Sunday, August 31, 2008

[30th Aug 2008] Lolita & J-Fashion Outing

It was raining, I followed my bro to Warisan Square for a Lolita & J-Fashion outing planned by Irene and Sakura chan. Er, ogie, more like planned for Sakura chan? @_@ *blurs~

No, I did not dress up in an outfit. I'm just there to take some shots. Er, they say it's gewd practice?

Anyways, first off, we assembled near the lift but as the number grew, we seemed to be blocking people's pathway so we moved to somewhere else. Hmm, say Fish and Co. for lunch. I've skipped lunch coz I had brunch from home. Well, it's not as much but it should hold me up till before dinner? It was still raining btw. After lunch, we proceed to Palm Square, Centre Point Sabah (better known as CPS?) . There's a blood donation campaign going on there. Loads of people at the ground floor.

Here I post up some of my favorite shots from this outing.

this is sakuya chan, she's gone all decora. more clips!!! need more clips! XD

some of the cspians in lolita outfit. did you know that there's actually different names for these outfit? from maido to sweet loli to gothic loli to waloli @_@ I'll let the experts explain those to you people

sakura chan trying to fly! XD

More photos, here. I'm not done editing the photos yet. I'll just post it up at my facebook photo album. Check it there aight peeps.

before everyone proceed to whereever they're going

leech photo from Shadow, coz I'm in it XD

Photos from the other photographers are available, here.

Feedbacks and comments are welcome. XD

What we got from this outing?

People's expression = priceless.
Photo taking = tons of fun!
Photo booth taking = uber funny! XD

After the outing, we went to KAC. MasterMune treat us with carrot cake + raisins + cream cheese @_@ woo~ I would love it, but I'm not a fan of raisins in cakes XP But nice. I rike! Remove em raisins man! XD

you can get these at the ground floor of KAC XD near the pet shop?

We went to karamunsing slightly after that, had dinner at McD. Ogie some of them had their dinner at RCH. We left and went to bryan's house at around nearly 10pm? Or was it 9pm? I swear I think I was there around 10pm @_@ *blurs~ Anyways, we had a partial (I couldn't and wouldn't call it 1 round) of Tannhauser boardgame. This boardgame belongs to 540. Well since she got curfew, we had to put our game to a stop.

Tannhäuser is a tactical board game of paranormal investigations and Great War combat, pitting the forces of the Reich and the Army of the Union together in a struggle for control of the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, magical artifacts of immense power.

ze board

Just browse for it online. I'm still confused with this game. All I know is we need to kill the bad guys XD Click here for more information about this game.

we use dices to attack + defend? it sux when you know you can attack but your dice rolls sux @_@

this is my character. i'm a hero chick XD

The heroes are more to physical attack while the bad guys *cough cough are more use their mental, can attack through walls @_@ GG.

More photos from boardgame outing, here.

After all that? I'm now down with slight fever and major headache. Why do I call my headache major? Coz I'm sensitive to any kind of sound now. Any slight movement to my head, it's like hearing lightsaber being swung over and over again. I had to skip Jofanna's Bridal opening today. I had panadol to make me heal faster for the 7pm birthday party BakaNeko planned for his gf.

Last but not least, I'm sorry if this post is a bit messy. It's just that I left it for a day and continue blogging, which doesn't work that well with me. I just can't do that, whatever happens on a certain day, I must blog it on the spot so that it won't be screwy like this T_T Gomene minna~

Oh yeah and HAPPY MERDEKA people! This year's merdeka celebration kind of quiet don't you think?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I went to Eddie's D'Corner at lintas with the guys after work for Chicken Chop. I was there early, I mean early. I know I should stay longer at office but the initial plan was to go home and change. But I didn't, I went there direct. Me and dori were playing DS while waiting for acing and uncle to come. Oh, how I wish I could eat the fried meat on the bones but, we don't massy looking like cannibals do we? XD Oh yeah, Dennis were there too.

astro remote controller not included *lol

I went back straight after that. It was around 8pm. I asked my bro if he wanted to go to uncle's house for a round of Runebound. Runebound explained here. I had to call uncle 3 times to inform him whether I'm going or not. So funny. Sorry uncle.

