Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life Progress

Lemme complain about my keyboard. The "shift" button tends to sink-in *tsk. Ahh, reminds me of the keyboard at work, the "spacebar" had the same problem *tsk~ no worries, PC fair is near! mwahahah. *looks at dad. "lou tau~ I want new keyboard ehem ehem, and can I get a notebook prease~?" (this of coz will only be in my dreams *hoping).

My cats been all crazy lately. They like to get into plastic bags ^^; Cute but "ancus" tu plastic bags.

The first thing I thought of this morning is, it's the end of the month and it's Leo's birthday. Leo is an old fren from high school. I wonder where and wut happen to him. Hmm.

Didn't have much stuff happening today except that I had to pick my sis up from work and we went to CPS to window shop. kunun!!! I bought a new top. I'm so wearing this to work. Only got back home at around 9 something. Oh nois, mimi at it again. The plastic bags!!! Noi~~~

I'm still waiting for my bro to gimme back my clip. My hair needs it XD

Again, I would like to complain about this dumb steamyx *cough. >.> so slow~


  1. *gasp*

    Don't let your cats play with plastic bags!! They could suffocate!

  2. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Wah, shopping lagi ka? Hehehehe!

    Speaking of plastic bags, this morning when I went downstairs, I saw my dog with a plastic bag on her head. She was actually having fun having her head inside, she actually played around with it! I shouted at her of course, macam mau minta mati saja. LOL!

  3. acom: i swear i didn't let em play XD

    cin: yeah, i know, mimi got the plastic bag on her head and start running and jumping. paranoid. baru tau, sepa suruh. i told her oledi but nooooooo did she listen? noooooo~ XD funny osolah..

  4. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Thats why I don't have cat. Takut mati tercekik bila sia balik rumah. Takut.

    Siapa Leo, Siapa yg birthday ni? konpius konpius.

  5. it's actually leonard. well i won't wanna put his full name here. anyways, he's one of our x classmate during high school. we sort of lost contact with him. the last time i heard he was at west malaysia for studies now no idea where he is, everyone is looking for him. well everyone refering to our batch. his b'day was on 31st july XD

  6. So cute your cat! Like got misai macam Hitler! So cute!!

  7. Haha, can I tapau one please?

  8. syura: kekekek yes, she is, chubby this cat. kuat makan XD and yes, macam hitler. lucu kan

    huiwen: >.> u wanna tapau my cat? XD nooooooooooooo my bro's gf oso want em..but nooooooo these are mine XD MINEEEEEEEE XD

  9. im back!!hehe my amy pun lurrrvvvee to play with plastic bag,nasib tia suffocate,palis!running all over the house , pandai jatuh tangga lagi dat,padan muka!ekeke

  10. wakkakakaka shana, welcome back! hahahah *cough my cat pernah jatuh from the was funny XD

  11. Hahaha! misai kontot! so cuteee!! just hope it doesn't get tangled in the plastic bags.. eee.. bikin takut.

    Wuah wuah.. so syiok window shopping become shopping pula. I also want. But at this point of time, ndak guna beli baju.. later2 cannot wear..

  12. shemah: kekekek cute kan XD she's sleeping on my computer table in front of me now, sometimes her paws pandai jatuh on my keyboard, hence, tertekan tu buttons XD

    i wanna go shop again XD uh gatal tangan