Monday, September 29, 2008

September Baby

My sleeping hours is so screwed that I overslept today. @_@"" Gosh! And I have to pick my sis up from work! *sigh. *head spinning.

But it's a good thing that I'm at home, I get to edit and blog about yesterday's surprise birthday party that Fara and the geng planned for Rina and Robin hehe. Anyways, I helped out with the invites for CSP forumers part. I have no idea how many people I've invited but I manage to gather around 27 confirm people and 5-6 people who wanted to chip in. Mass PMed for 3-4 days and for 4 times (I think). No I have no intention to spam anyone's PM ogie!

But the turn out was GREAT! Initially Impy reserved around 55 seats at NewYork NewYork 1Borneo, we (me, cube and IRT) went there early and added 5 more seats. We went for "break fasting" at Nelson's kiosk. Dim sum was great! Enuff to fill em stomach till the time to meet up with everyone else at NYNY at around 7pm. We went there around nearly 7pm. We were having some trouble deciding where we should sit.

It's definitely a great turn out. Most of the forumers came before 7pm. I'm not sure of the total no. of people who came though. It's major!!!!

Anyways, my bro, IRT and me had the Giant Yankee Burger. It was so big that it killed my appetite the moment I saw it. I can't even finish quarter of that thing. Yeah my appetite totally spoiled. We had chicken. The taste was ogie. I want cheese!!!! Sakuya chan gave me some teriyaki chicken and wedges that she ordered. OH! That tasted way better! I want that the next time I go there. I think I lost track of time as I slowly tried to finish my portion of burger, while my bro helped me with taking photos of people. The cake was out around 7:45pm. There's 2 chocolate moist cake and 1 Giant Yankee Burger. @_@""" Gewd luck!

Rina's birthday gift from us. The Wall E plushie! And Eve plushie from her sisters.

There's some funny incident but what happens there, stays there XD I won't further embarrass people.

Uncle tried to kill himself LOL. Well not really LOL. The "lemon" look.

Panja kena bully

Group photo! Too bad some left early. *cries. This is not the actual amount who came! T_T

A whole lotsa photo here (Album 1) and here (Album 2).

DAME DESU!!!! *cross hand (massy blames kana for this, can't get enuff)

We were at Boo Boo Land till nearly 10pm. They were playing Air Hockey. Those people are crazy! Seriously!

vs! fight!

Fara was on one of the ride XD

Left for yamchar at Inanam with uncle till before midnite. I was editing the photos till 3am. And overslept XD

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to dori!!!

Ahhh~ now I can relax @_@ 200 over photos is crazy~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

CSP Juice Outing

I'm leeching photos off Fara.

As planned by Mika, we had a juice outing today. What started with less than 20 confirmed members turned into a roughly 40 members. @_@ waw~ I was surprised to see that many came. There weren't enough tables and chairs for everyone, so we had to sit at another section table. Since the stall owner won't let us sit there without eating their food, Jack ordered some satay at 50 cents per stick. But I heard it doesn't taste that good.

I had my usual watermelon juice *slurps~

Panja bought some peanuts too. XD Thanks Panja hehe~

Thanks for cheering me up Panja XD

At one point, Panja was throwing peanut shells at people LOL~

Here's some shots Fara took, people who came.

from left: zero, ??, dennis, IRTeA, cubex and uncle (whytespider)

ringo, DaSaru, Pharell and Mika

More photos, click her link thanks.

Here's some of the shots Jack help me take. Ahhh the beauty of photoshopping XD (remove pimple mwahhahaha)

from left: (standing) fara, rach rach, vam vam, (sitting) panja (aiya panja moved) and me

from left: sakuya chan, me, marsie, (at the background, enter frame is dori)

from left: panja (alah tercut), sakuya chan, me and marsie X3

me and IRT *peace

Those who took photo! Gimme! I want copies!

There should be some kind of introduction people! I dunno some new faces! @_@

But overall it's a great outing.

It's 2:30am, I need to shower now. All that smoke and stickiness gotta go away before I sleep!

"Sungkai" at Chicken Rice Shop 1Borneo

Since my dad was out of town last Thursday, mum decided to bring us "makan makan". YAY!!!

There was me, my bro, my 2nd sis and mum. We went to The Chicken Rice Shop (music queue) at 1Borneo. I haven't even looked at the menu, mum and bro decided to get the "Selera Kampung Menu C promotion set". I guess we were kind of in a hurry coz it's nearly the "break fast" hour.

Good service. We got our meal in less than 15 minutes. I think.

This menu is suitable for 3-4 person. So many! Check out the raves, here.