My place to uncle's house is not that far. It's only few minutes away. So, I don't really mind driving. Brought along my "toy" to "shoot" the new boardgame. Rule, this is the part where you should get jealous? XD Uncle was nice enough to wait for us. I was there around 8:35pm. Somewhere that time.

There's only 4 players. Me, cube, uncle and Dennis.

Some of the characters to choose from

I had a random pick since I don't read stats XD

What you need in this game?

The board

Notice the dragon card with different colors? Those are the monsters that you have to kill. From green (less GG) to red (very GG). There's more pieces on the board. If you get 4 er what are those tokens called? @_@ massy forgot!!! =_=" Anyways, yeah those color tokens on the board, you can exchange it with these. Boost your ability!

Your moves are determined by rolling these iconic dices. Those icons represents the swamp, river, road, mountain, hill (the one looking like spiderman mask) and plains.

A d10, to attack and defend your character from monsters.

Lets pray that the dice rolling is not GG. I believe in karma. I think my bro's character died more than 7 times till he actually manage to pick up in the game. Which is where I'm gonna state my point where I should not have laugh at him. Coz my dice roll sux to the max! T_T

When you killed a monster, you get prizes like gold or some other benefits.

You win when you defeat 3 dragons or 1 big boss dragon. Which in this case, we all GG coz the stats is too GG.

Oh yeah, look wut uncle's dad showed me. A Nikon EM with 50mm F1.8 Nikon Lens. If I link it correctly, I think this camera was around for roughly 29 years. Correct me if I'm wrong. OMG it's as long as *cough cough nvm. Hey I'm no camera expert but these stuff amazes me XD And yes, massy camwhore, ignore the hair please. *sweats~

We were there till almost 1am. I stayed up till 2am this morning. I had roughly 3 hours of sleep.

I hope I covered most of the details. @_@ If not I'll edit this later. I gotta go off for another runebound session tonite.

A merdeka celebration: HAPPY MERDEKA!

I got a tag from Rozie, here.

And I'm tagging the following people:
uncle, arine, cubex, dias, sotong and fara.

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I am a proud Malaysian blogger
I am a proud Malaysian blogger
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Updates so far

I'm shocked to have found out about Fara's post - I have been robbed, OMG! Everyone should check their credit card bill!!! Seriously!

I was gonna blog about what I did last Sunday but I didn't have time to. Now what did I do till I don't have time to? *blurs~ But, I went for brunch at Damai with the guys and had Tenom Mee!!! Wuah tasty. I want to go eat Tenom MEE!!! *stomach growls~ Check out the raves, here. And here's some shots I took of the food. Sorry for the overly exposed photos, I'm still trying to adapt to the new camera @_@

chicken and beef, add with the chili damn! TASTY!

these fried balls thinggie dance. the guys said so. *rofl. oh yeah, with cheese and some seafood fillings? I have no idea, have to ask the guys rave about it or comment it here about the taste @_@

This was recommended by Uncle a.k.a Rainer Yong, he certainly knows his food. You food stalker you!

I actually have lotsa experimental shots from that day. But I'll try to post the photos up when I have the free time to do so.

Btw, I took the day off today. Well I got my reasons.

I planned for a run in the morning with my sis today. We reached there at our usual time to found out that there are more people (I mean seriously a lot) jog during weekdays. We saw the same lady who jogs on the weekends. I think she jogs everyday. Looking at her makes me wanna jog everyday too. Yes, I'm all pumped with this jogging thing. Me and my sis were doing our walking when she noticed her shoe. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. She keep on telling me to shut up. But I can't help myself but to laugh. We manage to walk 1 round though.

This is the problem.

I had the same problem with my Nike shoe. I quit buying Nike brand after that.

