Sunday, September 07, 2008

Time Is of the Essence

I got tons of things to blog about and tons of blogs to hop. But, my line GG. So, I got roughly 4 mins to check wutever shite I wanna check till my sis finish watching tv. GG

This sux! =_=" tmNUT sux!!! Telekom sux!!!

I'm missing out on 3 days of fun *sigh


  1. massy!! My connexn sucks like hell too!! I tengah upload my pics.. everytime connexn reset! Lepas tu, comment pun mcm tu.. sudah tulis panjang2 and the connection resets. So stupid!

    Sudah gitu.. blackout lagi my area last night!! EEEE.. so tension!!

    Anyways, hope you cheer up and have a great weekend!! Selamat Berbuka later and enjoy your fewd!!! :)

  2. Malaysian connection totally lag. like being ddos. haha. Massy, i suggest you to complain to tm. Compaint about the connection, if you complaint, dont forget to tell them that how come you pay for your bill every month but you get totally slow connection. You can get rebate with your complaint. Same goes like me. I made a complaint, the gave me a rebate. Good idea rite? Happy Breakfast massy. Don't forget to take dates @ kurma good for recharging our energy

  3. ASS.

    That's all I have to say.

  4. shemah thanks *hugs T_T i hope they fix it by monday, if not I'm gonna complain till terbakar tu talipon >.< selamat berposa! XD

    aj: thanks wuah seriously? @_@ er actually I dun eat dates XD I dunno how to eat dat *rofl. Yes I'm SERIOUS! XD I juz need loads of water.

    compy: yeah!!!! ASS!!! tension ni T_T

  5. what i wanna know is...what show lasts for only 4 minutes?

  6. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Sux indeed. =_=

  7. Hi Massy ^_^!! lemme jst give ya a virtual shoulda rub ta make ya feel better! haha.. chill!

  8. Good morning Mas :D

    Urmmm... I tagged you! *Runs and hides*

  9. uncle: actually more like it's her way of saying "use it fast" @_@

    impy: yeah T_T

    amie: *hugs thanks

    nessa: @_@ aramak~ XD wokeh i'll check it out

  10. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Welcome back masssssyyyyy. LOL. No wonder you MIA. XD

  11. fara T_T

    nick: yeah!

  12. yes ... serious... for what they wanna give a lag connection. Even me, i don't like lag connection

  13. hehehe... kesian ko sana...

  14. keeping my fingers cross for today T_T

  15. Anonymous7:24 PM

    wah, tmnet teruk mcm tu kan.. bertukar la kepada digi..nda tau la, tp dulu time sia masih bersiaran di sabah. utuk internet access sia guna digi. cepat, smpt juga sia download trilion of song and movie..

  16. Mas,

    Erm what is GG? Haha me IT dumb.

  17. Anonymous1:53 AM

    How come you have tons of things to blog and I have none?

  18. urangranau: wah digi inda mahal ka? @_@

    gina: LOL no worries, GG is a word my frens and me use and it's not an IT term XD GG = Good Game. We misuse it to something else.

    yinsi: er, tons to blog? not really ah XD