Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Duck @ Chucky's Birthday + Appreciation Party

This was a short-notice plan masterminded by fallenone (Nick).  I'm the co-organizer since this started from the conversation I had with him via msn.  Duck has always been there for us in parties/outing/events and never fail to take photos of us.  And he's also the one poisoning people with camera and lens.  Last nite, we threw a birthday party for him (most of us (CSPians) know each other since the forum started), and uh oh, he is not the one taking photo this time ngehehehe.  A day plan is not farnie, but the outcome sure is great!

I manage to gather less than 20 people to this party.

And Duck's birthday was on Monday but we only celebrated it on Tuesday kekekekekek.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend and Misc.

Last Friday, I went to 1Borneo with my brother after jog.  Was planning to try something for dinner but since bro wanted to eat at Michi Japanese Restaurant, we went there instead.

Our usual order.  Maguro Spaghetti.

In addition to that, he ordered Salmon Sushi.  I love it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters

It's a trap! Set by my brother to get me.  LOL.  Kidding!

This was suppose to be yesterday's post but somehow my time was limited yesterday.  Couldn't blog about this.  Or wait, maybe I was bz doing something else.

Anyways, back to the whole having lunch thing.  Actually we planned this since last week since my brother said that  the promotion for Spicy Flamin' Chicken meal gonna be end of this month.

So, there I was, ordered 1 set for myself with drink.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lt. Panja's Surprise Birthday Party

First of all, I'd like to apologize to the people who don't get the invite.  Sorry, I have to limit coz my advisers said I'm crazy to invite 20.  I seriously wanted to invite more but I can't.

Secondly, thanks to those who made it to the party (myself, cubex, Clay, JnaGG, Ripz, Ben, dx, namor, kana sama, yus, yack yack, fallenone+fallentwo and the birthday boy himself) and thanks for making it a great success!  You guys are the best! 

Now lets start with the process.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I started playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth on DS last nite and slept sort of late.  I like this kinda game.  I woke up at my usual time but I guess the bad weather is affecting my cheery morning.  Anyways, I was expecting my package from Japan today and received it earlier, like around 3pm.  Yeah, I called up Pos Laju Centre and told me the delivery guy didn't pick up my package.  LIES!!!!

On another note, I went to Suria Sabah for lunch again.

This time tried Nasi Campur at different stall.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sotong's Advance Birthday Party

I really should be sleeping but I can't help it.  I have three (3) pending blog post.

Two (2) days ago, his gf, Fara planned this.

Mind you, sotong's birthday is next Tuesday actually.

Before we get to that, lets have a lil advertisement shall we?

The "slave" (Koby) was bored.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yet another fewd post

I know that for those who haven't had their lunch while reading this post wants to strangle me.  Hehe.

Amy C been talking about this Kon Lou Mee (actually I didn't know wut's that place called till I went there today) via plurk for awhile now.  And today, I finally get to eat it!  Located at Ground Floor, Star City North (formally known as Kompleks Asia City), same row as Hobby Kingdom (the old pet shop place near the staircase).

First time there.  They also serve, fish mee soup, curry mee (only on Thursday) and nasi campur.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Misc. Wednesday

It's weird not having anything to watch on Tuesday (since Biggest Loser Asia already finish).  It's also weird not jogging for two (2) days.  I hope my leg in top condition tomorrow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I just realize I didn't watch American Idol today. I dun feel like watching it anymore. Maybe coz no more Alex Lambert. Everyone else didn't interest me *pft.

On another note...

I'm no Monk

No, I'm not talking about monk from the temples.  I'm actually referring to Adrian Monk, from the TV series Monk starring Tony Shalhoub.  I'm not gonna talk about the TV series but it's sort of related with this post.  I think.

If you watch the series, you know that Adrian Monk is a brilliant detective that has OCD.  He's scared of germs.  And no, I don't have OCD but there's just some things in life that just disgust me. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning

I don't recall any song called Saturday Morning.  But it's gonna be another usual lazy weekend.

