Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's in my handbag?

I'm so vain.  We need to be vain sometimes.  I hope everyone is as vain as me.  Hehe.  Anyways, I was tagged by chegu carol (you can check her post, here), and happily do this tag.

I swear I got used to having sling bags that I barely got a handbag till recently.  I have a few actually but I'm sticking to this one.

Here's my handbag.  I got this from one of the online shops.  Heheh.  Online shopping rox.  Okay maybe not all the time coz sometimes the items not up to your liking but impulse buying could cure stress sometimes okay.  Oh, and this is not brown, I can't say army green either, color of poo poo? Okay maybe not *rofl.

And it contains...*drum rolls.  Is the picture clear enuff?  I think I remember people complaining of how heavy my bag is.  Er, it ain't that heavy.

List of things explained.
  • Wet tissue.
  • Tissue - gotta bring more than one just in case.  And I notice chegu carol and mimi also have em :D
  • Carmex lip balm - have to avoid crack lips.
  • An umbrella - I "stole" that from my sis.
  • Mentos - I normally have few selection of sweets in my bag.
  • Extra batteries for the camera.
  • Handy Canon A710 IS camera with the dirty cover I made.
  • NDSL with dirty cover.
  • Feng shui charms for protection.
  • Pad - just in case nippon flag.
  • SE handphone charger.
  • NDSL charger.
  • Handphone earphone.
  • Earphone extention cable.
  • My purse - I need a new one *hint.
  • Eye mo.
  • Comb.
  • Mirror.
  • Pens.
  • SE W810i handphone - daily sms/call usage.
  • SE I forgot wut model handphone - mobile internet, only use when I'm desperate for internet.  Very useful when Internet connection went cuckoo or when I couldn't connect to a site or in blackout conditions.
  • Handphone cover.
I forgot to include the hairclip I brought along.

So there, pretty much it.  I think I had to take photo 2 times coz I forgot to include some stuff.  But oh well, covered most of the stuff.

I am gonna tag, hmm, Dizzy chan, Ms. Paha, Sakuya, Fara and Ki chan.  kthxpie.


  1. Massy, i think ur bag is triple the weight of my bag!! ada charger segala ni...LOL!

    thanks for being sport enuf to do the tag! :)

  2. @chegu: ahhahahaha ringan jak bah ni. Gewd exercise kalau add the other recycle bag I carry to work if I got my jogging session, siap bawa botol 1.5litre mineral lagi. And, charger is important! Handphone need to be on 24/7.

  3. Ya bah! You tag along all your chargers bah.. I know, just in case kan? I only bring charger if I don't have time waiting for my phone to be fully charged. Or I just use in-car charger. Jarang pakai phone bah.. hehe

  4. Good to know that my bag is just as same or maybe as more heavy.. LOL

  5. @Mimi: yeah savior to boredom bah tu. Mana tau ;D

    @Margaret: Show meh ya bag! XD

  6. Look at those chargers!!!! Hahahaha! Bulih tahan kau ni, Mas. In case of emergency, got chargers segala. And I love the Mentos! I always have Mentos along with me too! :)

  7. What's in my bag: Oh I don't have a bag >.<

    I just put my H/P in my pocket and carry my wallet in my hand (don't like bulging pockets).

    Its good to be a guy :D

  8. OI!!! why me!!! why me!!! LINC!! OI!! XDDDD *kick massy!*

  9. @Cin: harus! ;D kekeke 2 jak bah tu charger, dulu got memory card reader lagi tu, but since terlampau banyak tu wayar dalam bag. Inda ku mo. XD

    @Nex: It would be weird if you have a handbag XD

    @kuyachan ;D kekekekeke but I wanna see ur bag weeeeeeeeee. and dun kick me oi!

  10. wahhh... banyaknya... u can go camping with this already! haha

  11. @Henry: Maybe I should reduce the no. of items in my bag. Oh, I forgot to include the torch light too. *rofl

  12. Erm...of course I won't carry a handbag, but I USED to carry a messenger bag. It got too heavy so I ditched it wah ha ha ha...

  13. OMG! How much does your handbag weigh? LOL!

  14. @Nick: I have to weigh it ;D

  15. i awe at the content of your bag. great workout for the shoulder :)

  16. @Nova: ahhahahahaha yes, and I take the stairs to get to office. 3 floors up. Gewd exercise.