Thursday, August 21, 2008

for the LOVE of the game

I've successfully (well sort of) added 160++ feeds to my reader. YAY. I wonder why I can't seem to add more, maybe becoz of this darn line. Damn slow. *kicks the router.

What did massy had for lunch today? B I S C U I T S

Why? Coz when massy realize it's too late to eat lunch *hehe~

Its been awhile since I last talk about my DS. No, I did not abandon it. I do play games with my DS every now and then. Like when my internet connection at work been dead for few days, I did play games like Space Invaders Extreme and Meccha Taiko no Tatsujin. I started playing Itadaki Street the other day, but it felt like I was dice rolling randomly. Why? Coz it's Japanese version, I don't can't read japanese @_@""". At times, when I'm bored, I play Midnight Play.

my chara in Itadaki Street DS, but I still don't get it. I know what to do but my dice rolls are bad somehow T_T

yeah card games from midnight play DS

space invaders extreme, I sux, I'm stuck at level 4 gawddammit

meccha taiko no tatsujin, i want to unlock more items!!!! =_="

I'll stick with these games till I get bored.

Next game subject is, DUN DUN DUN! Arkham Horror Boardgame!!!!! (you can check my previous post, here) It's the craziest plan ever. Two days from lacking of sleep becoz of it coz Rule *roll eyes, decided to go back on Friday hmph~

And my brain keeps thinking that today is Friday oh man~ =_="

Anyways, Tuesday session was a last minute plan. There were only 5 players (me, uncle, rule, dori and sotong). But it was a gewd game, we didn't win though. To attack and defend your character from the boss monster was too GG, you MUST roll a 6!!! Oh man. But we manage to give injure him 50% nooooooo a lil bit more T_T. I didn't take any photos on that day coz I wanna focus in playing. My character was Jenny er what's her last name again. She gets $1 every round, I'm RICH! Oh but the GG part was her speed, max 3 speed oh man~ =_=" weak! All I did throughout the game was close portal, wait more like I sealed 1? *forgot~ I didn't get to whack monsters. =_="

I bet most of you guys don't know what the hell I'm talking about. XD You gotta play the game!!!!

Anyways, Wednesday session was a planned session. We started after dinner at Pizza Hut. Rule insisted that he eat pizza for dinner coz he jealous XP of me eating it the other day hahahahah XD I was so sleepy that I barely can open my eyes, and every sound I hear is noise to me (bad! I get annoyed easily), in other words, I was zombified. But for the love of the game! I go on with playing. This session, we get to choose our characters. MWHAHHAHAHA. GG. Oh yeah, before that, 6 players this time (me, rule, jack, dori, dias and sotong). Uncle came but he didn't play. "Kesian uncle kebulur". So, I picked Darell Simmons, the photographer, at least his speed is not as GG as Jenny *rofl. And the best part was, I get a Retainer XD Which in this case, for each upkeep, I get $2, I just need to roll a dice and not get 1. XD I'm rich! Again! And this character is kinda kewl. Why? Coz I get to draw 2 encounter cards and pick the one I want hahahahha oh man. I so love that character.

my character and my items XD

Rolling dices can make a person undergoes stress LOL!

Throughout the game, I had to sacrifice an Ally and 2 gate tokens, *points at the guys (massy is doing the blaming people *lol kidding!). Well at least I manage to get kewl items throughout the game. But wanna know what's more GG. Dias plays Dexter Drake, the magician and damn! He's on "fiyah!!!". Guess how many monsters did he whacked? 12 frigging monsters and he closed 2 gate portals! WAW *worship! I manage to take a shot of his trophies. LOOK!

But what makes the game sweet this session was, WE WON! Er how many gates did we closed? I know we sealed 5 gates and the last one was the WIN!!! FTW!!!! Look at the board!!! It's clean!!! For the first time it's clean! Damn it's so much fun! I wanna play again!!! With expansion!!!!! XD

Oh yeah, if we fail in closing em gates, we have to fight this monster O.O~ kowaii desu!!!

Rule leave your Arkham Horror Boardgame man! *sigh. I wanna play!!! @_@ I know I'm not as gewd as anyone else in playing this game but I get it now and it's uber exciting!!!!

Oh yeah before I end this post, have I mention that a wild cat came to my house recently? He's tame. I don't know who does he belong to but he hangs out at my house almost everyday so, is it safe to call him mine yet? I'll call him Fatty. He's such a cutie.


  1. Whatever happened to just playing monopoly? Ni, macam complicated.

  2. perry: wuah monopoly siok! XD this is juz another game like the other games i blogged about. erm complicated? well not really, i think starcraft boardgame lagi complicated with all that setting up which takes an hour punya bidak XD

  3. I still remember my old Nintendo Mickey & Donald.. that was in the 80's.. masa budak2 hehehehe

  4. You buy me an Xbox360 then I'll think about leaving the boardgame with you guys. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Complicated = A frustrating good time.

    I love it when the board wants you to lose.

  5. perry: you should try some games. i recommend Settlers of Catan for a start.

    rule: haha. mas.. mari we kumpul money and buy la tu

  6. aj: omg, do u still have it? *rofl

    rule: ko sengaja!!! i need new ammo!

    dori: GG!

  7. hahaha...i saw the "bangkai" last year.. hahahah

  8. aj: hahahah alalala kena panggil "bangkai" hahahah XD

  9. That cat looks like it's been looked after very well. Looks healthy too ! XD

    Envy laaa... got nice cat come to your house... must be your female kitty in your room... =P

  10. i love pussycat..

  11. nick: yeap, coz we feed him XD wait more like he steals from us! XD i mean the cat fewd we left outside for our cats he go makan, my cats jadi kurus gara gara him

    aj: XD hahahah i wuv kitties XP

  12. catnap fatty!!! muahahaahaha :)

  13. catnap fatty!!! muahahaahaha :)

  14. lol..amy!! cute kan fatty XD

  15. I'm with Perry on this one, what happened to monopoly or even snap? LOL!

  16. er nick, wut's snap? @_@

  17. Anonymous1:02 PM

    awww that cat is adorable oo..

  18. yes!!!!!!! it's mine!!! hak milik kekal! mwahhahahahahah

  19. Anonymous7:24 PM

    That cat is the twin of mine...minus its full lenght tail. Mine is "putut" ....


  20. anonymous: long lost twin ka? lol