Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lt. Panja's Surprise Birthday Party

First of all, I'd like to apologize to the people who don't get the invite.  Sorry, I have to limit coz my advisers said I'm crazy to invite 20.  I seriously wanted to invite more but I can't.

Secondly, thanks to those who made it to the party (myself, cubex, Clay, JnaGG, Ripz, Ben, dx, namor, kana sama, yus, yack yack, fallenone+fallentwo and the birthday boy himself) and thanks for making it a great success!  You guys are the best! 

Now lets start with the process.

The Plan:

So I thought, it won't be easy to thick birthday boy, Panja (Daniel) this year coz I've organized it in previous years (2008 and 2009).  I'd bump the Karaoke Outing thread in CSP on purpose (I think he smells something fishy that time).  This happen early month.


The Cake:

fallenone suggested the New York Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe but they ran out, we had to make a quick pick so, Oreo Cheese Cake I choose you!  And I was gonna put his name on the cake but I think that "nickname" gonna stick FOREVER!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHA.

Present selection:  

It was easier this year (yeah rite, that's wut I thought).  Easier, in a sense that I know he love W40k and I was lucky coz of the recently open W40k (Just Wargame) shop, in KK.  And also easier in a sense that somebody got a wishlist this year.  But in the end, I seek help from the great one, Seer Founder.  Mind you, I've reserved something from the shop since early month but picked it up last week ekekekeke.  There were moments when I doubt it coz it wasn't in the list and somebody said his army complete hmph~

Birthday Card:

The ones available are either too expensive or were too ghey (sorry Clay and cube have to hear me whine all day because of it).  It's all pink and teddy bearish.  Lucky for me, Clay agreed to help me to design the card.  And he came up with this.


So I had this plan for karaoke rite, and when I started creating a list of invites, I paused.  It was a long list and I was advised not to bring too many, which make me come up with a list of 20 people.  Started the invite mid month.  The message was long and draggy, not everything is about the discussion.  Some OOT!

There were troubles along the way, but we manage.

Mind you, I'm not a perfectionist, but I like everything to work out well.

The Day: START!

Check if everything and everyone is set.  I've booked the karaoke room for 20 people a week earlier.
The initial plan was to get everyone in the room by 8pm and surprise him as he got in.  But that didn't work since we (cubex, me and Clay) were slightly late and cube wanted to take his dinner at RCH.  Suppose to meet up with everyone there at 7pm for dinner but yeah.  We got there around nearly 8pm.  Got everyone to sign the card and I'd check if Panja reach the karaoke place.  And he arrived on time while everyone were still at RCH lol. 

(Photo credit: Ripz)

Plan B 

To get everyone in the karaoke room, I'll go in last with the cake.  HAHAHHA.  We had some problems with everyone getting in (lets skip that part).  I think we only got in around 8:30pm.  And KKBox staff turned the birthday song too early, we haven't even light the candles yet.  Oh man, the birthday song, don't get me started.  Speed birthday song version?  LOL

Make a wish.  He said praying.

Cut the cake.

Thanks Jna for helping cut the cake.

Now, as for presents.  The rule is, he sing a song, he gets a present.  MWAHHAHAH torture ;) 

After the first song,  a present from fallenone and fallentwo ;)

Dark Angels Chapter Upgrade ;)

Next song, present from JnaGG.

Ogie, sorry, that seal was not suppose to go there LOL.

And present from me after his 3rd song.

See!  I didn't pick any ghey present paper this year.


Space Marine Vindicator ;)

The envelope was put at a wrong place. 

Is he crying?  How does a happy cry emoticon look like?

Special dedication from Ripz.  Old skool.

Video of it not up yet.

EPIC!  Laff till stomach cramp.

The creepiest part was when Yus sang MJ's you're not alone, Jna did a scary "uh".  #_#  *trauma.

Best part of it all is that everyone had fun!  That's wut's important ;)

More photos, here.

Photos from Ripz, here.

JnaGG's post, here.

Last but not least,


Hahahahhaha I dun think I ever call him by his real name XD

And thanks everyone!!!! I love you guys and gals!


  1. he so lucky leh... hepi bufday to daniel!

    The CleverMunkey

  2. You left out the teary eye and sob part ;)

  3. @fallenone: nanti I edit mwahhahah ;)

  4. ok bah kalau kau Mas

  5. @Clay: kekekeke, ogie now draw comic kthx ;)