Saturday, March 06, 2010

this is way too much

The weather has been crazy lately.  Urgh.  I dun wanna be outside.

Anyways, on another note.

I don't really have too many neighbours, but for one to move your house next to my house is way too much. Is this legal?!

I mean seriously, I don't mind they having wedding parties every now and then but please don't block the gate. There were cases that these people pisses me off cause they didn't use their brain to think. Imagine how loud would poco poco be when the house is this near. *sweat.


  1. lol... maybe u can boom ur music loudly to chase them out.... haha!

  2. @Henry: hahaha my room is at the other side, that's my bro's room (where I took the photo) and he owez boom music every morning XD

  3. ever tell them they have gone beyond their limit?

  4. @chegu: I think the problem is, se sija penjahat ni. My mum dun have problem with it *sweat.

  5. I would be fuming too if anyone blocked my gate. And the weather doesn't help one bit!

  6. @Nick: I think it's gewd that people are scared of me XD