Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend and Misc.

Last Friday, I went to 1Borneo with my brother after jog.  Was planning to try something for dinner but since bro wanted to eat at Michi Japanese Restaurant, we went there instead.

Our usual order.  Maguro Spaghetti.

In addition to that, he ordered Salmon Sushi.  I love it!


Massy dun rike onions #_#.  Massy rike garlic though :) hehe.

Oh yeah, there's a price increase for parking fee.

Weekdays (Mon - Thurs) = RM2 (previously RM1).
Weekends (Fri - Sunday) = RM2 with additional RM1 after 3 hours (if I'm not mistaken).

Anyways, I somehow can't remember what I did on Saturday.  So we can skip that part.

On Sunday.  I went to Just Wargame in hoping to paint some orks.  But, I was given this task instead.

Assembling orks.  Erm actually can't assemble coz no legs #_# OI, I WANT TO PAINT!

Meanwhile, Ripz assembled 3 orks bike with the help of Koby (the slave).

There's more orks to assemble.

Flan came to JW to gimme this.
One of his project ;)  An addition to my postcard collection.  Anyways, check out OITOM OM OPURAK, here.

I had Fish and Chips at Fook Yuen for dinner at 6pm with mango drink.

Love the mango.  I think the fish and chips portion was a bit too much.  And I didn't touch the mayo at all.  Scary looking.

And before I end this post.  I had watermelon since yesterday.  And mum bought another 3 today.  So happy.  I get to eat quarter of each watermelon everyday yay!

Monday is coming!


  1. ohw...!!! >___< maguro spaghetti look delicious ohhhhh.

  2. @Sylvia: Yes it is. I go there occasionally.

  3. Aiyaaaa, why la you always have food pictures.

    *note to self - stay away from this blog when you're hungry first thing in the morning* LOL!

  4. foooooooooooooooood....... :D

    eh, sa belum dpt my postcard..uhuhuuuuuu....

  5. Finally my comment box load.

    @Nick: hehehehe, that blog post was last nite hehehe.

    @Amy C: oh, he came to JW yesterday and drop me that ;) Yus oso have one.

  6. @Amy C: bah nanti se tolong ko arrange meet with flan, so you get one too ;)

    There is no such thing as "too much portion"

  8. @DaSaru: I know la u can finish that.