Friday, August 31, 2007

On Merdeka Day

What did I do? Basically nothing or maybe a lil something something? Hmmm, *thinks.

I was mapuring last nite, no exceptional for tonite.

I woke up at around 10am, well more like my mum woke me up for brunch. Yeah "juz the two of us". We went to Giant Kolombong. I had fishball noodle soup.

Oh how I miss eating this. I wish I could have more *cough. Did lil shopping too. Mum told me not to get junk fewd. *regret. I suffer without it omg~ I know I shouldn't take it. Omg~ one of my mimi, another mimi is in heat O.O omg~ she's making a lot of noise -_-"

Came back around 1pm. Guess wut happened? The, wait wut do you call those? Power socket? In the kitchen, blow. I mean causes lil explosion till there's no electricity at all. *sigh. I heard there's some minor explosion coming from the electric pole too? O.O omg scary. Mum called SESB and complained about it. Somebody came and checked it for us. Here's a shot of it.

I took this on the way home. Remember how was it before? (If you dunno wut I'm talking about, click here) Look at it now -_-"

still got em pool..anybody wanna swim? *cough

When the electricity is finally back on, I went to vacuum my room, clean the toilet and clean mimis! SHOWER TIME FOR THEM!!! mwahahhaha *evil grins~ Now mimi can't stop biting the plastic omg~

Some other shots I took .

Btw, I got my hands on Eisley's new album and Kate Havnevik's album yesh! XD I lurve. But I lurve Kate more mwahahhaha XD

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

currybot: the new meaning to laughter

I would be selfish if I were to keep this to myself. This was drawn and inked well entirely produced by a friend of mine, rob-jr or better known as acing for close frens and family. I did an article of him on CSP main page before. For those who missed that out could check it here...

Anyways, this post will be about his new comic. It's similar to his previous make no sense comic, only this is better. Well in my opinion, everyone's entitled to their own rite?

Check this out

My current fav would be chubber XD I even created a song for him *cough. Ignore the last sentence plz.

Anyways, if you want more of his artwork, click here.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Merdeka everyone! XD

Yet another update

I'm sleepy.

This is wut I had for lunch yesterday. Yes, chicken rice XD

With soup

It was hot and sunny in the morning, it wasn't after noon. It started pouring around 3 - 4pm? ka? Heavy rain, almost everyone went home early XD lucky for me, I'm prepared. I got my umbrella yes! I dun wanna stay back. Berkabus oh~ dun pray pray.

Remember I told u about mimi. Who like to stomp my leg when I'm asleep? Nah! Amik ko! Mwahahah~ while she was sleeping. Calm kunun! There goes my laundry *cough.

I've been tricked! She's not sleeping. Look! Eyes wide open! XD

At nite, I tested "BROTHER". Wasted 1 glossy paper coz I put it the wrong way *cough. My bad. See, the outcome, not bad huh?

It's almost lunch time, help me think wut to eat leh T_T

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life Progress

I've joined the other day and I got lotsa ppl visiting my blog. That's not juz it, it's way easier to read other bloggers blog post XD I lurve~ But this is mainly for Sabahan only. Correct me if I'm wrong XD

Btw, can anyone get in to sumandak's blog? I can't seem to get in after I red and commented the current post. Or my comment inda masuk tu? Blur~ *tsk tsk~

I had a thought, I wonder wut's the number of ppl who tend to pluck their hair. Not pluck all at once, crazy ar? I mean like pluck at the same time u were thinking. I sure do, but I try not to! Seriously I tried. My colleague pluck more than me *points~ XD Save mas! XD

Rum posted some photos of his new puppies at CSP forum. (I only wanna promote how cute the white one ogie). *steals one of his photo XD

TADA!!!! He's so cute!!! You guys should see his butt, "ada tompok itam" (got black spots). XD Rum said I like em coz of dat only. No I dun, I think he's cute compared to his siblings *cough XD I would want him if I lurve dogs. But I'm a cat lover ;P weeeeeeee

Nothing much to update since nothing interesting yet. But uh uh~ I got roughly 22 days left annual leave mwahhahah! Save em up for hari raya and year end holiday *pray for one XD

*thinks~ wut should I have for lunch hmm, or I should diet? I feel F~

Monday, August 27, 2007

Early "Bobo" Time

I'm too sleepy to actually update anything at this moment. I need some sleep.

