Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Sungkai" at Chicken Rice Shop 1Borneo

Since my dad was out of town last Thursday, mum decided to bring us "makan makan". YAY!!!

There was me, my bro, my 2nd sis and mum. We went to The Chicken Rice Shop (music queue) at 1Borneo. I haven't even looked at the menu, mum and bro decided to get the "Selera Kampung Menu C promotion set". I guess we were kind of in a hurry coz it's nearly the "break fast" hour.

Good service. We got our meal in less than 15 minutes. I think.

This menu is suitable for 3-4 person. So many! Check out the raves, here.

The paste

blended ginger

The kurma drink

Lemme show you guys some photos, sure make you guys drool and stuff at the same time.

I'm indeed stuffed. Look at em empty plates.

After our meal, we walk around 1Borneo in search of anything interesting. But before that, my bro brought us to Boo Boo Land to try out Air Hockey!

Oh the way there, saw this raya decoration at the Ground Floor, I think it's kinda cute looking. XD

OMG! So much fun! Lets play again!!!! I think it was so fun that I was laughing and jumping like a 10 year old kid. XD

I had 2 rounds with my bro and 1 round with my mum. I won 2 round. 2nd round with my bro, I think he was playing seriously that I lost miserably.

mum and me had fun playing this game

protect my territory!!!

I only got a tank top for myself T_T I wanted to get something else but *sigh.


  1. i was there with friends also... dinner also.... chicken also... but kfc... HAHAHAHHA

  2. yipi: same time? hahahahaha omg, mou yuen fan to meet XD

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I love that game too! I play against Mel whenever I get the chance! :-)

  4. Dan: yeah it's uber fun! I love it! XD

  5. you guys love that chicken rice shop's food???? ive been to chicken rice shop in warisan square and second time at 1borneo but geez...i just couldnt tolerate its food lah...not sedap and kinda sweet to my taste. i prefer to makan at apple cafe...the one near senQ

  6. chegu: some dish are nice for me XD apple cafe? wahhh mo try XD

  7. Anonymous8:32 AM

    frankly, i tried this shop twice n i am sure that i will never go there d 3rd time. their food is lousy..

    they also overprice their food, thinking that they r equally good as kfc and other world brand..

  8. murphy: wahhh...same as chegu...i dunno man, i think it's ok

  9. I love blended ginger. I'll normally take loads of it when I eat chicken rice ... hehehe ...

  10. nick i'm more of a garlic fan XD