This week started different coz I went to jog with my brother and some friends at Tun Fuad.  I love jogging in the morning, it's easier to breathe compared to jogging after work which is hot and the weather makes it harder to breathe.  I manage to finish 1 round only (first time jog there) with a knee pain.  My knee has been in pain since yesterday.  I must have forced myself too hard yesterday.  Or maybe I ate something that triggers the pain?  No idea.  It doesn't matter, I mean it does but I just couldn't be bothered.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Don't worry, I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone.  But, you can check out the forum thread for the spoilers, here. Hehe.  We (I think there's 10 of us, were there 10 of us?) went to watch the 8pm show at "tumbuh biji" (Growball).  It was crowded and it was frigging hot.  I mean seriously.

Come to think of it, I can't remember what time we got out from the cinema.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lunch at Japanese Dream Food, CPS

Note: I'm sorry if the photos color looked weird (if it does), I'm editing some with this yellow monitor screen.  It died a moment ago.

I've been craving for Kenny Roger's Garden Salad and JDF's Salmon Belly for days now.  My bro finally went with me for lunch today.  I skip the whole sushi scene this week.

I got off before 12:30 noon coz it was "hazy" in the office.  And there's lotsa weird sound and smell going on in the office.  I just got to get out it's driving me nuts.  I guess it's the being tired and sleep lacking which is affecting my mood today.  Nothing seems to be farnie today.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Slap Me Why Don't You?

I'm currently downstairs at the living room and watching the finale of Biggest Loser Asia. 

What's with the episode repeat man?!

Anyways, apart from that, I'm currently checking some new updates on clothes.  I pre-ordered two (2) bags *uhuk~ I need bags ogie?  It'll only arrive after 1 month.  Why did I order?  Coz I can't find the bags I wanted from the local store.  *sigh.  Iono man.  Why's that?  I need more bags.  Maybe I should fix my old bags huh? Or wash it?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Lunch at Suria Food Court

Out of the blue, my bro suggested we go eat at Suria Food Court today.  It got on his nerves when we (clay and me) keep asking him the same question.  I guess coz the plan was too sudden?

We're suppose to meet up around noon but my bro was late, that's expected.

I went to Times Bookstore and saw some neat notebooks but selling for RM29++ *cries.  I think that price is a rip off.  Might as well I make one on my own.  Oh wait, I think I have some materials at home.  One of these days, I'll make those notebooks.  Oh, there were also some neat glasses there too.  I think it was selling at less than RM15 each.  But, those aren't mugs.  I like mugs better.  I used to collect em, but since I don't have space to store em, I sort of stop that whole collecting thinggie.

My Sunday

*  I think I should shower first.

I went to Just Wargame today for my first (I think it's first?) lesson to paint minis.

I get to paint an Ork.  Forgot to take photo of each step.  I guess I was a bit paranoid caused scared wrongly paint it.  Maybe I should warm up before I paint?  But I guess it takes practice and it wasn't really that hard.  But it took me few hours just to finish one.  Hehe.  *sweat.  I did some undercoating, basecoating and highlighting with dry-brushing.

I think the easiest part is undercoating it.  Paint it all black XD

And through all those above mentioned process, this is how it looked like.

Not finish yet.  Sorry, I think I was overthinking (as usual).  Till the next lesson.

*shower break

Saturday, March 06, 2010

this is way too much

The weather has been crazy lately.  Urgh.  I dun wanna be outside.

Anyways, on another note.

I don't really have too many neighbours, but for one to move your house next to my house is way too much. Is this legal?!

I mean seriously, I don't mind they having wedding parties every now and then but please don't block the gate. There were cases that these people pisses me off cause they didn't use their brain to think. Imagine how loud would poco poco be when the house is this near. *sweat.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Practical Creative Studio (PCS)

I'm helping a friend to promote this ;)  (I'm copy pasting btw).

Interested in learning:-
1. Photoshop
2. Corel Draw
3. Illustrator

Photoshop Class

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday Sushi King Treats

From the month of January to March 2010, Sushi King, Warisan Square have Sushi RM2 Treats.  Only for rice-based sushi on  Kaiten Belt and only on Wednesday.

Terms and Conditions apply:
  • Promotion is valid for dine-in only.
  • Promotion is applicable to sushi (rice-based) on all colored plates on the kaiten belt excluding Tsumami (appetizer), Temaki (hand rolls), Sushi by Order & Normal Price Plates.
  • Promotion is not valid with any other Sushi King Card discounts, other discounts or any menu-ordered sushi.  All food leftover will be charged accordingly to the normal price.
  • Sushi King reserves the right to change the terms & condition without prior notice.
  • Only valid in Sushi King at Warisan Square.

