Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Updates so far

I'm shocked to have found out about Fara's post - I have been robbed, OMG! Everyone should check their credit card bill!!! Seriously!

I was gonna blog about what I did last Sunday but I didn't have time to. Now what did I do till I don't have time to? *blurs~ But, I went for brunch at Damai with the guys and had Tenom Mee!!! Wuah tasty. I want to go eat Tenom MEE!!! *stomach growls~ Check out the raves, here. And here's some shots I took of the food. Sorry for the overly exposed photos, I'm still trying to adapt to the new camera @_@

chicken and beef, add with the chili damn! TASTY!

these fried balls thinggie dance. the guys said so. *rofl. oh yeah, with cheese and some seafood fillings? I have no idea, have to ask the guys rave about it or comment it here about the taste @_@

This was recommended by Uncle a.k.a Rainer Yong, he certainly knows his food. You food stalker you!

I actually have lotsa experimental shots from that day. But I'll try to post the photos up when I have the free time to do so.

Btw, I took the day off today. Well I got my reasons.

I planned for a run in the morning with my sis today. We reached there at our usual time to found out that there are more people (I mean seriously a lot) jog during weekdays. We saw the same lady who jogs on the weekends. I think she jogs everyday. Looking at her makes me wanna jog everyday too. Yes, I'm all pumped with this jogging thing. Me and my sis were doing our walking when she noticed her shoe. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. She keep on telling me to shut up. But I can't help myself but to laugh. We manage to walk 1 round though.

This is the problem.

I had the same problem with my Nike shoe. I quit buying Nike brand after that.

We went to McDonalds Drive Tru for Big Breakfast. I'm so disappointed with that place. They take lots of time to clean up the place and there's no PEPPER!!!! HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE PEPPER?! *sigh. It totally spoiled my breakfast coz I love pepper. Btw, my sis was telling me about this Thai Movie called 13 Beloved. It's kind of an interesting story, more about it below.

Went to the post office and bank after I went home to pick up my mum. Cimb bank at Inanam don't have Cash Deposit Machine or I must be blind? *sigh. I didn't get to deposit my cash *sigh.

Had lunch at home, took some photos of the cats.

QM loves shoe XD

fatty and bambi at the balcony. QM no rikey fatty

Ogie, so now about that Thai Movie called 13 Beloved. You can watch it over the internet via crunchyroll, here. Oh yeah, btw, if you have problem with body cut into pieces and disgusting stuff, this is not the movie for you. Don't go blaming me now if you're grossed out by the scenes of the movie. You've been warned!!!


13 Beloved is an adaptation of the 13th Quiz Show episode from Eakasit Thairaat's graphic novel, My Mania. 13 is a new and very secret competition offering a grand prize of 100 million Baht. The contestants are chosen from those most afflicted with problems involving work, money, family and love. If they can complete 13 tasks, they will receive riches beyond their wildest dreams.

A man named Phuchit is delighted to be offered the chance to compete, not realizing that there is a catch. The 13 challenges will test a contestant in every aspect of their life from love to religion. Even their moral values.

It's so interesting that I manage to finish watching it. Well actually the 1st part was kinda boring but it gets interesting. For me that is.

I'm addicted with Elven Blood and Blood Lust on facebook. HELP!!!! Aight I'm done! I need to eat!!! Dinner!!!!

So yeah, pretty much it for today. Thanks for reading peeps~


  1. Wah, mesti you guna the new camera to take these pics kan? Cantik-cantik! I like!

    Btw, those fried bulat-bulat things look real yummy lah!

  2. rozie: yeap, thanks, still bidak, i'm learning step by step XD yeah look yummy those bulat bulat thing but i didn't try it the other day oh

  3. Massy's shots now look prettier than before

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    ...kucing-kucing tu memang cantik(tapi tak se-handsome Captain aku)! Tidak bau busuk kah kasut tu?


  5. aunty i am so glad of your new "work out" regime and attitude. keep it up!