We went to McDonalds Drive Tru for Big Breakfast. I'm so disappointed with that place. They take lots of time to clean up the place and there's no PEPPER!!!! HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE PEPPER?! *sigh. It totally spoiled my breakfast coz I love pepper. Btw, my sis was telling me about this Thai Movie called 13 Beloved. It's kind of an interesting story, more about it below.

Went to the post office and bank after I went home to pick up my mum. Cimb bank at Inanam don't have Cash Deposit Machine or I must be blind? *sigh. I didn't get to deposit my cash *sigh.

Had lunch at home, took some photos of the cats.

QM loves shoe XD

fatty and bambi at the balcony. QM no rikey fatty

Ogie, so now about that Thai Movie called 13 Beloved. You can watch it over the internet via crunchyroll, here. Oh yeah, btw, if you have problem with body cut into pieces and disgusting stuff, this is not the movie for you. Don't go blaming me now if you're grossed out by the scenes of the movie. You've been warned!!!


13 Beloved is an adaptation of the 13th Quiz Show episode from Eakasit Thairaat's graphic novel, My Mania. 13 is a new and very secret competition offering a grand prize of 100 million Baht. The contestants are chosen from those most afflicted with problems involving work, money, family and love. If they can complete 13 tasks, they will receive riches beyond their wildest dreams.

A man named Phuchit is delighted to be offered the chance to compete, not realizing that there is a catch. The 13 challenges will test a contestant in every aspect of their life from love to religion. Even their moral values.

It's so interesting that I manage to finish watching it. Well actually the 1st part was kinda boring but it gets interesting. For me that is.

I'm addicted with Elven Blood and Blood Lust on facebook. HELP!!!! Aight I'm done! I need to eat!!! Dinner!!!!

So yeah, pretty much it for today. Thanks for reading peeps~

Monday, August 25, 2008

Six Word Memoir Tag

This has been long overdue.

Osindak tagged me early month, I only did this near end of the month, massy is feeling the GGness.

1.) Write your own six word memoir.
2.) Post it on your blog; include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3.) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible.
4.) Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5.) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

I'm gonna skip the rules and type out my six word memoir XD

So, here goes...

"the life of a psychotic weirdo"

XD the end. *rofl

meh~ MEME

I actually have 4-5 pending tags, oh nois. No worries, I'll do em one by one. Sorry if it takes too long to do it. Please bare with all this taggies.

I've got a meh~ meme~ from mimie XD meh meme mimie ogie that sounds kinda funny hehe.

Two names you go by
1. Massy
2. Mas

Note to panja: No, you don't get to type that long nick here XP

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Green pants
2. Green blouse

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. 50mm
2. UV filter

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. *thinking about someone *whistle
2. dreaming

Two things you ate today
1. hash browns
2. fried chicken

Two people you just spoke with
1. my family
2. everyone else = friends.

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. Claim my rebate.
2. Jog?

Two longest car rides
1. KK to Tawau
2. KL to JB

Two favourite beverages
1. Teh O
2. Boh 3 in 1 tea

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this MeMe
I'll skip this XD

Black Monday

What suppose to be a gewd Monday was spoiled by dumb head such as these. I had a plan of clearing all my tags and posting the photos I took the other day but what I've just experienced spoiled my mood.

Who is having a "black monday" like me? @_@

Ogie, maybe no biggie for some but being someone who's not into these kinda shite, I have a thing called "level of tolerance".

STATEMENT: "I don't have a problem with anyone smoking, heck it's their life, I don't tell people how to live their life but please please please do me a favour, if you do want to puff some cigs, DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT!!! SMOKE IN A CLOSE AREA LIKE THE STAIRCASE AREA!"

Heck man! That's the only way up and ONLY way to the office. WTF is wrong with those people!?!?! Geez! WHICH RETARD SMOKE WITHOUT AN OPEN WINDOW?! Come on man! *sigh~

That's not my only problem, the boss smokes in his room, and this, I should say, is a close room too, heck no problem there. Except, the smokes goes out from the room, which lead us to who is outside. A pregnant lady. It goes to my room too. I had to open my window for air. Before I suffocate.