Juz hope that mimi won't stomp on my leg again tonite. She does dat every nite even I didn't move my legs. She'll still stomp it, I'll get scratches on my leg T_T ouchie~ hmm maybe I should downgrade her? Hmm..

Well, my sis thinks it's her way of sweet revenge. Stomping on my leg. If her nails not as sharp, I'm ogie with it but ouch, I should cut her nails! Seriously. Anyone wanna volunteer to cut her nails *cough. So she won't be angry at me XD


The Last Pack Of Red Rock Deli Chips T_T

I've juz finish reading, browsing and commenting everyone in my list's blog posts for today. Ehem, for those who's not on my "fellow blogger" list, please leave me a msg XD

Btw, I had less than 4 hours of sleep today, or izzit more? Nvm, not really the story I wanted to tell anyway. This post is gonna be about "Red Rock Deli Chips"!!!

Remember I blog about my aunt and uncle came to visit? They brought us 12 packs of this chips. We finish it in less than a week or so T_T Lucky I hid 1 pack for myself XD

If you're a snack lover like me *cough. You'll love this. It ish crunchy! Very addictive XD

nothing wrong camwhoring with my fav chips! XD

My dad came back from KL yesterday, he brought some Dunkin Donuts!!!! XD

Wot? No mint? T_T

Till then, *looks outside the window, dun rain yet ^^;

How Ya Like It Now?

I didn't like my previous blog layout, I changed it to this one. How ya like it now? XD

I'm still not satisfied with the banner. Will find a replacement soon.

Off to bed! XD

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Borneo Orchid Show 2007

Attention!!! Long post ahead. I seldom have long post, so, have fun reading and viewing ppl!

Lemme start with wut I did today. The night before, my bro actually decided to wake up at 6am to do maple PQ. Yes, this might sound a bit crazy, but that's probably one of those times where nobody is around to do below lvl 31 PQ at Kerning City. I should have slept earlier but I couldn't. I wasn't sleep. So, I stayed up till 1am watching Southpark till I fall asleep. But that didn't really help coz my cats were running around like mad. *Hint: Most probably coz I brought Elrond (one of my male cat) outside.

Set my alarm to 5:30am. Woke up at around 5:50am. Roughly, wash my face and brush my teeth, did laundry while waiting for my brother to wake up and log on to maple. So, there I was, with him (playing 2 characters, coz he got 2 computers and he's playing his gf's character too) and another fren. We manage to do 10 times PQ for less than 2 hours. It was fun coz it's faster to level that way. They went off at around 9am? I forgot the time but I was playing till 10am most probably till my mum ask me to get ready. Coz planned to go to Borneo Orchid Show 2007 at Tg. Aru.

Ahhh, before I even got myself started, lemme introduce to everyone to my new printer. Wait, I dun have a printer for years *cough. My dad got me one mwahhaha! Meet "BROTHER" *rofl.

Went off at 12 noon, pick my sis up, drove to Tg. Aru for lunch. We went to Taman Selera? Which is at Tg. Aru 2? I'm lost with these names. I seldom go there. Btw, we went to that restaurant? Sri Rohayu ka? No idea of the name but we went there for lunch. Mum had fried mee hoon, sis had mee hoon soup and I had fried rice chinese style with chicken. Took a shot of my fewd only sorry.
tasteless~ well thank gawd for soy sauce and "cili padi"

i know i shouldn't be drinking it cold ^^;

My sis said we should walk there. We should probably let her do the walking and I'll do the driving. I know walking is gewd for exercise but I'm way too tired to do that.

