Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sotong's Advance Birthday Party

I really should be sleeping but I can't help it.  I have three (3) pending blog post.

Two (2) days ago, his gf, Fara planned this.

Mind you, sotong's birthday is next Tuesday actually.

Before we get to that, lets have a lil advertisement shall we?

The "slave" (Koby) was bored.

Oh yeah, the surprise birthday party was at Just Wargame.

Gosh! I can't remember how many people came but the whole place were like fish market.

Everyone came around 4pm, fewd, drinks and cake all ready.  Birthday boy man came at 4:30pm.  And "SURPRISE!!!"

Birthday cake.  Secret recipe's Chocolate Indulgence.

Fewd and drinks.

I didn't take much photos but, I manage to take photos from the side ;)

More photos, here.

Chucky's photos, here.

I'm not gonna wish you yet, sotong, coz it's not your birthday.  Wait till actual day hahahahah XD


  1. Just wondering, which Gundam is that you displayed?

  2. @Rungitom: I dunno which gundam is that, but I know it was on a dreadnought ;)

  3. Thought it was another version of Double Zeta... or something else :P

  4. @Rungitom: #_# no idea about Gundam related items sorry #_#