And oh wait, that's not the end yet. The office boy? He smokes at the pantry, no open window there and to TOP that up, he kept the doors close. So tell me, how does that don't really bother everyone else? You can't go into the pantry till he's done with all his smoke shite, and when he goes out or when the pantry door opens, the smoke still goes into the office. RETARDED! 'nuff said.

Gahhh! Having signboards around the office is pointless. Maybe I should take it off the wall and slams at their face. *sigh.


I need to go through some music dosage to calm myself down. *sigh. =_=""

Note: Not trying to offend smokers but these people don't use their brain when they smoke and I'm pissed, so I need to rant.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Upcomings and locust day dream

It's my 2nd day to jog today. The SPRINTA thing is still going on. I seriously thought that I should end sometime around noon yesterday? What happened? Oh yeah, I actually wanted to blog about something I saw during my jogging session yesterday but I find it very rude to
criticize people. But I need to spit it out! *takes deep breath. For those who're offended by this, I'm really sorry but I'm just curious why people do this.

Here goes...

Yesterday I went jogging with my sis at Likas Sport Complex, we saw this lady who was wearing headscarf (that cloth thing they cover your head with?). She was wearing a white shirt with white sweat pants. I didn't have any problem with that except for the fact that you could actually see the shape of her arse, didn't have any problem with that either. What bothers us the most is the fact that I could see the shape of her panty. OMG =_=" It's like looking at a person with a thong, only it looks as if it's too tight for that person @_@ It's like having flesh sticking out from it. OMG, I was disturbed. What shocked me was when my sis told me the color of her panty. @_@ Oh gawd, seriously people, I don't have a problem if you wanna show your "sexy" arse but please, not that kinda view, I'm not saying that I'm perfect or anything but come on man. That is way disturbing, what if there's kids around @_@ *imagine what will come up from their tiny little minds? @_@

I'm sorry if anyone offended by this but I just *sigh.

Anyways, lets scratch all that off and proceed to what's installed for next weekend. Uncle will have a Runebound boardgame session at Bryan's house this Saturday the 30th.

31st August 2008 (Sunday) is the Grand Opening of Jofanna Bridal, more info click here.

Is there anything else that I'm not aware of? *blurs~

photo credits to dori / Ed

For those who attended the recent Sabah Bloggers Gathering might have heard about the band, locust day dream?

Here's a brief intro of their band and members.

Locust Day Dream was founded by Rainer Yong in 2005 as a solo side project to lay out different ideas from his current band Diploid. By combining dreamy guitar riffs accompanied by fast paced electronic drums, synths, multiple effects and pure determination, he has achieved the sound he wanted to share with experimental listeners. And now LDD is upgraded with new addition to the band in the form of Decipher [DJ and effects] and Rachel Yong[drums].

Well now you can listen to their songs, check out the new demo song titled "Devotion", click here. More about them, click here.

Over and out.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A start of a GREAT weekend!

I buzzed my sis on msn last nite for a jogging session today. I don't know what's gone into me, but somehow I felt like going. As lazy as I am to wake up, I managed and woke up around 6am, showered, got ready and went on with the plan. But before I could reach to my destination, mum asked me to get today's Daily Express newspaper. So I did, I dropped by the nearest Shell station (around my place), and went to my sis's friend's house to pick up some stuff. Yeah, her friend just came back to Bali and she got her some souvenirs. Well actually halfway before getting the newspaper, I actually just remembered that I forgot my driving license. The only thing I brought with me was some cash, my handphone and my MyKad. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

The road around Likas Sport Complex were closed due to that SPRINTA thing. Bike race kah? I didn't really went there and check out coz I was all pumped with wanting to jog. I think it took me 2 round turns to get into the parking area coz they blocked that place. I turned and park my car through the back gate. And saw this purple tree. It's so beautiful. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Instead, I used my SE 2.0MP camera.

