Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life Progress

Lemme complain about my keyboard. The "shift" button tends to sink-in *tsk. Ahh, reminds me of the keyboard at work, the "spacebar" had the same problem *tsk~ no worries, PC fair is near! mwahahah. *looks at dad. "lou tau~ I want new keyboard ehem ehem, and can I get a notebook prease~?" (this of coz will only be in my dreams *hoping).

My cats been all crazy lately. They like to get into plastic bags ^^; Cute but "ancus" tu plastic bags.

The first thing I thought of this morning is, it's the end of the month and it's Leo's birthday. Leo is an old fren from high school. I wonder where and wut happen to him. Hmm.

Didn't have much stuff happening today except that I had to pick my sis up from work and we went to CPS to window shop. kunun!!! I bought a new top. I'm so wearing this to work. Only got back home at around 9 something. Oh nois, mimi at it again. The plastic bags!!! Noi~~~

I'm still waiting for my bro to gimme back my clip. My hair needs it XD

Again, I would like to complain about this dumb steamyx *cough. >.> so slow~

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Non Edited Shots

Well, some of it?

Still from Alice In Wonderland photoshoot. I must say this keyboard is getting on my nerves. I need new keyboard! T_T

This was suppose to be part of the scene?

We wanted him to climb the tree. But since got ants, nvm la, this will do hehe XD

Alice: "You're under my spell"

My bro with the fish lip *cough

There's more shots but I'm thinking whether I should edit it. Hmm

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot

Today went to Anjung Rimba ( the park beside Arkib Sabah, ngam ka the name?) to shoot (learning to shoot) ppl. XD Save me. Oh, I must say I got there at exactly 10am. And we were shooting and sweating in the hot sun for 4 hours. Well till 2pm I think. Sunburn T_T tsk~

Bare with my noob photos. Btw, I edited these. I know, I sucked. Still learning. I took a total of 82 shots. I'm not gonna post every single one of em here.

Have fun. Dun mind, juz comment, I'll perfect myself T_T

And oh, btw, I'm using the Canon A710 IS camera for this ^^;

Alice: "did the rabbit go this way?"

The White Rabbit: "oh my oh my, i'm late! the queen is gonna kill me"

Mad Hatter: "Here, have some tea"
Alice: "Thank you"

The Cheshire Cat XD

The King and Queen of Hearts. Wuah looking so serious?
Notice background. Red hibiscus rather than red rose XD

Candid shot of the King and Queen of Hearts.

the white rabbit, cheshire cat and mad hatter

oh nois, the rabbit carried alice O.O
note to julian: "this is wut u missed :P hehe"

Sorry, wanted to do some decorative stuff on top of this photo but couldn't find the right brush T_T

This is 9 out of 82 photos I think. I wanna pingsan oledi. Will add somemore after I regained my energy XD

Information about the photoshoot, click here. More KKCC photos, here.

Enjoy viewing and happy commenting XD

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On and Off Blogging

I'll be taking some time off from blogging to finish reading "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". My fren loaned me the book. No, I dun like reading (prefer comics), but this is optional since I was curious of the spoilers from CSP forum. Thanks Mars. Will try to finish reading this book and return to u. XD

And I'm a slow reader, so, this gonna take time. I juz finish chapter 1 XD Definately different from the movies XD wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's A Conspiracy!

It's a conspiracy I say! *hmph~

Izzit me or every now and then I couldn't browse using firefox. In the end I had to use this suckie IE hmph~ >:(

Or maybe uh uh, it's the tmNUT again?!


Was trying to redesign a 3 column layout for amy. *cough. It's not so great but will try to fix it again. The coding are so messy gawd! XD

Erm, I expanded the banner. Redesigning the banner would be better kekeke in this case, I copy and paste part of the banner to the right.

Check it here. Btw, that's her cbox, not mine XD

P/s: How to put lines in between post? ^^;

Monday, July 23, 2007

Borneo Orchid Show 2007

I was driving to work today and saw banners around about this event.

