Monday, March 08, 2010

My Sunday

*  I think I should shower first.

I went to Just Wargame today for my first (I think it's first?) lesson to paint minis.

I get to paint an Ork.  Forgot to take photo of each step.  I guess I was a bit paranoid caused scared wrongly paint it.  Maybe I should warm up before I paint?  But I guess it takes practice and it wasn't really that hard.  But it took me few hours just to finish one.  Hehe.  *sweat.  I did some undercoating, basecoating and highlighting with dry-brushing.

I think the easiest part is undercoating it.  Paint it all black XD

And through all those above mentioned process, this is how it looked like.

Not finish yet.  Sorry, I think I was overthinking (as usual).  Till the next lesson.

*shower break

Panja was working on these while teaching me XP

More to paint.


My "station".


More photos, here.

It was an interesting experience.  I promise I'll be less scared to paint next time :)   Thanks to Oliver and Panja for teaching me to paint minis.

*cough cough.  I wanna learn making terrains for my nendos *cough.

Was there till before 6pm.  I think.  Went yamchar with the guys.  Went to 1 Borneo to meet up with my bro and some friends.  Had dinner.


Walk around.  Clay had Chicken and Cheese Hot Roll.



A bit too late for karaoke T_T 
Went home around 10pm.  And I'm done with my post.

Oh, I somehow find this very funny.  The other day, as I was returning to my room from my brother's room, I tripped over his laundry basket.  And got myself a "present".  I'd also knock my knee to the table on the same day #_#.  I better not count how many bruises I get from that or I'll get more.  #_#  won't post photos of my bruised leg coz leg look ugly.

Oh!  I bought a neat container from Daiso for my nendo.  Can fit 1 nendo and few nendo face only.


There's also a container for 3R photos / postcard. Can fill up to 100pcs in 1 container. I'm so tempted to get it. Impulse buying but, I got this to worry about.

So maybe I'll just leave it that way?


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Next time, I'll have you paint the boots black, with gray highlighting.

    And that cheese thing looks tempting...

  2. @Panja: Yes bos! ;) OH Hot roll is nice! Lets go eat next time ;)

  3. All that painting of your figures reminds me of my childhood days when I would paint little toy soldiers :D

  4. @Nick: wah, you still have em toy soldiers? XD Oh man I somehow could imagine XD

  5. I keep telling myself I'll take up Warhammer when I retire as it takes way too much time and money as a hobby, but I wonder if I ever will. I should check out the new store in KK someday.

  6. @wankongyew: XD go check it out. It's never too late or having too lil time to have lotsa hobbies at 1 time ;) If can, do everything, or maybe have a schedule and juggle it every now and then.