Me and my sis were walking for 1 round and jog for another 2 round. We were there an hour. I would have gone another round but the weather is making my skin itch. Well I'm not alone, my sis were having the same problem. It was frigging HOT!

My bro told me that Jacq, Dino (Impy) and Sotong is in today's newspaper page 5. They got Jacq's url wrong! =_="

Here, for those who're not in Sabah or who missed out on getting your newspaper, massy scanned it already XD

I had brunch and was feeling sleepy after awhile. I slept at around 11am-ish. I think. My mum woke me up around 1:30pm-ish @_@ It was raining.

Urgh, headache. Hang over.

Here's the phone conversation (Yes, it's crazy but my mum called me from outside the house, I was in my room and it was raining)

Mum: "Mas, tolong mum angkat barang"
Massy: "... urgh ... I'm sleeping"
Mum: "You tak mau your camera?"
ACTION: Brain shock (otak takazut)
Massy: "WHAT!?!?!?"
Mum: "Dad bought you a camera"
ACTION: Massy still in shock and was trying to regain consciousness.
Massy: "Oh wokeh!"
ACTION: Massy ran downstairs with eyes wide open.

On top of that, I didn't get to help them with the bags coz my sis's bf already did. And I was waiting at the door when my dad told me to open the luggage, I have no idea for what coz I got a headache.

Anxiously waiting for the camera bag. Yes, I'm like a kid who just receive a big loads of candy. Ogie maybe not candy. The best way to describe it, I'm a freak for gadgets. Urgh my head. My dad hand the camera bag to me directly. I was worried and anxious at the same time coz I have no idea what he got me. And I got ...

A CANON 450D!!!!! @_@ OMG! Did he read my previous blog entry? WAW *worships dad.

Oh yeah remember the luggage earlier? *cough cough, the tripod was there hahahaha. Conclusion, massy now have 3 tripod hahahah ogie maybe it's only 2 coz 1 is my sis's *rofl.

Massy is feeling the GGness from Dad now. Oh, so happy. I actually planned to get it after I get my bonus or before Hobbycon this year. I need to reformat my harddisk now! It's been sleeping for quite awhile now. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee And I need to do lotsa reading! I'm a newb. "DOZO, YORISHKU ONEGAI SHIMASU!!!"

OMG! This means I could get the 50mm soon! Uh oh, I need an extra battery. WAHHHH!!! XD

Yes, massy at this point has gone crazy.

I need to shower and go do some experimental photographing hehehe~

Friday, August 22, 2008

Reunion at McD drive tru

Could I even call it a reunion? Yes I could! XD

Well it's between me and my ex-colleague, Ct and Lissa. These two (2) are few of the people from my previous company who are very close to me. We (just the 3 of us) had our 1st outing, GAWD when was that? Oh man, it felt like so long time ago. OMG I can't remember when was it. Wait, I left the company in 2004, well the last time I met Ct was er at her wedding, oh man that also I can't remember, but she got 2 children now OMG! And uh uh the last time I met Lissa was the day I went to watch movie er I can't remember what movie. But yeah.

Acom must be proud of massy coz massy hugged Ct!!! (note: massy initiated the hug) XD YAH!!! It's something to be proud of!

Anyways, here was the shot before, I think this was like 2 years back, hmm maybe around 2006? or 2007? Blurs.

I was driving that time XD Lissa was playing with my newly bought Canon A710 IS which I'm still using. Ahh the time when I still had more piercings. Those were the days

And this was just now. Lissa's camwhoring skill paid off.

got any difference?

Gawd I miss you guys (I mean gals) ! XD *hugs~

Our next McD session will be 2 years from now? HAHAHAH kidding! XD

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ville Valo

So I was at Aj's blog earlier and was checking out the song by Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine (check out the video at Aj's blog, he posted it with the lyrics btw), . I think he (Ville Valo) looked really HAWT (looking like Johnny Depp btw). I seriously think that song is awesome coz it's a song I'm kinda familiar with and I love how Ville Valo sound there with that look damn! Hey I'm not a dood, if I were a dood I might like Natalia, but hey I don't sorry. I "digg" guys ogie. But as I was adding that youtube video as my fav, I stumble upon something else.

