Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm no Monk

No, I'm not talking about monk from the temples.  I'm actually referring to Adrian Monk, from the TV series Monk starring Tony Shalhoub.  I'm not gonna talk about the TV series but it's sort of related with this post.  I think.

If you watch the series, you know that Adrian Monk is a brilliant detective that has OCD.  He's scared of germs.  And no, I don't have OCD but there's just some things in life that just disgust me. 

Like for example, I couldn't understand why some people would have left-over tissue or left-over dump after they did their business in the toilet.  The toilet bowl to be exact.  I mean I get it if you can't flush it when there's no water but if you have overflowing water that could probably flood the whole place, there's no reason not to flush it down now does it?  Come on people.  I'm not saying that everyone should clear everything before they leave the toilet but seriously they should.  I mean, I'm seriously grossed out when they leave those behind.  I had to flush it till clear water before I could start doing my "business".  Be a bit more hygienic will ya people?

On another note, I'm also disgusted with people spitting on the jogging area.  I mean can't they like spit near outside of the pathway/road thinggie?  #_#  I have to look at where I walk/jog coz I'm too disgusted that I might step on it.  I'm currently taking a break from jogging coz my left leg aches till it's not possible for me to run.  I'm only able to walk.  It's not that bad, I still can drive.  Gosh, am I that old?

Oh and I've been updating my figurines blog lately, that's why there weren't any updates here, YET.

And I finally got my new monitor at work.  Now, just need that ram upgrade.  Will blog about it soon.

Till the next post.


  1. Uggghhh! I can't stand people who spit in public places! So darn disgusting ...

  2. @Nick: I know wut u mean #_# I'm equally disgusted. Urgh. Even the sound of it also disgust me.

  3. some people are just born with it i matter how civilize or how school-trained they are.

  4. U jog every evening ka mas? Alone??

    I'm trying to lose weight bah ni so I plan to jog every evening kunun - tapi teda kawan. lol

  5. @chegu: teda common sense? #_# I dun get it oh sometimes.

    @Cindy: yes, I jog everyday except weekends after work. Oh sometimes I jog alone. It's definitely nicer to jog with frens. Sometimes I jog with my bro, but weekends I jog with frens sana Tun Fuad. I hope my leg heals soon.