Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Don't worry, I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone.  But, you can check out the forum thread for the spoilers, here. Hehe.  We (I think there's 10 of us, were there 10 of us?) went to watch the 8pm show at "tumbuh biji" (Growball).  It was crowded and it was frigging hot.  I mean seriously.

Come to think of it, I can't remember what time we got out from the cinema.

Went to Upperstar Damai for yamchar.

My Iced Lemonade with dubs dubs effect. 

Staying away from this.

My yamchar buddy.

Played an Iphone fingerprint application.  Oh man the whole finger scanning thing is kewl, but the result is retarded LOL.

Eh, this is wrong way. Too many fingers XD

Correct way (I think).

Oh gawd, it's already 1am.  I need to sleep early these days.  Oh wait, after that whole sweet iced lemonade from Upperstar, I dun think I can sleep, oh crap!  Oh my, eyebags #_#.  I'm gonna force sleep!  GAHHH~


  1. Yup 10 ppl... lolz

    GG movie

  2. TUMBUHBIJI? HAHAHAx30000 *faints*

    Going to KK n watch it tomorrow. Hopefully ada tempat la.

    Last time went to KK to see 'Book Of Eli', my youngest brother cannot join, terpaksa cancel. :(

  3. @Arine: yosh!

    @cicak: book tix early XD heheheh.

  4. best ka alice in the wonderland? i heard the story like got changes...

  5. @Henry: yar, it's not like the original story but it's good to watch ;)

  6. I'm watching tonight! :D

  7. off with his head !!!!!
    haha i love the jokes.

  8. how to play the fingerprint thing that?

  9. @Nova: PIG! it's good for the legs XD

    @Donna: Just place your finger on the touch screen, it'll scan (ada progress) then it shows the result ;)

  10. siok ka the movie?

  11. @mamamia: the movie is good, but me as a fan for that combo, wanted more XD