I wanted to go XD I went to 1 once at Karamunsing if I'm not mistaken few years back XD Mas likey likey! XD

For more info, visit DBKK.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Life Progress

My aunt will be coming to Sabah yay! Not sure how many of them will be coming but they're coming alright! XD I've ordered some stuff from Ozzie like "sard wonders". Any of u dunno wut sard wonders are, these are actually soaps XD and we ordered a box of "red rock deli sweet chili and sour cream flavour chips mwahahahahah! SATU KOTAK (translation: 1 BOX) !!! Tamahak (translation: greedy)! *pray that she can bring 1 box mwaahha. XD

Haven't got things to blog lately.

This morning, woke up at 3am and went back to sleep and wake up again at 7am, went outside and saw a lot, I mean a lot of dragonflies. These things really can make me get motivated. Went upstairs, got my camera and start shooting XD But didn't get much shot of dragonflies, instead, I got shots of a single butterfly even there's a lot of em flying around in the garden ^^;

Will post the photos soon.

Edited: One of it. XD

Meanwhile, I watched "Honey and Clover II" anime again. T_T I cried again T_T yes yes I admit it! I'm a crybaby! T_T so sad.

I'll reblog later when I'm done with editing photos.

I was slightly bored, so took a shot of my pinky street. Yes, I only have 2 *sigh~ T_T

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moment Like This... *sigh

It's moment like these dat I become really tense/pissed. The caused of all this? tmNUT steamyx. Intentional spelling error. *sigh.

The first thing I hear when I got into the office is, "Mas, I can't browse". I haven't even put my stuff on my table yet. >:(

Did some troubleshooting. Not working. Next thing I did was calling up technical support and they reset the connection coz it hanged. BUDU! And off everything and turn it back on after few minutes, also not working. Wadda!?!

Yes, am a smartarse in this case. I went to change the setting. Also not working. In the end, guess wut made it work? The DNS server address. I put it in every single computer. IT WORKED! Budu! >:(

I should end my anger with this. TMNUT BUDU!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lunch at BistroDelifrance

Today had lunch with Amy at BistroDelifrance. XD The place started to become pack at around 1:30pm. Set lunch for RM13.90. 3 different kinds of set meal. Chicken/Spagetti/ Lamb. I took this one, chicken curry set I forgot wut it's called. But it's really nice. A bit too much for me. I couldn't finish the potato. Oh nois~ and here I was complaining coz I had half boiled egg for breakfast. Yes, I'm super duper hungry.

this is the chicken curry (i'm sorry forgot wut it actually called) but it's so nice XD i likey. but a bit too much for me. *burps~ excuse me

wut amy had. spagetti with chicken sausages. umm i think the taste is more of thyme and olive oil XD didn't quite like this one

Inclusive of

ice cream! XD vanilla, strawberry , chocolate?

and soup of the day. chicken soup oh punya sedap! XD there's pieces of chicken meat inside oh. i so likey! XD

Some shots I manage to take before the fewd arrives and before ppl start pouring in XD

Look at em bold colors. I so likey XD

File Recovery Software

No I'm not a blog addict. I won't confess to dat. No way! :P

Anyways, this is coz I wanted to share something hehe~

Earlier after lunch as I was going back to the office with Amy. We went to lunch yes. Show u the fewd later XD my fren, from the old company I work for, called me for help. *cough cough. Yes these kinda stuff owez happen. Even when I was in college my classmates will call me about computer related stuff *cough. So, this time, the problem is, she unaccidently deleted her files, specifically most of her photos in her external hddisk. *cough. Yes, I slightly panic too coz I know how that would feels like. I love my photos XD Anyways, back to wut I was saying. Hmm, she was asking me whether there's a way to retrieve all those files. Yes, I was blur coz I never do retrieving unless it's in my Recycle Bin. But no, these stuff aren't in the recycle bin, it's as the same way as deleting a file from ur thumb drive.

So, back to the office and I did a search on data/file recovery and asked her to try on this software. PC Inspector File Recovery software. It's a free software btw. I never tried it before hahahah XD Anyways, she tried it and guess wut? She got her files back. Yay!

Juz in case any of u guys lost ur files unaccidently like she did. Try this software hehe XD

Certificate in Training

My sis forwarded this to me. This is my way of forwarding to ppl.

