Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot

Today went to Anjung Rimba ( the park beside Arkib Sabah, ngam ka the name?) to shoot (learning to shoot) ppl. XD Save me. Oh, I must say I got there at exactly 10am. And we were shooting and sweating in the hot sun for 4 hours. Well till 2pm I think. Sunburn T_T tsk~

Bare with my noob photos. Btw, I edited these. I know, I sucked. Still learning. I took a total of 82 shots. I'm not gonna post every single one of em here.

Have fun. Dun mind, juz comment, I'll perfect myself T_T

And oh, btw, I'm using the Canon A710 IS camera for this ^^;

Alice: "did the rabbit go this way?"

The White Rabbit: "oh my oh my, i'm late! the queen is gonna kill me"

Mad Hatter: "Here, have some tea"
Alice: "Thank you"

The Cheshire Cat XD

The King and Queen of Hearts. Wuah looking so serious?
Notice background. Red hibiscus rather than red rose XD

Candid shot of the King and Queen of Hearts.

the white rabbit, cheshire cat and mad hatter

oh nois, the rabbit carried alice O.O
note to julian: "this is wut u missed :P hehe"

Sorry, wanted to do some decorative stuff on top of this photo but couldn't find the right brush T_T

This is 9 out of 82 photos I think. I wanna pingsan oledi. Will add somemore after I regained my energy XD

Information about the photoshoot, click here. More KKCC photos, here.

Enjoy viewing and happy commenting XD


  1. nyuu~ asking permission to *saves as* for keeping as rememberance~ X333



  2. i could send u original copies if u want XD

  3. yes please~~ buzz me on msn if u see me ! XD sankyuz sankyuzz!!

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    I also want~~
    But wait after took 2nd session then burn it into cd/dvd XD

  5. Waaah!! That looked like fun. What was the occasion though? Saja saja ka? And the photos turned out great!

  6. kana: oh ogie XD

    dan: oh ogie XD 2nd photoshoot here i come XD

    acom: kekekeke saja saja. it's KKCC cosplay punya photoshoot XD i'm a bug XD

  7. Anonymous11:26 AM

    wahh interesting shots. Up till now, i have no idea what you do girl. are you into some kind of photographer class or ????

  8. papa: no, i'm not a student. i'm an IT officer *cough. photography is something i learn on my own XD with the help of online tutorials and some frens XD

  9. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Interesting shots!! :D Enjoyed the viewing too.. bestnya kamurang sana ar. :D

  10. cin: yes yes, it's super fun even kena sunburn XD anyways, i'll be praying for more photoshoots XD need to learn em skills XD well juz to fill some of my boring dull time XD

  11. You want constructive criticism kan.. Okay, I give my honest feedback ahh.. Hmm..I think it turned ok. If you played more with the natural light and exposure rather than editing most of it, I think would look great. And more candid portraits cuz everybody looked so happy! Capture those moments rather than semua pun macam posing. Your camera boleh setting aperture kan? Play with that more too..

    Okay, that's all from my pandai-pandainess... :P

  12. hehehe thank yew. actually i set under sun punya shot..and i edited most of it coz i feel like it..some non edited photos i put at the forum XD u can check it there XD

    i haf some candid shots but the main goal was to take posey ones XD and since 1st time shoot, dunno how to ask ppl to pose or how to shoot at which angle all those stuff, sumua main case bantai XD

    thanks again XD

  13. I really like the shots! I think they turned out great! Edited kah ndak edited, I think the pictures are very purrrttyyy..

    And it looks like fun!! Like the Alice in Wonderland theme. What was it for?

  14. hi! nice attempt but still have lots to learn. i surprised to know that the japan anime culture starting to grow in KK.. ^__^

    maybe i didn't notice it.. lol

  15. shemah: thanks again XD it's for the KK cosplay club XD

    jefferi: yes yes, we haf a KK cosplay club here in KK XD but the numbers of ppl in the club still very lil XD thanks for the comment. yes, since it's my first attempt, still need to learn XD

  16. MASSY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THAT ^$#&^#$@~!!!!



  17. mwahaha XD *evil grins

    *waves photo at lee

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