Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rum's "surprise" birthday party at Little Kitchen.

First of all, running 8km before a birthday party is a bad idea.  Imagine exhaustion and being all sleepy, not forgetting you'll start talking gibberish.  Thank gawd aircond works.  I almost feel feverish today.  Took panadol actifast (is this how they spell it?) and drove off to Little Kitchen and reach by 7:08pm.  Must be there before 7:30pm coz that's the time lil one (not so little person) supposely come.

Yes this will be another fewd post.

The menu.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings

Jumbo-sized Sicilian Meatballs in Marinara Sauce.  I seriously love this man.

 “7 Deadly Sins” Pizza (11”)

Fettuccine with Beef Bolognese.  Not enuff sauce like seriously.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza (11”)

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Carbonara Pizza (11”)

Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Scoops

Birthday boy/man with his cake.

Butchered boobs look like char sao.  Anyways, not char sao, but it's chocolate with loads of cream.

Last but not least, group pictah.  I swear there's more ppl.  Some left early.  I just found out you can karaoke there @_@

To conclude, it was fun.  I'm stuffed.  I need to burn all those cheese omfg.  *faint.


  1. butchered boobs? omgosh! XD

  2. @Henry: yeap notice the cake?

  3. Thanks once again to everyone for a superb evening! Seven hours (including post party session) of fun surrounded by good friends.

  4. just wondering..why boob cake?...not that im complaining...:P

  5. gotta love those wings!

  6. @Rum: please forget wut I said last nite *rofl.

    @Xander: dun ask me ;D

    @angelbear: have u tried the meatballs? love em meatballs!

  7. oh my, the pizza looks delisios!

  8. @chegu: I know rite? It's so cheesy, and the crust is so crunchy ;D

  9. Cake looks funnY! Who made them? Btw, where is this place Little Kitchen? The buffalo wings looks so yummy!

  10. @Mimi: I'd have to check with my frens and get back to you about the cake. Oh yeah, Little Kitchen is at Lorong Dewan, same row as Margaret Florist. Their fb page!/pages/Kota-Kinabalu-Malaysia/LITTLE-KITCHEN-RESTAURANT/117325338294467

  11. Mas: LOL... no no... must remember the whole night since you all went through so much trouble... especially the part with you and the video :P

  12. OMG I love the cake! Looks really yummy - despite it being the boobs! LOL. Ya.. let us know where you got the cake. Sangat sedap lah nampak! :D

  13. @lil one: nouuuuuuu wut happened that nite, stays there. And no, u're not allowed to make fun of me ==

    @Cindy: ;D I'll ask fren and post reply here soonish ;D

  14. @Mimi & Cin: the cake is from 1Bakery Lintas.

  15. Oooo.. OK. Will keep that in mind.

    Thanks, mas! :D