There will be a free preview for those who are interested in developing themselves or their staff into professional trainers.

The preview is on Sunday the 29th July 2007 at Berjaya Palace Hotel at 2:30pm-4:30pm.

Admission: FREE

Click here for more info. (Click the download link)

Fewd and stuff

I'm suppose to post these fewd photos the other day but I was bz playing maple story and O2jam.

This was lunch 2 days ago. We had it at Kedai Kopi Daily at Gaya Street.

wa tan ho, i think this cost RM5 ka?

fried mee cost RM4

My dad told me recently that he's looking for ppl to run his Nelson's kiosk around KK. Anybody interested? I'll have to get back about the requirements and job description stuff. He didn't gimme details *cough.

one of the nelson's kiosk at city mall

Was trying on night shots, using manual mode. T_T I still sucked. Look at this T_T I was kinda in a rush XD

Yesterday got very sad news from one of my fren from JB. Her parents in law died in a car crash T_T It was on the newspaper (Berita Harian). Condolences.

Other related stuff, I received some $$ from my fotolia not that much la >.> the problem is, I dun have credit card to verify my paypal *cough. I couldn't be asking my parents to loan em credit card to me. So, am planning to get debit card *cough. Please advise?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Re-doing the layout

After lunch I decided to redo my layout. I hate the current layout coz the space is very limited *cough. So, I did one from scratch XD

This is a test page. Partial success! XD

Expanded layout..mas is happy and crazy now XD

Sollie sollie..use wrong color..still arranging it XD

Omg, *clips the eye. So sleepy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Steamboat for Dinner

I forgot to mention that I went to watch "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" last Friday, no I didn't went on a date. I went with my sister duh~ Since CSP doesn't have any movie outing, might as well go watch it. Rather than to wait for it to come out on HBO which probably will take hmm a year or so? Anyways, went to the 6:30pm show. Yes, I waited for an hour (more or less), standing and watching movie previews *cough. Talking about enduring pain? XD

Compared to others who watched this. I kinda liked it. With some new characters, well new for me lah since I dun read the book?

Btw, dinner was popcorn and roti kawin. *cough. Yet, I wasn't really that hungry *sweats.

Today, mum went out to get brunch with my bro. I asked for Tandoori chicken and I had nasi lemak. Talking about hungry ei? I only ate around noon. I was definitely hungry. Sorry, didn't get a shot of it.

At nite, we went out for dinner. We'll be having steamboat XD yay~ Oh thank gawd I'm not the one driving. My dad drove us with my car *cough cough which I was kinda scared. I prefer driving it. XD but oh well. No complains.

We went to Nelayan. Oh, on the way to that Beijing steamboat thinggie, at the side there, they set up a pond thinggie for this koi fishies? Look at it move. Do they have some kinda thing that make the fish go like this? O.O *curious

After dinner, we went to City Mall. My dad wanted to check out one of his Nelson booth. Actually we wanted to get Doriyaki? Or Doreyaki? How u spell that? But they dun have it T_T Oh well, came back home, watched Big Momma's House 2.

Oh earlier, I watched "The Last Mimzy", er slightly boring coz I was skipping some part *yawns. But I watched another movie which is "Because I Said So". This is way better XD Romantic Comedy is totally my thing :P

Cleaning and Organizing

I'm currently copying my photos into the DVD. I dun haf a lot of photos but this is only my 2nd DVD for photos. And I think I'll reach the 3rd DVD soon.

Need to clean junks from my computer and arrange it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life Progress

I was a bit late today. Yes, I tend to go late when it rains. Very nice to sleep bah. Btw, it doesn't really matter coz everyone in the office doing it. Hehehe, btw, it's weird today. Less cars around. That's so weird. It's only Thursday. Not even Friday leh. Oh, guess wut's the first thing I noticed? Remember the kancil which parked there for months? It's not there. Yeap! Most likely they towed it away oledi. Yay! 1 extra parking space. Sweet! XD

I was mapuring all day and I got really bored coz I was playing alone. It's so boring when u're training alone. *pftttt. I skipped lunch coz I dun feel like eating somehow. I should be hungry but I'm not. Hmm. Oh well. Yet another boring day at work. I should do something.