Sabahan famous with Sabah Time?  Waited for everyone, we started around 1pm.  Some of us were there before 12:30 noon.  My first time there, crazy weather, it's so hot today too.

Rina and Marsie were there for lunch too, but they left early.

Photo credit: Clay.


                 More photos from him, here.

Eight (8) people cramped at 1 table.  Our "victim" were cubex and yack yack (coz they were the nearest to the belt).  I think we were the loudest group there.  LOL.

Limit 45 mins to 1 hour?

Cubex's leftover.  Since he planned not to eat rice.

The most EPIC incident when one of Sushi King's staff came to our table and inform cubex that the plates will be charged at normal price if the there's rice leftovers.  LOL.  I think his heart dropped for a moment there.

No choice but to finish it.

Total plates for today, well not quite.  But this dood damn GG, he carried all of those in 1 go.

 More of my photos, here.

Uber fun outing, I think we (the ones who came early) sort of forgot about all that waiting from all that laffing.  I'm stuffed from laffing.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunday Random Unplanned Outing

Just when I thought I could get some rest during the weekend.  Somebody woke me up earlier than I should.  Doesn't it make you cranky if you didn't get enuff sleep?  I do, I seriously do.  I got Clay to "thank".  *roll eyes.  But come to think of it, I usually don't have problem waking up from not enuff hours of sleeping but I think I got the weather to blame.  It's uber hot these days!  And it's hazing.

My bro told me that there's an open house at a friend's house today, knowing how lazy I would be on a Sunday, I'd forced myself, in other words, I dragged myself and followed my brother instead.  I'm not favoring the weather yesterday.  I think we got out around noon.  Destination:  1 Borneo Hypermall.  And since Clay was bored *roll eyes.  His house is near our area, so my bro had picked him up and there we go.

First thing we did was had lunch.  But wait, I had ramen for brunch man.  But somehow it felt like I didn't eat a thing.  I guess the whole being cranky affected my appetite huh?

We got there, went to the fewd court and decided to order some "petite" pizza.  Four (4) slices for RM5.90.  I dun remember having that before.


The pizzas are quite nice, I just hope they use olive oil instead of normal oil.  *sweat.

After lunch, we went for Bumper Car.  RM5 per entry.  Me and Clay skipped this.  Which left Cube disappointed, sorry, too many people, I no rike.  Since we skipped that, we went to play Air Hockey. 

We decided to watch movie since the "plan" was cut short.  So we did, watched "Book of Eli" at 2:20pm.

But before that, the Taman Rimba? place is an arcade now.

Back to the movie, 2 hours if I'm not mistaken.  It was interesting but the whole sound volume every now and then got on my nerves.  We went to K-Box to check out.  We went to the ground floor to take photo of the stage.  Very nice decoration.


It's so hot that I just gotta tie my hair.  I can't stand it.
After that, we walk around to look for a yamchar place.  Out of all the places, we end up going to NewYorkNewYork.  Don't ask.


They ran out of strawberries and root beer.  I ordered Orange Milk drink which doesn't taste gewd at all.  I'd switched my drink with my bro.  He ordered a guava juice which were too sweet for me.


The best way to "kill time".  We thought we hang till 7pm before we get to friend's house for BBQ and dinner.  Since it's still early, I've suggested we go take photo of sunset.  Our first suggested location was Tg. Lipat, but there were too many cars there and the sun doesn't seem to set from that side.  So we proceed to the place near Wisma Merdeka.  We got there before 6:30pm and the sun started to set.  Loads of people.  Seriously.

Sun setting ;)



I is can see plane from afar~~~~


Went to dx's house around 7pm.  New place, house tour! XD damn nice!

Just curious why his room no unicorn. LOL

And they didn't get to eat lamb coz had to go meet up with Clay's friend for jamming.

Lookie, it's a full moon.

Was there till 10:30pm.  Took some videos, posted on fb.  Not much coz my camera memory full @_@"""

More videos, here

I'd uploaded the last video just now but to realize that I actually uploaded the wrong one.  The correct one gonna take me 4 hours =_=""".

It was fun and tiring day.  Well at least Clay "slaved" himself to help me take fewd and drinks when at dx's house mwahhaha.  XD *pat pat.  Thanks Clay, you're a great friend, but, dun sms me early morning on a Sunday.  *kicks.