HIM feat. The Rasmus - Apocalyptica bittersweet

From this song, I actually love the intro and the part they sing this part

" Break this bittersweet spell on me, Lost in the arms of destiny "

That part is awesome!

Wait but, this is not the only song that I got myself into. Here's another one.

Manna feat. Ville Valo - Just For Tonight

This song make you so drawn into it that you can't stop repeating. This is so going to my playlist!

Copied the lyrics from here (I hope the lyrics is correct).

Too late, won't stop
Tonight I want to go deeper
Tomorrow takes it all away
Time's running out
The night is only a shell
Soon morning comes and breaks the spell
To the yesterday, to a dream

Just for tonight, we'll keep on dancing
And the city won't tell a soul
Just for tonight, the lights are shining
And our secret stays untold

These streets are mine
Tonight I'll keep on walking
Won't stop as long as the city sleeps
Don't look back once
Or you might turn around
Tonight I'll give myself to you
And our secret stays untold

Just for tonight, we'll keep on dancing

And the city won't tell a soul
Just for tonight, the lights are shining
And our secret stays untold
Just for tonight, we'll keep on dancing
And the city won't tell a soul
Just for tonight, the lights are shining
And our secret stays untold

(They can't see us now)
They can't see us now
(They won't catch us now)
They can't see us now
(They can't see us now)
They can't see us now
(They won't catch us now)
They can't see us now

for the LOVE of the game

I've successfully (well sort of) added 160++ feeds to my reader. YAY. I wonder why I can't seem to add more, maybe becoz of this darn line. Damn slow. *kicks the router.

What did massy had for lunch today? B I S C U I T S

Why? Coz when massy realize it's too late to eat lunch *hehe~

Its been awhile since I last talk about my DS. No, I did not abandon it. I do play games with my DS every now and then. Like when my internet connection at work been dead for few days, I did play games like Space Invaders Extreme and Meccha Taiko no Tatsujin. I started playing Itadaki Street the other day, but it felt like I was dice rolling randomly. Why? Coz it's Japanese version, I don't can't read japanese @_@""". At times, when I'm bored, I play Midnight Play.

my chara in Itadaki Street DS, but I still don't get it. I know what to do but my dice rolls are bad somehow T_T

yeah card games from midnight play DS

space invaders extreme, I sux, I'm stuck at level 4 gawddammit

meccha taiko no tatsujin, i want to unlock more items!!!! =_="

I'll stick with these games till I get bored.

Next game subject is, DUN DUN DUN! Arkham Horror Boardgame!!!!! (you can check my previous post, here) It's the craziest plan ever. Two days from lacking of sleep becoz of it coz Rule *roll eyes, decided to go back on Friday hmph~

And my brain keeps thinking that today is Friday oh man~ =_="

Anyways, Tuesday session was a last minute plan. There were only 5 players (me, uncle, rule, dori and sotong). But it was a gewd game, we didn't win though. To attack and defend your character from the boss monster was too GG, you MUST roll a 6!!! Oh man. But we manage to give injure him 50% nooooooo a lil bit more T_T. I didn't take any photos on that day coz I wanna focus in playing. My character was Jenny er what's her last name again. She gets $1 every round, I'm RICH! Oh but the GG part was her speed, max 3 speed oh man~ =_=" weak! All I did throughout the game was close portal, wait more like I sealed 1? *forgot~ I didn't get to whack monsters. =_="

I bet most of you guys don't know what the hell I'm talking about. XD You gotta play the game!!!!