Time to go home. Guess wut's the next thing I noticed. So many empty parking. Wuah. Wut's with today? Izzit a holiday that there's so many parking available? It's not even 5pm yet wor. Weirdness.

Almost reach home. There's 2 teenagers, I won't call them local if u know wut I mean. They were walking in the middle of the road. Since I won't wanna shock ppl by honking, I turn slightly right so I won't hit them. But guess wut happen? This one stewped baboon go walk at my side. I nearly bang him. WTF!? I juz give em the stare coz lazy to argue later. Yes, I got into quite few arguments before around my area. Well the most common or likely argument caused by stewped dumbarses blocking my way. Hehe~ Calm down~

I'm in my room now and I got slight eye pain coz of the lunch skipping thinggie. So, I guess I should go shower and eat now. But u wanna know wut's funny? Mimi *rofl. Yes, the out of control one. Black face? She was biting small bb!!!! O.O Talking about jealousy. *cough cough. We better not let her saw this *cough or hear this *cough. XD *whistle. (hapuskan bukti)

Till then, haf a pleasant evening everyone XD

Part-Time Job for GoShop! (

I'm juz helping out XD

Want to earn extra money by walking around the shopping mall? We are looking for energetic, friendly, passionate and determined individual to become our part-time sales promoter. Interested candidates will be briefed beforehand.

Important Note: This part-time job is open for those who are currently residing in the Kota Kinabalu, Sabah area only.

More details: Click here

How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Ohaiyo minna~

Anyways, I was tempted to try this thing I saw at pai's blog XD

Guess I'm not as addicted as u huh? *rofl~

60%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Get your own here

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life Progress

I bought chicken rice for lunch. Yes I bought my own lunch today. Juz coz "makcik" (auntie cleaner) gimme an "attitude". I was definitely annoyed by it. Well, if u really wanna know, the conversation is something like this.

Me: "makcik, tu lesen 5 tahun RM100 ka?"
("auntie, renew license 5 years RM100?")
Makcik: "inda tau oh, hari tu akauntan cakap RM150 dia bayar, tapi dia yang cakaplah, bukan se"
("I don't know, the accountant said he paid RM150, but he said not me")
Me: O.O *speechless
Makcik: "kalau ko tak puas ati ko pigi tanya sendiri la di JPJ"
("If you're not satisfied, you go JPJ and ask urself")
Me: O.O *speechless again

She went out from my room, then had argument with a colleague O.O PMS ka ni makcik?

Anyways, I was speechless coz I was asking really nicely and she sound very offensive which I was surprised. Geez, if dun wanna help no need la dui~ *pftttttt~ So, yeah I end up buying my own lunch coz I get annoyed with these kinda ppl. *hiks~ Mas dun tolerate sarcasm *cough cough.

It started to rain around noon. Wuah I was lucky! XD I bought my lunch before noon mwahhaha XD

Went to pick my sis up from work. Saw my dad's car there. I was like O.O again coz he should know that I'm gonna pick her up today since we're gonna meet Amy up at Maple Cafe for dinner. Hehe. Poor daddy, this morning my sis rush him to send her and left my mum and 2nd sis in confusion. Coz my dad suppose to send my mum to the hospital and my 2nd sis to work. But he was in a hurry to send my eldest sis to work coz she (eldest sis) is selfish *pfttttttt. This is a known fact *cough cough. *whistle. I'm not doing the talking *whistle.

Anyways, back to after work. So yes, we went to Maple Cafe, Damai. But it was closed. Geez~ Oh btw, this place haf weird opening hours. During breakfast, lunch and dinner only. I think the dinner one opens from 6pm to 11pm. Very nice setting. Gahh~ wanted to take photo but it's not open. We walked around till 6:30pm. Went to another place around there. It's "Food Station", it's the same row as Yoyo. Very nice place to eat. Wuah~ I so likey~ XD

baby kailan RM4 for my sis

fish cooked with black bean for amy RM6 ka?

and for me, fish cooked with spring onion and ginger *nyum RM6

oh and these are from there too. no need to explain wut it is rite?