Drove to the location, which is called Anjung Perdana? Oh btw, for those who wondered wut happened to those stalls there, it's there!!! Yay!

*Ehem~ back to main topic. Well, so, went there, my thought...

"Well, this might be like the ones they have few years back..." which is small and you had to pay to get in? But...

NO! This is better!!!! Seriously!

There's stalls around selling cactus, orchids, souvenirs, pots and etc.

Look to my left, there's a tent. We entered... O.O OMG! I think I start to become slightly crazy. I nearly dropped my jaw as we entered man! Not forgetting I keep on saying "OMG" everytime I saw a rare kind of orchid species that I've never seen before? ^^;

The snapping begins.

a small garden setting by Taman Pertanian Sabah

some other setting. oh this is nice XD

sibuk urang nak amik gambar sibuk jua dia mo duduk sana ^^; they did not move, ppl was taking photo. well, in the end i took a shot of them instead XD

dun forget to vote for the State Orchid~ I voted, am not telling u which one XD and u'll get a coupon for 10 pcs free 4R printing at FotoBest

Btw, I can't describe each orchid photo coz I didn't get the chance to read any of it. Bz snapping XD Comes in many different types and sizes.

*noted: My mum can't stop bugging me asking me to take shot of every single orchid she saw. Which is slightly annoying if u ask me ^^; All I did whole way walking from the moment I entered till the end of that tent, is snapping without viewing my images ^^; crap!

relax dulu mas XD

Here's some cactus XD

Alamak! Where's 2nd O.O oh nois~ XD

Look till the end of the table, "banyak lagi oh" (still a lot).

Btw, I won't be uploading every single shot I took, I'm not that crazy XD

Btw, there's a lot of ppl around and lotsa em came with cameras. Many different kinds of cameras, pro cam, semi pro, p&s cam and not forgetting camera phones XD You definately can see photographers style hehehe.

*background: Mas indenial, "I dun haf shooting style mwahahhaa"

I met some friends there, mum's friends and my aunts XD

Overall, it was great! I was there from 1pm till 4pm, if I'm not mistaken lah~ And I took a total of 328 photos XD * background music: "I feel gewd!" but I'm thristy! XD Had keropok lekor and watermelon juice, which made my coughing even worst ^^;

sorry, nearly finish, i was seriously thirsty XD

My day haven't end juz yet. After the whole crazy photo shooting, we went to Giant Kolombong, yes for grocerry XD I need cat fewd! For my kitties! XD Went home at before 6pm, actually we dropped by some stalls around Inanam area and I bought myself a burger. And yes, it's for dinner! XD

*looks at time. I wanna go Borneo Orchid Show again!!! Tomorrow last day people! Not satisfied with some of my shots T_T

Btw, here's an entry by the "sotong" *cough I mean Julian. Click here...

Note: Seriously a lot of shots and orchids are beautiful. Bulih gila se di sana XD I'll upload somemore shots if I'm not lazy XD Till then, enjoy! XD

Friday, August 24, 2007

Parking Incident and Some Personal Stuff

This is an actual situation. Wut happened to me yesterday after work. My car is parked at the parking space. And this stewped kembara double parked next to me, the space for me to get out from that parking space without honking like mad is juz too limited. *sigh.

Trying my best to get out without banging to every car around me. Came one of this old guy who parked in my area, was trying to help me get my car out of the parking. I think he panicked looking at me coz my car was 1 inch away from that $%@#%& car. *hiks~ But I manage to get out finally. Yes, I got out with cursing. Next time I should ready a print out stating "DO NOT BLOCK PPL'S CAR!!!" >:(

On other story, I'm currently scanning all the computers at work. Seems like most of them have virus threats. ^^; Oh nois~

Currently playing Emerald Tale XD This is something like bomberman XD

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Attention!! HobbyCon In Progress

HobbyCon Logo Voting is currently in session!! Please vote. We need all the vote we can get XD

About HobbyCon

Thank yew.

