Monday, July 12, 2010

Cats & Dogs Raining @_@"""

It's been raining today.  A reason for me to rest my legs and leave it to heal.  But a reason for me to go home early too.  But I decided to wait coz I desperately wanted to jog today.  But that didn't happen, why? It rained.  Not heavily but weird enuff that it flooded.  Very windy and super dark today.

Wat I was afraid of is being stuck in a jam for hours.  But that didn't happen.  I was stuck in a jam for more than half an hour.  I think.  I was so happy prior reaching home, lucky?  NOT!  I had this problem.

Almost reach knee.  I'd wish for portable "sampan" in this case.  You know like those foldable types where you could carry around for time in needs?

I think I waited in my car while texting and calling people for almost 40 minutes like mad woman.  That's until I saw this uncle walk in and out trying to check water level.

SAFE!  Er not really.  I think I waited till a kancil got out only I went in.

The next pool up ahead.

I got home around 7pm.  Went out with my bro right after coz we wanted to get Despicable Me 3D tickets.  @_@

Oh yeah, my bro and mum caught a rat last nite and fed it to the cats.  And today, mum decided to bring in Brownie for some rat catching.  Miu obviously got jealous and been following everywhere I go till I left him outside my room *rofl.  Sorry Miu.

On another note, I'm curious whether this posture supporter thing works?  Anyone tried this?  Why you ask I need this?  I'm such a sloucher XD  The description I found over the net.

  1. Women's Posture Back Supporter eases lower back pain by gently pulling back your shoulders for improved posture.
  2. The soft and breathable nylon spandex blend wears against the skin without irritation.
  3. Holster straps provide a secure fit without digging under the arms.
  4. Hook-and-eye closures at waist ensure easy on off.* Caution Not recommended for those with diabetes.
  • The Posture Aid Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine
  • "Chest Out Tummy In" attractive posture
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort
  • So thin that is almost invisible under clothings
I'm so curious I wanted to try this @_@ But I wonder if it really works.

Oh and, colleague told me I should just maintain my current weight instead of losing more weight.  I thought I might as well lose another 4 - 6 kg?  Oh and need to work my arm too, look at em fats @_@  Look!  Bz body cat.

I'm still not fit enuff urgh >.<


  1. MASSY REALLY SLIM LIAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i was motivated by ur spirit to jog n lost

  3. @Arine: hur hur hur.

    @Bernard: ganbatte! kasi kalah kubek! lai lai we go hiking weekend kalau x ujan kekekeke

  4. wah! u really slim down wooooooo....and the caaaaat....cantik the karer!!!!

  5. @AmyC: thanks XD tapi belum sukup slim lagi. Anyways, brownie dulu is si ingus XD his color wasn't that dark when he was younger.

  6. Mas, sukup selim suda tu ;) Beli dumbbells to tone your arms... trus santik tu! :D

  7. sempat itu cat enter frame oh haha. if u dont mind to answer,how many kgs had u lost? macam size M suda oh.

  8. @Nessa: my bro ada pinjam dumbells from his fren but 5kg berat oh @_@

    @Mell: I lost 7kg in 3 months hehe ;)

  9. Well done! But careful, don't lose anymore weight else it'll be the extreme of skinny and that's not healthy.

  10. @Daniel: No worries! I dun wanna be underweight ;)

  11. MASSYYYY!! You Skinny Winny thing you!! :) JElesss!! hhahaha but then again I don't have the power or motivation to go jogging like you do!

    and I think I want to try that sloucher support thingy. Selalu oredi Syura marah me.. my posture is going from bad to worse. :(

    hahahah and bestnya your mom and bro yang go catch the rat.. the cat syiok2 makan.. hehehehe.. no need to do anything.. :D

    Anyways, hope you don't get stuck in more rainy floody days. :D

  12. @Shem: punya lama I didn't see you and syura oledi this. how ya peeps? XD Eeeee not skinny yet me. Still got few more kg to lose till targeted weight. Yes, I'm such a sloucher, oh yeah, you want ka that thing, I can link you to a blogshop which sells it for RM27, I wonder if it works @_@

  13. Hey came from Daniel's site, thought of saying hi and dont worry if you run,, you will lose weight naturally,,, running is my no 1 hobby,,, come lah to Penang for the Penang Bridge Run,,, so much fun one.

    take care now and god bless

  14. @eugene: hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Oh gawd, how I wish I could join every run/marathon there is. I'm so motivated now.