Monday, May 31, 2010

During the holiday...

I don't dislike holidays but when it is a holiday, eating habit kicks in.  I mean who would crazy enuff to hate em rite?  It's the time when you could laze around and do nothing.  Especially when you're out with your family.  But it also means that less time jogging.  It has been hmm 2 days? since I last jog.  I got the weather to blame.  It's been raining cats and dogs for days now.  Come on!!!

Am I getting old? It took me a bit to remember when did I last jog.  I think I didn't jog yesterday and today, yesterday I dun remember the rain though.  I was out with my family to 1B.  Parents wanted to check out the Sabah Best Expo while us siblings go check out the 80% Parkson Warehouse sale.  I got myself a new pair of running shorts since some of the old ones were loose.  Yes, I lost roughly 4.5kg in the past month and no, I'm not at my ideal weight yet.  Oh yeah, my bro also got himself a new shorts but guess wut?  He's one is cheaper than mine.  WTH!  He got it for RM18 while I got mine or RM24.90.  Pft~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Luxury fewd

Since dad is outstation and my bro spotted something in the newspaper yesterday, we decided to try this.  It's like an early b'day dinner for him.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Accident in front of KKTS

The day started off kinda weird.  This morning, as I drove myself to work with the usual U-turn road, I come to realize the cars sort of stopped for no reason, well since I was trying to make a turn I'd be looking at left instead of right?  A kancil made a turn to another junction, that made me even curious.  Why is everyone stopping?  I only found out what's going on when I reach my turn.  The road ahead is filled with smokes.  I mean, mind you, there's like 2 lanes but seriously, I can't see shite capta'n.  It came from one of those lorries.  I was reluctant to go through that thick smoke, decided to wait till I saw another lorry drove through it.  Oh ogie, at least it helped make it clear LOL.  Oh and you must be wondering why I didn't pull out my camera and snap the incident?  I was too stunned by what happened before leaving the house and that.  When I was gonna take my camera out, I was too late heheh~ my bad.

Ogie, roll back for a sec, something happened before I left the house.  Yes, I saw my dad.  With his new look.  He dyed his hair, which is quite common if you ask me.  But wut got me speechless is the have this dark moustache.  I guess I'm not used to it.  Or maybe I just dislike moustaches?  hehe~  Regardless, I still love you dad! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have been bz losing weight and sleeping early.  I thought of changing my layout to a layout I chosen from a free template site but it didn't work as planned, so I'm gonna use the classic default layout.  Don't worry, I still have your blog links at my reader.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I had soft crab ;3

I can't think straight.  Must be the lack of sleep lately.  But...

Yesterday, went to Salut with some friends and my brother.

We had...