More updates soon XD

Q: What forum is all about?
A: No, it is not an online game site. Yes, it's a forum. This forum is created by Sabahan for everyone to keep track wut's happening in Sabah, in general (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Q: What's interesting there?
A: We have KK Cosplay Club, Artworks and Designs, Pump It Up, Special Hobbies (such as Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and etc), buying and selling thread, Dances, well almost everything and anything u could think of. Well except porno of coz. (dun join the dark side)

Q: Who is this forum open to?
A: Everyone! I mean everyone! We have members from overseas too XD Thank yew for supporting!

Q: How active is this forum?
A: We have ppl there everyday. I'll be there everyday if I can XD I'm a watchaaaa~ I mean watcher XD nolah kidding kidding.

Q: Events?
A: We had 8 session of ArtJam (the ones I attended are ArtJam 2, ArtJam 3, ArtJam 4 and ArtJam 8). Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot (if you followed my blog posts, I posted some of the photos from that shoot), KKCC Gathering, *thinking, I know I missed out a lot events ^^; gomen~

Q: Current event/s?
A: HobbyCon (Hobby Convention), currently planning for this event which will be held on 8-9th of December this year. Refer above.

Q: What is this HobbyCon?
A: It's a combination of hobbies club in Sabah with PIU competition. (refer above link).

Q: What else we do there?
A: WE SPAM! heheheh *kidding, the correct word is interact with each other. It's fun! I know and met lotsa ppl from this forum which is great for me coz I dun socialize that much XD Must talk to ppl more often only I get use to them, if not I'm slightly a snob for some, well I think la XD awkward situation.

So, wut ya guys waiting for? Join us! XD

I know I know, there's more to explain but hmm, I'm lost with explaining, juz go there and check it out. XD

Online Games

I played a lot of free online games. During office hour sometimes (fine! all the time! ;P)

Super fun! XD

I totally like to play those Hidden Object kind of games.

But before that, I would like to say, if u like playing Diner Dash? Yes I played all 3 Diner Dash series before, you might wanna try on Wedding Dash. This is fun also.

Ahh those hidden object games, which I think people should play:
If you like those shooting game, try Revenge of the Chicken, this is so funny XD

Some arcade games like Turbo Pizza and Stand O'Food, is also fun.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Recreating CSP Main Layout

Yes I'm still up. I did this up till 4:10am XD I know I know, I'm slightly hyper. And I'm so awake. I'm tired now. Need to go sleep.

If you remember it clearly, the previous layout was messy and it was 2 column. I made it 3 column now XD

I hope it works fine with any view, since I set it as % instead of pixels XD

Click here to see.

P/s: Actually I'm so awake coz I slept around noon XD my bad.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Compy Status

Ogie, so here it is. I finish backing up my secondary hddisk. Huh! Finally! Thank gawd. I'll start reformatting it when I get back from work and start reinstalling stuff.

The first thing I saw when I was going up the stairs to my office. A dead rat! omg~ ewwwww. *disgusted. I didn't take a shot of it. eww~

Hmm, there's some thing going on at DBKK. Maybe like last year. They giving away flags? I ono

Gewd news!!! KAC Skating Rink Grand Opening tomorrow! Starts at 9am. More info, click here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Compy is Sick

Yes! You heard me! My compy is sicky T_T

1st the power supply died on me. Now my 250GB maxtor hddisk can't detect. Thanks for my bro for temporary installing his 80GB maxtor hddisk for me to backup my files. Must do it fast! XD

I need to clear my 250GB Hitachi hddisk and set it as primary hddisk. So, now I backup.

I'll blog/browse through blogs when I'm done. Sorry ppl T_T

Sunday, August 12, 2007

ArtJam & Birthday

BEWARE! Long Post Ahead...

