Monday, March 08, 2010

Lunch at Suria Food Court

Out of the blue, my bro suggested we go eat at Suria Food Court today.  It got on his nerves when we (clay and me) keep asking him the same question.  I guess coz the plan was too sudden?

We're suppose to meet up around noon but my bro was late, that's expected.

I went to Times Bookstore and saw some neat notebooks but selling for RM29++ *cries.  I think that price is a rip off.  Might as well I make one on my own.  Oh wait, I think I have some materials at home.  One of these days, I'll make those notebooks.  Oh, there were also some neat glasses there too.  I think it was selling at less than RM15 each.  But, those aren't mugs.  I like mugs better.  I used to collect em, but since I don't have space to store em, I sort of stop that whole collecting thinggie.

We proceed to the food court without my brother.  I was slightly hungry coz appetite was low, didn't get to eat breakfast. 

Got my lunch from Warung Puteri.

This was lunch.


My brother's lunch.

Other stalls for food selection.


There's chicken rice and etc.  But Noodle Delight and Claypot reminds me of Citymall.

Non halal section not open yet.

The drinks/dessert section.


We had lemonade.  RM2.50 each.

And Suria Special at RM5.

There's also Banana Split.  Gonna try this next time.

So yeah, that's about it.  Parking is free for the 1st 2 hours btw.

More photos, here.


  1. huina...mahal2 brg cna tue bagus beli d tamu seja...

    aiya..greasy food not healthy hheh..

  2. @zaini: LOL, tamu inda dekat area ku XD my parents selalu pigi tuaran ;)

  3. i tot cubex dun eat rice? ice- cream lagiiiiiiii...*tempting owh*

  4. @Amy C: aiya aku lupa amik gambar he left the rice on the place, alang alang jangan minta nasi terus.

  5. @clay: getek oh kamu 2.

  6. bagus ambik lauk sija...

  7. I still have 2 hours more before it's time to go home and dinner. @.@

    So hungry!!! T____T

  8. @amy c: Yeah, tulah I told him oledi.

    @cindy: *pat pat, inda lama lagi tu XD