My sis's frens came after dinner for demo. Wut demo? Sanitary napkin demo, for Amy. Demo finished at around 8:20pm I think. Means I only reach home few mins after that. Now it's 9:30pm and I need to shower before I get off to bed.

Oh, here's a short video I took of mimi's bb. I think it's a "he". But so cute hor XD

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life Progress

Amy called me for lunch. We went to Kopikat at Asia City Complex. She ordered "Chicken Chop with Rice"

And mine is "Fish Fillet with Fries"

But guess wut? I'm still hungry T_T Wanted to get some shots of the entrance but got ppl, so lazy XD Maybe I'll do it next time.

My whole day at work has been boring. I was mapuring alone. Way boring. I stopped and browse through blogs and forum XD

At around 20 mins before 5pm. The auntie cleaner ask me to look outside coz the clouds look very nice. Yes, here I took a shot of it. XD I likey~ and yes it's cloudy. It looks like it's gonna rain again. Must go home. FAST!

Life Progress

It is raining. It has been raining for gawd knows wut time. I went off a bit late to work today. I had to send one of my sis to work coz my dad's car is filled with stuff for his company's Convenient Store. Oh, u guys can visit his store at Alamesra, I think his office is behind Bina Puri. Hehe. Wut do they sell? Tongkat Ali Drinks, Mas Cotek drink, Coconut Oil, Coffee and etc. Check it out.

Mimi brought her bb to the bed again. Under the blankie. Again. ^^;

Today, gonna do demo to Amy XD anyone wants demo? I could let my sis arrange it XD

Monday, July 09, 2007

Shots of the Stuff I got XD

This is mimi. Out of control. Rolling around near my bag. ^^; She's crazy now. Keep on running around the room. She messed up my bedsheet definitely. I think I should cut more of her nails. I did cut the tip of her nails earlier but it's still sharp. Oh nois. She gonna injure me if I dun cut it. Besides, they sleep with me XD

Ahhh, so anyone curious wut I got from my parents?

TADA~~~a shirt and silk. i get to choose between 2 creme colored silk with the red. i chose red. i haf no idea why. i guess the creme color is a bit too common to me? hmm not sure XD now wut am i gonna do with it hmm...

some other stuff that i got. oh mind the background. that's my er comforter. yes i love patchwork type of blankie XD

Oh, and remember the gosurori book I was talking about? Hmm, which should I make hmm..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Sick Family

As everyone know, me and my eldest sis is sick. Well guess wut? My bro is having fever, my 2nd sis is coughing, my parents, who juz got back from their 1 week trip to Vietnam is also sick. This family is sick! Oh nois~

Maybe we should be quarantined? *cough.

My eldest sis went to get her hair dyed today. Yes, she went out even she's sick. This morning, the way she coughed sort of scare me a bit. It sounded like she's coughing blood out her lungs. OMG! That's so scary. Though, I cough like that before. But coming from someone else scares me hehe. She came back with very pink at the bottom of her hair. ^^;

Dying my hair is totally out of the question. Though, I did some highlighting back in the days but it didn't last as long as my 2nd sis's highlights. My hair is very black. But, if there's a minor chance, I would want red highlights. Been wanting it for a very long time XD

Oh gewd, I'm sweating. Hope I'll be fine for work tomolo. Thank gawd I won't be sending my sis to work anymore yay! That's so much fun XD I can wake up late yay!

Btw, I went to meet a fren from the forum for gosurori book XD yes! It finally arrived. I'll take a shot of it later for u guys to see XD It's mine!! MINE MINE MINE! I think I developed an addiction/hobby for it somehow. Well, not really into wearing it yet. But more like making one XD But we'll see how it goes. I've ordered the next issue too omg~ I'm so excited XD

Life Progress

I was still sick yesterday, but I promised my sis that I would send her to Beverly Hills for her SEPA meeting. Yes, driving with wooziness. At some point, I actually asked her to stop talking coz it's giving me a headache. And I'm bad tempered if the headache kicks in. XD My bad.