Anyways, Wednesday session was a planned session. We started after dinner at Pizza Hut. Rule insisted that he eat pizza for dinner coz he jealous XP of me eating it the other day hahahahah XD I was so sleepy that I barely can open my eyes, and every sound I hear is noise to me (bad! I get annoyed easily), in other words, I was zombified. But for the love of the game! I go on with playing. This session, we get to choose our characters. MWHAHHAHAHA. GG. Oh yeah, before that, 6 players this time (me, rule, jack, dori, dias and sotong). Uncle came but he didn't play. "Kesian uncle kebulur". So, I picked Darell Simmons, the photographer, at least his speed is not as GG as Jenny *rofl. And the best part was, I get a Retainer XD Which in this case, for each upkeep, I get $2, I just need to roll a dice and not get 1. XD I'm rich! Again! And this character is kinda kewl. Why? Coz I get to draw 2 encounter cards and pick the one I want hahahahha oh man. I so love that character.

my character and my items XD

Rolling dices can make a person undergoes stress LOL!

Throughout the game, I had to sacrifice an Ally and 2 gate tokens, *points at the guys (massy is doing the blaming people *lol kidding!). Well at least I manage to get kewl items throughout the game. But wanna know what's more GG. Dias plays Dexter Drake, the magician and damn! He's on "fiyah!!!". Guess how many monsters did he whacked? 12 frigging monsters and he closed 2 gate portals! WAW *worship! I manage to take a shot of his trophies. LOOK!

But what makes the game sweet this session was, WE WON! Er how many gates did we closed? I know we sealed 5 gates and the last one was the WIN!!! FTW!!!! Look at the board!!! It's clean!!! For the first time it's clean! Damn it's so much fun! I wanna play again!!! With expansion!!!!! XD

Oh yeah, if we fail in closing em gates, we have to fight this monster O.O~ kowaii desu!!!

Rule leave your Arkham Horror Boardgame man! *sigh. I wanna play!!! @_@ I know I'm not as gewd as anyone else in playing this game but I get it now and it's uber exciting!!!!

Oh yeah before I end this post, have I mention that a wild cat came to my house recently? He's tame. I don't know who does he belong to but he hangs out at my house almost everyday so, is it safe to call him mine yet? I'll call him Fatty. He's such a cutie.

I'm Organizing

I got few pending post in mind. But before I proceed with those posts, I'm gonna organize my blog feeds, in other words, I actually don't have everyone in my Google Reader. So yeah, I'm organizing it, categorizing it and of coz as a backup just in case something happen to that blog list. I would go crazy if I lost my feed links. Well it's not a matter of life and death but it's one of my routine.

Anyways, please bare with me while I finish up and do check the feeds at the Sabahan Blogger Facebook Group, under Posted Items. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh yeah, for those who wanted to eat Claypot Chicken Rice or Laksa from Yee Fung at Gaya Street this week, forget it, it's close =_=" until the 22nd! I think they went for holiday or something T_T

Monday, August 18, 2008

Arkham Horror Boardgame

First of all, my blog post had been delayed because of many different reasons, that includes procrastinating. I'm sorry.

Second of all, another reason for delaying would be the electricity problem since 8am-ish this morning. I was dozing off while playing the DS. Gawd, how ridiculous is that? Blame SESB *hmph~ The electricity was only back on around 11am-ish. GG

Third of all, yet another excuse massy will come up for delaying blog post. Is that, I blame Fara for this! XD for introducing me a gewd and "not complete!" jdorama! How could you!?! Oh yeah, for those who're wondering what jdorma I'm talking about, it is "Seigi no Mikata 2008". It's so totally recommended to watch! It's a story of 2 siblings, Makiko and Youko, well lets say the eldest sis (Makiko) bully the young one (Youko). Anybody reminiscing their past? *cough cough. Currently this series is at episode 5. Come on! Faster! I wanna watch the next episode! Dammits~ Oh yeah, it's also another reason why I sort of cancelled *cough cough one of my sis's plan *cough cough, yeah she's still angry at me becoz of it. I slept around 3am because of this series! HELP!!!!!

