Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Misc. Wednesday

It's weird not having anything to watch on Tuesday (since Biggest Loser Asia already finish).  It's also weird not jogging for two (2) days.  I hope my leg in top condition tomorrow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I just realize I didn't watch American Idol today. I dun feel like watching it anymore. Maybe coz no more Alex Lambert. Everyone else didn't interest me *pft.

On another note...

I've finally changed the layout for my figurine blog.  Am gonna make the same one for this blog.  Sorry to all my readers, some have been complaining about it for a long time.  I'm just too lazy coz this blog felt "heavy".

I'm gonna change the banner once I'm inspired to do so.

Received bad news about one of my nendoroid order (more like an order for a friend).  *sigh.  Read about it at my nendoroid blog.

But, I've got some gewd news too.

The long awaited new monitor and RAM upgrade finally came yesterday.  I took the day off yesterday, so only enjoyed that whole thing today.  Mind you, I waited 2-3 months for that before it was approved by the bos.  I was suffering from yellow screen for a long time.

CRT no more!!!

Acer again?  Umm, don't ask.  I tried. 

And, check this out.  A WAP game, a friend introduce to me called Lord of the Streets.  It's free btw.  It works like Mafia Wars.  Click on the image to go to the link.

Uh oh, and the best part of today was when...

A friend treat me to a Chicken Cornish from Secret Recipe!!!! ;3  (Mind you, the only thing I had from Secret Recipe were cakes for friend's birthday).  Thanks Clay.

I'm all cheery now.  But need to drink lotsa water after eating this.

That's about it for today.  I'm gonna shower and take more photos of my figurines.


  1. gaah u always posted food pictures la, tempting pulak tuh, hahaha ish making me hungrey again -_-'

  2. @baity: hehehe, I can't help it ;)


  4. @Henry: Happy St. Patrick's Day ;)

  5. y acer mas?kekekeee...wah! secret recipe.sadaps.....nobody treat me anything..uhuhuuuu.....

  6. dun give up on Idol yet, Mas. I think Siobhan is awesome :)

    Yeah, me oso nothing to watch on Tues, except the DiariAF la at 7.30pm... hehe

    fewittt... cantik tu monitor baruuu ;)

  7. @Amy C: *blames company.

    @Nessa: yeah, I'm happy the screen not yellow anymore. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Siobhan after Alex got booted off #_#

  8. Cornish happens to be my all time favourite item from Secret Recipe :D And that's a cool looking monitor too.

  9. @Nick: That's one of my fav fewd now XD oh man. *licks finger XD