Monday, July 09, 2007

Shots of the Stuff I got XD

This is mimi. Out of control. Rolling around near my bag. ^^; She's crazy now. Keep on running around the room. She messed up my bedsheet definitely. I think I should cut more of her nails. I did cut the tip of her nails earlier but it's still sharp. Oh nois. She gonna injure me if I dun cut it. Besides, they sleep with me XD

Ahhh, so anyone curious wut I got from my parents?

TADA~~~a shirt and silk. i get to choose between 2 creme colored silk with the red. i chose red. i haf no idea why. i guess the creme color is a bit too common to me? hmm not sure XD now wut am i gonna do with it hmm...

some other stuff that i got. oh mind the background. that's my er comforter. yes i love patchwork type of blankie XD

Oh, and remember the gosurori book I was talking about? Hmm, which should I make hmm..


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Oooo nice stuff you got there! Red silk.. can pakai tengok wayang. :P

    Hey, I love patchworks too. In fact, I had patchwork blanket when I was little too. I couldn't use it anymore coz it's too short now. I wonder if my mom would make me another one - bigger sized that is. LOL!

  2. oh yes..i love the red silk compared to the other 2 soft colors XD

    anyways. both my patchwork blankie i bought XD pingsan oh if i decided to make.

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Wah, mana ko beli?? Home & Garden sana?

  4. er nolah....bought it from some catalogue? ^^;

  5. dont u just love cats?