The paste

blended ginger

The kurma drink

Lemme show you guys some photos, sure make you guys drool and stuff at the same time.

I'm indeed stuffed. Look at em empty plates.

After our meal, we walk around 1Borneo in search of anything interesting. But before that, my bro brought us to Boo Boo Land to try out Air Hockey!

Oh the way there, saw this raya decoration at the Ground Floor, I think it's kinda cute looking. XD

OMG! So much fun! Lets play again!!!! I think it was so fun that I was laughing and jumping like a 10 year old kid. XD

I had 2 rounds with my bro and 1 round with my mum. I won 2 round. 2nd round with my bro, I think he was playing seriously that I lost miserably.

mum and me had fun playing this game

protect my territory!!!

I only got a tank top for myself T_T I wanted to get something else but *sigh.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Marsie!!!!

Remember how I was into Maple Story last time? It's coming back to me now. I installed it back to my home pc the day before around midnite (actually few unsuccessful attempt to install my bad), and played for 2 hours LOL which extended to 2am XD hehe. I'm not using my previous Ice/Lightning mage which is at level 58 but I've started with a new character which is currently level 14. I'm gonna create a Fire/Poison mage this time. No way I'm gonna play as Warrior/Bowman/Thief. Oh the horror of leveling.

Me, uncle and cube was a bit crazy changing nicks and immitating to people we changed our nicks to LOL. It was funny and FUN! XD

I've finally went to Eddie's the Corner for Chicken Chop *slurps~ I've stealed some lambs from my bro's share of mix grill *slurps~ Oh it's so tasty! XD

cakie cakie!!

Thanks to Fara for inviting us to Marsie's birthday at VedaBlu. I seriously thought I was late. When I reached there with my bro around before 7:30pm, we found Robin sitting alone hiding at the corner LOL.

I think it was around 8pm-ish that Marsie and the others came in and the lights were turned off. I think I was slightly blur to when I should shout "SURPRISE!!!" last nite LOL. Slow response from massy. We sang birthday song twice LOL. But before that, there was this old couple came in, they looked so blur that I find their facial expression is so funny. *chuckles.

Here's some photo I took that night. Too bad I had to leave early T_T Group photo nooooooooooo *cries.

marsie, did you forgot to make your wish ka? XD

This part I think somebody told her to stab the cake LOL, she's gonna do it but

She cut it instead XD

my slice of green tea ice cream cake *slurps~ *burps~

Dino got spoon fetish XP BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD *runs away~ Yes, take this opportunity to *cough cough lalala nvm~

this will do, as group photo XD

Oh, I got few shots of sotong hamsap! But I'm not gonna post it up XD I let them post it (if they want to) XD *rofl.

Last but not least,


Overall, my day is great! I skip mapuru today. IT'S AMAZING RACE ASIA 3 NITE!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Canon Talk Show

I was out with my sis on Saturday. Our so called "baju raya" shopping. Yeah rite! Either the kebaya doesn't fit my size or it'll be uber expensive or the design is fugly. I end up buying something else mwahhahaha. I got myself a dress (backup) and a shoe. I don't usually buy those but since I can't owez loan my sis's dress all the time ogie, her sizing is er different from mine so yeah. It was tiring. I went to so many place. I was from home to Tg. Aru Plaza, then to Karamunsing, then to Wawasan Plaza and to Wisma Merdeka and finally go home at night after break fast. Oh, so tiring. We "break fast" at Wisma Merdeka food court, coz going to CPS that moment is just crazy. My sis had black pepper lamb (the sauce was tasty) but the lamb was a bit hard to chew. I had tropical pizza! *slurps~ I should have ordered a bigger one!

Next stop, Sunday~

I was so tired from all the walking that I nearly don't wanna attend the Canon Talk Show. Why? Coz it starts around 8am and ends around 5pm. Thanks to Gerry for registering me. Crowded places scares me. There's people that I know there but the amount was so great that it make me slightly paranoid. I end up being quiet most of the time. I think I felt slightly better around after noon when Fara was there. XD

The morning session was a talk by Mr. Kaz Chua. He does potrait photography? He showed us some slides of photos he took on his trip to Mongolia? I think I went hyper with macro shots XD OMG I seriously can't remember the 1st session. The next talk was by Mr. Teoh Peng Kee. He's the representative from Canon Malaysia. His talk were more towards the camera and some *cough cough product introduction. I think most of the talk are about the new camera models. The 50D and 1D Mark III? *blurs.

