Thursday, August 28, 2008


I went to Eddie's D'Corner at lintas with the guys after work for Chicken Chop. I was there early, I mean early. I know I should stay longer at office but the initial plan was to go home and change. But I didn't, I went there direct. Me and dori were playing DS while waiting for acing and uncle to come. Oh, how I wish I could eat the fried meat on the bones but, we don't massy looking like cannibals do we? XD Oh yeah, Dennis were there too.

astro remote controller not included *lol

I went back straight after that. It was around 8pm. I asked my bro if he wanted to go to uncle's house for a round of Runebound. Runebound explained here. I had to call uncle 3 times to inform him whether I'm going or not. So funny. Sorry uncle.

My place to uncle's house is not that far. It's only few minutes away. So, I don't really mind driving. Brought along my "toy" to "shoot" the new boardgame. Rule, this is the part where you should get jealous? XD Uncle was nice enough to wait for us. I was there around 8:35pm. Somewhere that time.

There's only 4 players. Me, cube, uncle and Dennis.

Some of the characters to choose from

I had a random pick since I don't read stats XD

What you need in this game?

The board

Notice the dragon card with different colors? Those are the monsters that you have to kill. From green (less GG) to red (very GG). There's more pieces on the board. If you get 4 er what are those tokens called? @_@ massy forgot!!! =_=" Anyways, yeah those color tokens on the board, you can exchange it with these. Boost your ability!

Your moves are determined by rolling these iconic dices. Those icons represents the swamp, river, road, mountain, hill (the one looking like spiderman mask) and plains.

A d10, to attack and defend your character from monsters.

Lets pray that the dice rolling is not GG. I believe in karma. I think my bro's character died more than 7 times till he actually manage to pick up in the game. Which is where I'm gonna state my point where I should not have laugh at him. Coz my dice roll sux to the max! T_T

When you killed a monster, you get prizes like gold or some other benefits.

You win when you defeat 3 dragons or 1 big boss dragon. Which in this case, we all GG coz the stats is too GG.

Oh yeah, look wut uncle's dad showed me. A Nikon EM with 50mm F1.8 Nikon Lens. If I link it correctly, I think this camera was around for roughly 29 years. Correct me if I'm wrong. OMG it's as long as *cough cough nvm. Hey I'm no camera expert but these stuff amazes me XD And yes, massy camwhore, ignore the hair please. *sweats~

We were there till almost 1am. I stayed up till 2am this morning. I had roughly 3 hours of sleep.

I hope I covered most of the details. @_@ If not I'll edit this later. I gotta go off for another runebound session tonite.


  1. Okay I am officially jealous of you guys. *Waves FIST!*

    Anyway, lemme suggest if I go back we make a board game marathon. Start from the afternoon til next afternoon. NO SLEEPING! HAH HAH HAH!

  2. And yeah, tell rainer. Paint the muthafuckin' Mini's DAMMIT!

  3. Anonymous10:02 PM

    ....very fine-tuned blog...kaya kawan! Friendship...or may I say all! Syabas Mas anak Hj. Light!

    Gunung Berapit

  4. rule: YES! I got ammo against u now hahahahah mwahahha..uish rule jangan marah we're having a boardgame marathon this saturday man XD *blames uncle.

    anonymous: thank yew *sweats~ ancus nama bapa kluar XD

  5. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Psst! Can borrow your camera a not? Kekekeke

  6. yinsi yat: no wai XP

  7. yeah haha, me and bryan planned for this boardgame marathon for 3 weeks already

    among the games that's gonna be there:

    betrayal at house on hunted hill

  8. wah! you guys are so addict to the game....kekekekeee...*keep it up*!!! :D

  9. uncle: tanhauser? @_@ yeee i dun wanna play citidels bluek~

    amy c: yeap.. XD siok dis

  10. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I never heard of that game. It sounds cool.. hehe..

  11. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Runeawhatta?? I haven't heard of this game...

  12. maika: uncle (rainer) asked a fren to get it from singapore actually XD

    dan: runebound. this is 2nd edition XD

  13. You do play some really interesting board games la. Looks like a pretty cool game :D

    Dropping by to wish you a happy weekend.

  14. nick: frens are boardgame enthusiast

  15. where do you people get all these interesting boardgames? Ada speciality store ka here in KK?

  16. perry: my friend got em at kl erm sometimes from singapore. In KK ada kedai sell german boardgames or u can play at the shop. it's at CarcaSean,Citymall. Hmmm, at Mindslaver KAC also have, but that one mainly on Magic the Gathering card game XD

  17. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Banyak betul board games ko ni kan... Cuba kasi try dulu cya satu;B

  18. arms: ahhahaha bukan se punya, kawan se punya tu XD but if u wanna play, ada tu boardgame shop sana citymall. CarcaSean XD itu tempat men boardgame..siok tu XD

  19. Ooh that camera looks kewl!!

  20. jacq: yeah, old skool~ i can't stop looking at it XD

  21. Wah, that camera looks so cool! So the antique ho? I suka!

  22. rozie: I love antiques too XD *hugs

  23. I like the 29 years old Nikon, so old school!

  24. gina me too. it's awesome! XD