Monday, May 29, 2006

1st outing for rob-jr, me and amy

Date: 29th May 2006
Time: 11am
Location: Rimba? at Donggongon Square

Woke up at 7am, didn't feel that well. Slight fever. Plan is on. I still can drive. Not that sick. A bit drousy. Left home around 10am. Went to Putatan, specifically to pick acing up. I used to walk to and from school with him and the other guys. Oooo arrived there around 10:30am, wasn't lost but unsure of the road. Yes, I notice there's a road named after his family. Heheheh that's the 2nd time I saw somebody's family name been used as a road name. Anyways, went to meet Amy at the above mentioned place. Blur. Never been there but we're like guessing. Thank gawd for my memory. I had chicken spagetti. Umm not that tasty. Not enjoying the meal. I guess one person is happy with his order? That would be acing? hahahahah


Kenapa saya macam pervert? = Why do I look like a pervert?
Mata bulat macam hagu = Round eyes like Hagu (character from Honey and Clover)
Extra table yang tak kena outline = Extra table not outlined

Everything else needed not to be translated hahahahah
acing a.k.a rob-jr sketching

the kid was throwing something

parasurfing with a smiley facie

Left the place and meet up at Tg. Aru. Arrive there around noon. Took some photos and acing did some sketches. It's really really hot. Had watermelon juice. Not sweet enough. Headaches. Some people are renovating the place. We were there for more than 3 hours. Went to Tg Aru Resort Hotel to take more photos. Overall, the outing was great.

Went to send acing back home. It was around 4:30pm. Stewpedly used the Lintas highway. Jammed. I thought it might have been the traffic light or some accident. Well, guess I was correct about the accident. Saw truck of contena "tabalik". Heheh, dun think anybody was hurt. This stewped lorry next to me was trying to cut. I simply take the other way and cut hehehe. I dislike ppl doing that hahahahha. Arrived home around 5pm-ish. Headache. Oooooo my eyes. Headache headache headache. Oooooo

For more details, visit Amy's bloggie at Click sini la oi! (Translated: Click here la oi!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My current favourite song:

Acha Septriasa - Sampai Menutup Mata

embun di pagi buta
menebarkan bau asa
detik demi detik ku hitung
inikah saat ku pergi

oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
takkan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi

reff: aku tak mudah untuk mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah mengatakan

aku jatuh cinta

senandungku hanya untuk cinta
tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
sampai ku menutup mata
cintaku sampai ku menutup mata

oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
takkan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi

repeat reff

Friday, May 19, 2006

Feeling a bit sick today. Been sneezing every now and then. At least I won't be working on a Saturday. Anyways, watched "Amazing Race 9" last nite. Nerve wrecking! I was watching alone and was cheering for BJ and Tyler hehehehe. YAY!!! They've won!!! Oooooo they went to Japan. Woo~~~ kewl. Wanted to watch "Supernatural" and "Hex" after that, but I was too sleepy.
Watched "American Idol" earlier, as predicted again. Elliot is out. Heheh. Oooooo not trying to say bad things about my sis but she pisses me off sometimes. Well to be exact? Most of the time. She was being really mean/rude yesterday. We're like watching tv and I was eating / dinner. She wanted to see what I'm having, I turned a bit and she called me "stewped". WTF!?! How mean. Then, "American Idol" finish, actually left Elliot singing his last song there, I change channel coz it's already 6pm and I wanted to watch korean drama "Sad Sonata" on tv2. She goes saying "NEXT TIME IF YOU WANTED TO WATCH, I'LL DO THE SAME THING TO YOU". Again, clueless. WTF?! *confused. She must be having her period or she's just like that? *pfttttttttt.
Early to work today. I arrived around 8:05am. To the office that is. *pftttt. Had half boiled egg for breakfast. Don't think it's enough though. So, brought potato buns with me. Hmm wut I'm gonna have for lunch hmm. Maybe I'll go "tapau" some rice or burgers or anything downstairs. *pfttttt~~