Lunch break. Portrait shoot, we were given 3 models to shoot at. Interesting indeed. It's my first time for shooting in this kind of condition. Slightly intimidated with other people's gadget. Oh, and it's hard to squeeze in between these people. It's scary @_@. *paranoid.

My failed attempt in capturing portrait shot.

Model 1:

Model 2:

Model 3:

Next is = COMBO

Which brings to THE HORROR!!! @_@""" One thing I rather not do. Squeeze into crowd. No wai~ @_@

Besides the 3 models, this is also one of the attraction. LOL kidding.

Actually they were passing by. I should ask them to stop XD

In between the lunch break, after finish shooting the models, I wasted some time bugging people on sms. XD I should have brought my DS along. Dammits~ I felt slightly sleepy. The next session started around 2pm. We had another talk by Mr. Teoh. I think he was showing some macro shots that was printed out and displayed outside the hall. But at one point, he showed a green snake shot that I had to cover my eyes. And I think I did that 3 times or so. Urgh, the image is enough to make me paranoid. =_="" After, we had demo potrait photography by Mr. Kaz Chua again. Oh, I think everytime they dim the lights, I sense myself dozing off. First with a white background, next with a black background. I left during tea break. Which was around 4pm? Can't hold on any longer. I'm uber tired.

We had problem with our electricity at home. We only get partial. Half of the house is dark. I can't online till it recovers around 2am. But thank gawd I still can watch TV. Yay~ Finally caught the reruns of Amazing Race Asia 3 episode 2. Waw, the race is tougher. Seriously.

I was counting the days till holiday. I'm not excited with raya since it doesn't felt like raya. I just want day off work XD

My internet connection at home sux to the max.

The End XD

Friday, September 19, 2008

"Break fast" at mango cafe

This would be my 2nd time to mango cafe. Located at first floor of Kompleks Asia City. I owez wanted to go back, it's just that I don't have the time to. Or maybe no friends to go with. But today, my brother (cubex) decided to go because of September Specials. We actually wanted to try the Thai Otak-Otak. Hey you guys can check out latest updates/menus at their blog, here.

Check out the raves here.

Tom Yum Gai (Thailand's classic soup w/ chicken). This cost RM12 for large (suitable for 4 person). Medium cost RM8 (suitable for 2 person).

There's a mixture of ginger, mushrooms, chicken meat, onions etc etc. This is so tasty! I love the taste. I couldn't really say that it's spicy but it gives you a temporary spicy taste. Eat it when it's hot! Damn nice! A must try!

Jack had Omelette Fried Rice (Khao Phad Kai Yud Sai), which basically looks like Nasi Pattaya. This cost RM6.

I had Thai Fried rice w/ Green Mango (Kao Kruk Kapi) which also cost RM6.

This looks interesting doesn't it? Well actually, the rice should be fried with dried shrimp but I requested that it'd be remove coz I can't eat shrimp, well I'm allergic. This is fried rice with long bean + fried eggs + fresh green mangos and fried chicken I think it was cooked with tomato. I think la. The chicken with that sauce is not bad, rice was slightly lack of taste but mixing it with the mango and chicken, it seems to taste better. So it wasn't that bad. I think it's still good.

Jason had Minced Chicken w/ Chili Sauce (Nam Prik Ong). This cost RM8 + RM1 for plain rice. It has a really weird but interesting taste. There's definitely some Thai taste in it with the mixture of tomato sauce. Weird that it's tasty. It wasn't that spicy when you had your first bite but as you consume more, it's getting spicier. I think I'll try this next time.

The Thai Otak-Otak, RM7.50 (for 2 pcs). This is one of the September Special. We actually thought this is a bit costly but looking at the actual size of it, I think it's kinda reasonable. The taste is fine, I had only 1 bite, but I kinda like the taste, my bro said there's onions inside but yeah, maybe I'll have 1 next time. The thing is that this Otak-Otak is a bit soft/watery. Not like the normal otak-otak where it's slighty dry/hard. I think it's becoz of the size.

The Pandan Chicken (Gai Hor Bai Dtoei) is a must try! This cost RM8 for 5 pcs for medium. RM12 for 8 pcs for large. This is one of my favorite there. I previously blogged and raved about this during my first visit. I'm still sticking to a must try for this hehe.

Another September Special that my bro tried.

Thai Cendol (Loh Chong). This cost RM4.20. It's cendol mix with coconut milk. My bro said it's a bit too sweet. I don't know, I didn't get to taste it.

I'm hungry if I've made you guys hungry at the time you guys are reading this but that's how my day was earlier today. Sorry. Anyways, enjoy!