Friday, September 19, 2008

"Break fast" at mango cafe

This would be my 2nd time to mango cafe. Located at first floor of Kompleks Asia City. I owez wanted to go back, it's just that I don't have the time to. Or maybe no friends to go with. But today, my brother (cubex) decided to go because of September Specials. We actually wanted to try the Thai Otak-Otak. Hey you guys can check out latest updates/menus at their blog, here.

Check out the raves here.

Tom Yum Gai (Thailand's classic soup w/ chicken). This cost RM12 for large (suitable for 4 person). Medium cost RM8 (suitable for 2 person).

There's a mixture of ginger, mushrooms, chicken meat, onions etc etc. This is so tasty! I love the taste. I couldn't really say that it's spicy but it gives you a temporary spicy taste. Eat it when it's hot! Damn nice! A must try!

Jack had Omelette Fried Rice (Khao Phad Kai Yud Sai), which basically looks like Nasi Pattaya. This cost RM6.

I had Thai Fried rice w/ Green Mango (Kao Kruk Kapi) which also cost RM6.

This looks interesting doesn't it? Well actually, the rice should be fried with dried shrimp but I requested that it'd be remove coz I can't eat shrimp, well I'm allergic. This is fried rice with long bean + fried eggs + fresh green mangos and fried chicken I think it was cooked with tomato. I think la. The chicken with that sauce is not bad, rice was slightly lack of taste but mixing it with the mango and chicken, it seems to taste better. So it wasn't that bad. I think it's still good.

Jason had Minced Chicken w/ Chili Sauce (Nam Prik Ong). This cost RM8 + RM1 for plain rice. It has a really weird but interesting taste. There's definitely some Thai taste in it with the mixture of tomato sauce. Weird that it's tasty. It wasn't that spicy when you had your first bite but as you consume more, it's getting spicier. I think I'll try this next time.

The Thai Otak-Otak, RM7.50 (for 2 pcs). This is one of the September Special. We actually thought this is a bit costly but looking at the actual size of it, I think it's kinda reasonable. The taste is fine, I had only 1 bite, but I kinda like the taste, my bro said there's onions inside but yeah, maybe I'll have 1 next time. The thing is that this Otak-Otak is a bit soft/watery. Not like the normal otak-otak where it's slighty dry/hard. I think it's becoz of the size.

The Pandan Chicken (Gai Hor Bai Dtoei) is a must try! This cost RM8 for 5 pcs for medium. RM12 for 8 pcs for large. This is one of my favorite there. I previously blogged and raved about this during my first visit. I'm still sticking to a must try for this hehe.

Another September Special that my bro tried.

Thai Cendol (Loh Chong). This cost RM4.20. It's cendol mix with coconut milk. My bro said it's a bit too sweet. I don't know, I didn't get to taste it.

I'm hungry if I've made you guys hungry at the time you guys are reading this but that's how my day was earlier today. Sorry. Anyways, enjoy!


  1. seem to be sporting quite a number of legs:
    1. kaki makan
    2. kaki main game
    3. kaki jalan
    4. kaki photo
    5. kaki watchucallthosejapanesethingies

    Wah...many legs!


  2. perry: hahahahahahahaha *rofl...i'm stunned and speechless to that respond hahahahahah omg so funny. XD correction, se bukan kaki jalan XD i love staying at home hahahahahah XD LOL

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Haahahaa I have to agree with Perry there... You seem to be good in a lot of things;B

    I wonder la. How do you get to take the pics of those food... You both ordered them all ka then take pics?:D Because that's cool haaha...

  4. arm: hahahaha nolah, i'm not gewd with everything, i'm gewd with something but not everything. oh u wanna know how i manage to take shots of the fewd? when it arrives, actually most of my frens know this, they'll let me take shots of it or i ask them to not touch the fewd till i take a shot of it XD

  5. waa..sgt sedapp laa itu tomyam massy

    blk kk nanti mau try :d

  6. angriani: yeah tu tom yam sedap..go try nanti turun kk XD

  7. I absolutely love this place! The food is soooo yum!

  8. rozie: XD yeah and they haf every month special too kan XD

  9. i have to agree with perry ,u have banyak kaki but i have to add one more kaki, kakikuatkasilaparurangtingukgambarmakanankotimepuasani!!



  10. shana hahahahah XD aku dah bagi warning dah XD hahahahahahah *rofl XD sorry sorry..but it makes u wanna go eat kan XD

  11. That rice with omelet is Nasi Pattaya, right? One of my favs ...

  12. nick: yeah I think it's nasi pattaya XD