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Surprisingly, this week, I'm kinda lucky. YAY! Gewddie! Lucky for parking. Starting this week, I went out for work as usual and arrive roughly around the same time and I no need to wait for parking.
I wish the luck won't run out! Have anyone watch tv2 korean drama? "Sad Sonata". Oooooo so very nice. Everyday except Friday from 6pm to 7pm. Ooooo my mum was crying most of the time. The suckie part maybe coz they speak chinese (which they dun actually? It should be korean!!!! It would definately sound better with that language). Huhu~~~
I'm trying to cut down fewd again. I think I gained a bit of weight. A bit too much. *pffttttttttt~~~ and for some info, Likas Mart dun have that points card anymore. Change of management lur~.
Note: Have you ever hated somebody that you think that after you left the company, that you might, you might just forget? Hahhahah, crap man! Imagine this, we (most of us, from the old company) still hates the same person again. Coz she's stewped and slow. She pretend to care and she thinks she so smart. *pffffftttttt~~~ vomits~ wakkaka I shouldn't be toking about her anymore but I do. Oh noi~!
Oh guess wut? My sis haven't been home for 2 days. As so I heard. Hmmm been partying I guess? And overnighting hekeh~

Monday, May 15, 2006

So, my reason for not blogging for weeks is that I'm lazy. Ok, I'll just give a brief description of my past week. Now, lemme see. What last week is like? Hmm, besides the obstacles in looking for parking at my office area and for the fact that I have to wait for an hour for a parking? Last week was fine. Mostly, last week is about anger. Heheh. Parking (for this area) is equivalent for a battlefield. Hekeh~ Why I say that? Just coz people sometimes tend to fight for a parking spot. Well, I did not fight for it though if the person is nearest to a parking spot, then the parking is theirs. That's what I think. *pffffffftttttttt~ Even happened to me a lot of times. *breathe. No choice. Just gotta wait.

Weather sucks. That's for sure. Only I think last nite very heavy rain. Few days before was terrible. HOT all the way. Hmmmm...took lotsa photos for dA page. Only uploaded few. Will upload more later. :D Till then...I'll be blogging.
Lazy mode ON!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So, I was browsing my friend's friendster page and saw this pix. Her shirt.

So then I gotta show mine too. Heheheh.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Labour Day!!!

It's a holiday today. Yay~! I woke up around 10am. I guess. Went for lunch with parents at Nok Thai around noon. Ooohhh I'm so full~!!! Went to Damai. Dad bought me "Salt Lamp" thinggie (as shown above). It's said to help you to reduce/prevent stress? I think that's what I red earlier. There's few more benefits but I can't seem to remember coz I was thinking about the Lilian Too Show I watched last Sunday. About feng shui and your face? The only thing I could remember is maybe that ladies/girls with long hair is good. People with wide forhead good (something about politics and power?). Big nose <--- good also. I think something about money? *paranoid. I can't remember specifically. Oh, ladies with egg shape face is gewd. Square face is no gewd. Heheh. Crap. I can't remember that much information. *smack~

Hmm, my bro had loaned me some anime DVDs. I've watched "Read or Die" the other day. Ooooo interesting. But maybe the subtitles wasn't so great. Coz it's in chinese. *nyeee~~~ Pffttt~~~ ok. I can read but a bit only. Anyways, I'm back to into japanese music again. Lately I've been addicted to "Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack". Now, more on japanese again yay~! I'm back. Oooooo I'm so into Indie music! :D~~~

Should I get a hair cut now? I wonder. I want a very straight hair!!! My hair damn messy already. Boo~. Ohh, Hotlink sent me a message about RM1 for 1000 sms. Hmm so, I guess I was bored till I was testing it out. Well, it worked, that for sure. The waste? Maybe not being able to finish it by today. *pfffffffftt~~~ what a waste. Anyways, I was bugging some people. So, I did sms to my friend, Eric. And he was calling me. Hahhaha opps. He was wondering whose I am again. Hahahah. I think I finish most of his credit hahaha. We talked for more than 30 minutes. I think he was thinking about his credit and I was thinking that when we're gonna finish the conversation coz I need to get some sleep. Well, at least it was fun toking to him. Bahhhh~~~ I need to clean my room again. Dusty!!! I need to remove some old clothes from my room too. I think I have a lot of unwanted clothes here. Well, I think la.

Tomorrow have to go work. Lazy~ am so very de lazy~

Bahhh~~~ sleep!