I wanted to post this last nite but I was super tired. It was a long and fun day!

First of all, would like to thank everyone for this wonderful surprise birthday party. And the birthday wishes via forum/msn/sms/blog/cbox. Thank yew so much. You people make Mas very very happy! XD And Happy Birthday to people celebrating their birthday on the month of August. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Today as planned was the 8th ArtJam. Omg, I miss ArtJam. Yes, I know I dun do anything there, well maybe take photo. But I love to see ppl draw XD

I'll start off by showing u guys some photo of a battle between rob-jr. a.k.a acing and my brother (cubex). The card is made by acing called "Aetherworld Card Battle". There should be more cards but he only brought only 12 of the card. There are more but it's been misplaced. *blame acing.

acing explaning to my brother and laying out the cards

start the battle

I would explain how to play this but it's gonna take some time. I think after they play few times I think I get the concept of the game. Kinda fun.

The theme for ArtJam: Fanart: Final Fantasy XD Check out some of the drawings here.

*Waves to cryonic and njay. Nice to meet u guys. Gomene~ I'm not a talkative person.

This is the surprise cake. Chocolate Heaven! Very chocolatey~ Yay! I'm 10 years old! XD Thanks guys! Mas very happy to be 10 mwahahah! I'm so young! (indenial state).

As the cake stated. Happy Birthday, Mas & Daniel. So, a shot of Mas and Daniel with the cake kekekek XD

Cutting the cake. Oh nois my hair, oh nois, I'm F**. T_T I'm F**. Oh, hard to cut the cake with that plastic knife thinggie. *looks at mas's photo. *chop cryonic's hand mwahhahaha >:)

More photos...

cryonic and njay. Alamak. sorry njay, tercovered by cryonic's hand XD

ehem ehem my chocolatey cakie~

my presento from IRTeA XD thankie~

Party's over. Start ur engine ppl. I mean drawing XD

This will be the maid series. We have a maid.

promoting coffee bean XD

candid shot XD she was looking at my brother hohoho

Dizzy with the maid headdress XD


*reverse psychology. "'ll be over soon" sorry, it's a bit bright. I forgot to adjust the color setting opps~

O.O omg~ fox omg~

O.O super omg~

I brought my plushie. Plushie have no name. Anybody wanna name em? XD Oh and mind the finger/hand. It's dizzy's XD I'm a bit lazy to edit that part XD

rina and my plushie XD so photogenic XD


cat: "save me~"

"waaaaaaaaa dun eat me~~ please dun eat me"

Not forgetting group photo! XD I love group photo. Thanks funny coffee bean dood who said gonna charge us RM10 for each shot XD

Me and acing went off at 5:40pm. We went to have a drink. I had to stay for dinner at 7:30pm. Had dinner at Nok Thai Restaurant. Hehe.

My 2nd cake. Er, oreo wut liao. Forgot oh. Haven't tasted this yet XD Sorry, the photos aren't so great, I was snapping it fast. Scared dad scold me coz we're eating XD

my mum got my candles wrong earlier. I'm 28 not 29 >.> ohohoho I get to wish twice mwahhaha XD


my uncle and aunt. yes, am wearing the same shirt coz I didn't go home yet?

Reason for picture to be removed: coz my 2nd sis thinks she's F**, and looked ugly in the photo, asked me to crop it or she'll to do the same thing to me next time. me too lazy to crop, i removed it. so if anyone unsatisfied with it, blame her. coz she can't stop eating hence become F**. *nuff said. ;P

Talking about perfect timing. I got 12 packs of red rock deli snacks from my uncle and aunt XD my uncle sang birthday song for me! XD This customized card designed by sifus and sig from everyone XD birthday wishes, cash from my parents $_$ cash from my sis $_$ hohoho I'm super happy.

Overall, it's a great day! XD Finally! I can go shower now! XD