We reached there at about 1pm. We could have reached there early if my sis would get ready earlier. Hmm. I remember telling her that we're going off at 12:30 noon hmm. She's becoming like the other "datin" (my eldest sis) oledi. Very slow at getting ready omg~ *cough.

The meeting was held at this place called "Lily of the Valley" or something like that. Couldn't quite remember. We thought that the ppl there haven't arrive. So, my sis asked me to get consultation about my skin. In this case, my face *cough cough. Yes, I need serious help XD

I dun have smooth skin like my 2nd sis hehe. That's coz I dun take care of my face like she did *cough lalala~ And obviously I was told that my pores are wide open, I got pimple problems (well not as bad when I was at KL obviously), blackheads and whiteheads. Eek! Anyways, leave that be then. It's quarter to 1 and I think my sis finally went to the meeting coz ppl actually started the meeting oledi. Aiyo. We thought everyone's late *cough.

So, I waited for her while going through old magazines. Gawd, I'm woozy and I'm bored. And I'm hot! Need air. *faints. I forgot wut time they finish their meeting but I was too lazy to go anywhere so we went home. On the way back, there's this er van in front of us, the driver and the passenger was throwing stuff from their window. My sis took a shot of the van. I'm not sure wut's the outcome of the photo.

We dropped by at KFC to get something to eat. Well, more like to take away. And me as usual, would be cursing at some stewped drivers who dunno how to park their car. XD I'm not a perfectionist but I hate anything that's troublesome XD

I was waiting for my parents to come home last nite. But I went to bed early.

This morning I woke up at around 7am juz to check if my parents came back already or not heheh. Oh, I forgot to mention. They were away to Vietnam for a week. Such torture I had to wake up early to send my sis to work. *cough. Urgh~ Yay! No need to send oledi yay! XD

And yes, I want gifts! I want em I want em! I hate it when my sis owez get the gewd stuff before me T_T It's so unfair.

Anyways, I was checking on mimi's lil bb. One died. T_T tsk tsk. It's her first time, I think she was having a hard time taking care of em too. T_T I'm so sad.

Isk. My parents not up yet. I want my gifts XD

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Finally Changed My Layout

You'd probably remember it as this. I know, I love this layout. But, I changed it! XD I can't help but to notice that everyone's blog seem far more organized than mine XD so yes, I changed it.

I couldn't make it to KK Bloggers Meet T_T so sad. I was so sick earlier till I can't stand / sit. Feeling a lil too woozy. Slightly better now only my coughing is bad. Very bad. ^^;

I'll continue the arranging later. It's 2am oledi.

Friday, July 06, 2007

8 Secrets (8_8)

I was tagged by PapaJoneh. mwahahhaha XD

8 things ppl dunno but wanna know ka ni? ^^; *conpius *thinks

*clears throat.
  1. Hmm, lalala~ ogie, here goes. I bite my nails. Not that I like doing is so much, it's juz that I've been doing it for so long that I couldn't stop. So, I'll be blaming my parents and grandparents coz they started it.
  2. I'm bad tempered. I'll blame this on my dad. Mwahahah. Music is one of the thing which make me relax.
  3. I cry easily. This is one thing I'm not proud of. I'm scared of teachers (well, some not all ogie) when I was 7 years old *cough.
  4. I'm envious of ppl sometimes, that sometimes motivates me to do things. I.e. designing and photography.
  5. I was a top student at my school in 1997 *cough (after form 5 obviously). Dun really know how I get the title since I had problem with the principle and my art teacher that time hehe. A lil too rebelious weeeeeeeeeeeee.
  6. I'm stubborn.
  7. I dun like to dress up. I prefer wearing t-shirt and jeans. Ahhhh comfort! Though on certain occasion where I was forced to dress up. Then I would *cough. I blame my frens for this. Noted: I wore sari to prom once and sang (acapella, no i dun haf killer voice) *whistle.
  8. Almost done. I'm shy. I dun blend in well in a crowd like my sis or mum. Hehe. I get paranoid. Blog, msn, sms are the medium for me to express myself weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Ogie done. Lalala...can I skip the tagging part? Hehe. But if anyone wanna volunteer, bulih jua hehe.