  6. asal aku masuk blog aku, aku bleh lapar..hehehe brb roti sardin time

  7. yes... addiction to the new games!!! wahahahaha!!!

  8. irt: wut? my prev shots inda cantik? T_T

    anonymous: hahahahahhaha NO!!! kucing se lagi hensem XD

    uncle: YOSH! XD kekekek bersemangat ni XD

    aj: hahahahahah I'm sorry XD

    sotong: IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! *kicks kicks kicks *chop em tentacles!

  9. Damn. Wrong moment to drop by. I'm hungry! *sigh*

    The pictures are lovely as always. But again, like I said, my hunger is distracting me from every other thing.

  10. compy: awwww *hugs sorry XD

  11. cooler pics there massy!!!i like the meow meow~~~ :D

  12. thanks amy. I'm still belajaring XD


  14. beef version of tenom mee sangatla sinful..i wanz..huhuhu

    QM and Fatty are of the same colour ba kan? from the pic, i cant tell which is which ni..but still,they are cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee..meow i rike.

    Great horror movies mostly come from Thai,no doubt about that :)

  15. Dan: *rofl~ hahahahahha u're so distracted by fewd dun u >.>

    mell: hahaha the beef version looked so sinful coz uncle requested to add more beef hahaha greedy punya uncle!

    QM haf darker ginger color than fatty, and QM got longer furr, tapi QM kaki jeles

    oh horror movies sometimes gimme the creeps but I rike bloody scenes XD

  16. Eee..your cats so cute! :) me likey..

    Ya, usually there are more hoggers during weekdays -- pg lepas keja bah..Sadly the stupid weather is NOT helping. :(

  17. tal: thanks. yeeeeeeee lepas kerja ujan oh T_T isk isk..can't jog waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T

  18. Alala..just noticed my typo. Joggers! not hoggers. Freudian slip, anyone??

    Yaaa!! my jogging sangkut since last week pasal hujan! munyit ohhh..

    ohh..thanks for dropping by too! hehe..

  19. tal: lol lucky I understand wut u meant XD took me awhile though *Rofl. but next month fasting sudah, can't jog T_T woo woo~ unless i jog before sahur dat's like way crazy @_@

  20. I haven't tried Tenom mee before, they do look yummy :)

    Oh, the Nike shoes... kasi taru gam gajah! Haha. U sure it's from Nike, not Nika?? LOL

    I love your shot of Fatty and Bambi... looks like they're not very friendly with each other. Gaduh ka??

  21. I wanna try tenom mee.. where again?

    and Nike can be like that?? waahhhh incredible juga kamurang ni.. jogging dimana sampai jadi gitu???

  22. nessa: yeah tu tenom mee macam tuaran mee only they call it tenom mee XD and yes that is nike, my sis got it from perth, she had it for 4 years, mine, I got it here, i had it for less years than she had hers but mine oso same problem T_T sadis..and i got mine from that royal apa tu shop sana jalan pantai. Hmmm..oh actually bambi saw another cat bah tu, she marah coz tu another female cat kasau her fatty XD

    papaJPP: tu tenom mee sana damai, u know ada roundabout before yoyo damai? before roundabout turn left, weekends banyak urang, ada banyak fewd stalls sana tu, mostly non halal, but my fren assure me that tenom mee teda pok pok XD

  23. i luv ur pics laa massy...berseni gitu...

    nanti boleh laa ajar riani kan :D


  24. angriani: thank yew, i think i need more learning too XD xpa xpa kita belajar sama sama XD *hugs

  25. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I thought you have to go all the way to Tenom for Tenom mee.. di Damai rupanya.

    So kesian tu Nike shoes bah.. alalah!! I got the same but it's Adidas, just the buntut la yang koyak.

    I see cats... wow! niceeee cat.

  26. eshark: no ah XD ada di damai sija. Yeah that's the 2nd time happened to the nike shoe man...yes, QM and Fatty is cute XD