said I look like sifu kwan when I tie my hair @_@"""

And now!

I was not happy with it coz the hairdresser style it for me, with wax+spray.  But he (the hairdresser) love this haircut, he wanted to have the same haircut as me but his hair were too short.  Was yapping all the way home, the victim?  My sis hur hur hur.  My excuse would be sleep lacking, no cupcakes, long process and itchy scalp from coloring my hair.  I skipped tonite's gaming session coz I was too tense, I could eat anyone.  Oh yeah, I showered and fix my hair, head feel so heaty and scalp is crying for help.

Don't ask me why I did it.  I mean that whole hair coloring thing.  I think I was at the saloon for 6 hours (coz hairdresser was working on both me and sis's hair).  Yawning all the way and sniffing a lot of chemical smell.  Serious impulse.  Okay, maybe it got something to do with the hairdresser telling me to few times ago.  *uhuk~  yes yes massy likes to blame people kekekeke.  I don't think I'll have another coloring session anytime soon.  Heck! I don't get how you people (who color their hairs), go through this.  So stressful for me, maybe I should get enuff sleep and eat next time (if there is a next time lulz).

Anyways, do I look like a handsome dood? @_@"""

P/s: Somehow I look kurus with my new haircut compared to a year ago *sweat.


  1. lawa rambut... haha :)

  2. eii ok wat! u look great in that hair style. more cheeky and fun.

  3. @henry: hahaha thanks. I've been having that hairstyle printouts for ages.

    @chegu: lucky I didn't take photo of how it was before I shower. Itu kick punya style rambut.

  4. Jewelle9:03 PM

    I HAVE to tell you, very Winona Ryder!! Love it a lot and you look fantabulous girl!

  5. @Jewelle: it took me awhile to get use to @_@

  6. You ARE slimmer compared to a year ago... =_='''

    A nose job, contact lens, and some makeup and you'll be GlamSy...

  7. nice gila ur hair~~!!!!!! me like!!

  8. i think you looks great in this new hairstyle wad

  9. wah nice hair cut! :)

  10. @Nex: nooooooo I wanna keep my bb face XD

    @angel: thanks ;)

    @kana sama: lucky I no take the 1st style after haircut, bidak oh..i think no put wax nicer XD

    @clay: hahahah tapi se inda bulih botak XD

    @baity: thanks ;)

  11. ur hair is cute...i mean u look cute wit ur short short hair....eheheheee...think abt hair colouring, i din dye my hair for almost 2 years now or more....

  12. wahhh!! Mas so stylish!! XD

    nice, i like dis haircut on you... mcm sia pun mo potong seja rambut sia skrng tapi mo kasi kurus muka dulu.. hahaha!

  13. Wah, pendek nyer ... shorter than my hair la ... LOL!

  14. @amyc: hehehe thanks XD

    @nessa: yes exercise, jog everyday bulih tu, terus nampak jawline.

    @Nick: like how long is ur hair? @_@

  15. IMHO U owez look cool with whatever hairdo u have bah Massy.

    having long hair is 'ah poh'? WKakakakakakakakakakak sakit perut sa.

    But yeah, the new hairdo makes u look funkayyyy ^___^

  16. @cicak: bidak bah rambut se time panjang. kasi sanggul jak.

  17. I really love your new hair!!!!! And you know what, I think you suit it best! I actually cut my hair short lebih kurang like that also about a month ago -- and regretting it. It looked so horrible on me. Makes my face makin bulat. :(

    But you look so cute with that bob. :D

  18. @cindy: thanks XD ada sikit x puas ati mula mula coz it felt terlampau pindik ni. OH! u also cut ur hair? mana gambar? Anyways, jog everyday + kurangkan makan = jawline timbul. I think? @_@ XD

  19. Nice ba your hair moi :)I like :D

  20. Anonymous11:38 PM

    definitely look much younger with that hair cut.. :D

  21. @Shirleen: thanks ;)