Monday, March 22, 2010


I started playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth on DS last nite and slept sort of late.  I like this kinda game.  I woke up at my usual time but I guess the bad weather is affecting my cheery morning.  Anyways, I was expecting my package from Japan today and received it earlier, like around 3pm.  Yeah, I called up Pos Laju Centre and told me the delivery guy didn't pick up my package.  LIES!!!!

On another note, I went to Suria Sabah for lunch again.

This time tried Nasi Campur at different stall.

Don't get me wrong, the fewd ain't that bad actually.  But it's pricey.

This nasi campur is RM4.20.  Yes, look at the black pepper fish.  Three (3) pieces only WTH!!!  Stingy!!!  And I'm still hungry.  Massy no rikey ketupat rice.

Oh and my bro's Sup Tulang is RM7.  Wadda!? 

Oh and Clay was showing off his new laptop.  When do I get mine?!!?! *cries.

Clay didn't eat coz he got something else.  *roll eyes.  Secret Recipe curry puff *roll eyes.

And! My bro make me wanna eat at Kenny Rogers T_T *isk~



  1. massy, banyak tu makanan ko tuuu...

    Oooh..sum1 got a new lappy..... :) masy, u can get urs, if u save money to buy new laptop instead beli nendo... XD

  2. Ahaha, I was there for lunch today too with my friends; Just ordered Nasi Ayam Special.

  3. @Amy C: tipu tu, I had to share my rice with cube. Coz his sup tulang xda meehoon.

    @Rungitom: Oh? Nice ka nasi ayam? Got honey one rite?

  4. Thats the BBQ Honey Chicken. I don't know what honey they used, but I don't like it :P. Thats why I chose normal but special meal.

  5. usual cheery morning..?

  6. @Rungitom: oh, bah, I'll try that next time, after I'm done with kenny rogers and secret recipe hahahaha

    @saru: dun push it.

  7. Wah.. macam sedap oh tinguk tu gambar saja. My lunch ringan saja tadi ni - Beef Naan. Macam lapar balik lepas tinguk gambar ko. Aie :P

  8. @Cindy: wah I want cheese naan #_#

  9. bad weather tapi not affecting ur appetite ka mas? hheh.. no komen lah.. ai cne tpok ada ujan bah

  10. @zaini: more like affecting my mood. I'm cranky these days.

  11. @Nick: Looks gewd only. But biasa only.