Monday, November 01, 2010

B2.0 Preview + L62 5th Live Band + Halloween BBQ Potluck Outing

This is a combined post.  Reason being that I'm sort of in the lazy phase and it's better this way.  Or so I thought.  *looks at previous entry.

28th October 2010 (Thursday)

I was contemplating and decided to go and registered on that week.  I guess coz I wanted to meet some blog frens.  And since I got 1 newly online purchase polka dot dress, I decided to wear it on that nite.  Hehe.  Can't owez wear black now can we?  That nite was about "feeding" urself and mingle.  I think I had problems with mingling.  End up with just my frens.  Took some photos though.  Not much but enuff.

I just realize I dun have a full length shot.  Darn it.  I was gonna show off my heels man.

Just in time for group photo hehe.

Photo credits: Girllyen

More photos on facebook.  Anyways, after the dinner, we went to Coffee EPAL at Sadong.  I love that place.  I ordered Peach Tea and it smells and taste like peach.  *happeh!  I wanna go again.  I forgot to take photo of the place though.  Except this shot Jna help me take ;D

Next story.  

30th October 2010 - L62 5th Live band at Spices

Support Clay!  And there's guest singer and beatboxing.  Anyways, I already planned to go but I ain't dressing up.  I mean I was all dress up but not for Halloween, more like going to a dinner parteh.  I did a last minute sewing on my dress.  Nobody noticed heheh.  Were there from 10pm to almost 3am (I think).

The band.

Justin Bieber moment.

Okay, didn't entirely throw a bottle filled with water but it's less painful.

Me and friends.

Pedosmile?  DO NOT WANT!

More photos on facebook, here.  I was even planning to go jog but then again, I was too tired to run.  Besides, having beach outing the next day.  Bad idea.

31st October 2010 -  BBQ Potluck Halloween Beach Outing

It's prolly one of the craziest thing to do on a halloween.  Well not really but yeah.  We were there around 1pm.  Or around nearly 2pm.  Thank gawd still got parking.  Last minute change location becoz of parking. 

It took us awhile to start the fire.  Thank gawd koby came.  Here's some fewd.

There's more fewd but I'm not gonna post it here.  Go to my facebook album instead, here and photos from Nova, here.

I'm hungry oi.

On another note, what is thing mang?  Tarp fewd. 

Wholly kerapu, eye bags.

Had a bit of fun till it starts pouring.  Played a bit of frisbee for the first time.  Fun!  But I'm still at the beginner level where I sux (the video proves it)

Nova took video, here.  EPIC moments.  I laff till my face all red.

So, that's how my week went.  Last days of October.  Helo November. 

My entry is a bit messed up I know.  Sorry 'bout that.  Just a brief update.


  1. Massy, I leech your blog post for my blog can? Lazy to write + din take any pics LOL!

  2. @Nex: sure no prob. I oso in state of lazy to type dis.

  3. uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo uwo....rajin juga kau tulis blog he he he

  4. I wanted to leave my thoughts but my mind blanked when I saw the words, "Justin Bieber". Eeeeeeeeeee

  5. @Clay: but of course.

    @Dan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH my fren's band sing that JB song urgh.

  6. I really miss having potluck oh. But anyway, just about a month away before I'll be back in Sabah to celebrate Christmas and picnic potluck and everything FOOD! :D

    By the way, Galli.. why the hate for Justin?? :PP

  7. @Cin: hahahah no hate, just that that youtube vid is too epic. Oh, we're having another bbq potluck thing end of the year too ;D

  8. i love love..the FOOD!


  9. @Ruth: Love the apple pie ;D oh and the durian roll my fren made is yum.

  10. did i just read the 'biebs' name?

  11. @xander: oh yes u did.