Ogie, lets focus. We'll leave that series for some other time when I'm less hyper and hungry. Hmm, maybe I should eat my lunch first. I "tapau-ed" spaghetti from Pizza Hut today. Why? Coz 2 of the shops I owez get my lunch from is close for today. GG.

Done with my meal but distracted from watching another jdorama called "Ace Wo Nerae". Anyways get to know what Arkham Horror is about, watch the video. I leeched it from rule's blog (am I allowed to post the link? Don't think so @_@) XD

We had our Arkham Horror Boardgame session at CarcaSean, Citymall last Friday. We went there after work and was still in our working clothes. But first, we went to 2nd floor near Popular bookstore to check out the arcade center there. Went to Poppea Garden Cafe for dinner. Check out the raves, here. Oh yeah, not forgetting some food shots to make you guys drool? XD

Some of these shots I took using dori's 450D.

I think it was around 7pm-ish? *thinks. I can't remember really. We were at CarcaSean. Playing Arkham Horror Boardgame for the first time. Ogie fine! You guys would know it better as Cthulhu Boardgame? (Is this correct?). What's a Cthulhu? *points at sotong (same specie). Guess who's really happy about this? Sotong!!!! @_@ GG

Here's some shot, well if you ask me to explain this boardgame, I'll make you even confuse, so instead, check it from XD hehehehe. Instead, I'll show you photos hee~ XD

the boardgame, as laid on table (3 combined table to be exact), well it might look messy but it's not that bad. oh yeah, uncle took this (can you see my head? is that my head? @_@)

First, we need to randomly "pick" our character. I don't know what's the exact amount of character you get to choose from. But this is mine (well not really, I sort of had a switch with somebody *cough cough).

Lemme introduce you to ze GAME MASTER (boardgame owner), Shahrul/rule.

macam stress tapi inda LOL

Next are the players. Max no. of players is 8. But 6 of us is sufficient enough? @_@

HOI! Where's me?! GG Oh yeah, rule also playing a character hehe.

Dino, jna, fara and uncle came later on, but didn't play. GG

Kate Winthrop! I choose YOU! I R ze SCIENTIST! GG

on each turn, you get to move one of your upkeep. 1 step only @_@ I R a week scientist it seems

the scientist

Our characters are on board. Oh guess what? Dori is a "HOT" researcher. I mean yeah. Not him, his character. LOOK!

This game involves dice rolling. Opps, I forgot to take shot of the dices XD my bad~

At the start of this game, the 1st player were to hold this token? I don't know what is this called but it's the start of my bad luck hahahah ogie I'm kidding. XD

key tokens are beneficial for players, *points the squarish looking token? those are monster token. *sigh flashback to dice rolling

Your mission is to seal em gates so that monster boss is kept inside! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

I think throughout the game, 3 of the player (including myself) end up in the hospital. Oh not forgetting, I sort of pity Irene's character coz she had to skip turns more than 3 times I think XD

Ack! I didn't take a shot of the monster boss too? Dammits!

We finish playing at around 11pm. Conclusion, we died. I blame my seat, or maybe the day wasn't auspicious enough for me? XD hence dice rolling suxxor big time XD Yes! I is blames! I is not happy coz I is died. Oh yeah another reason why I'm not satisfied with my playing, is because my character become static. My items doesn't increase or decrease. GG

Overall it's a fun game! It takes around 2 -4 hours for this game play. Lets play again before rule goes back people! =_="

Actually I could explain more but I think my blog post gonna be uber long and it'll be uber confusing for everyone. So, I try to cut it short, well ogie besides I'm running out of time coz I wanna go home. XD Sorry peeps.

Last but not least, here's a shot of the happy "sotong" before we went back that night hehe.

Thanks dori for letting me "play" with ur "slut".
Translation: Thanks dori for letting me use your camera.

Thanks rule for letting us play Arkham Horror Boardgame.

Till the next post. Over and out. Thanks for reading. PEACE!