Monday, August 18, 2008

Arkham Horror Boardgame

First of all, my blog post had been delayed because of many different reasons, that includes procrastinating. I'm sorry.

Second of all, another reason for delaying would be the electricity problem since 8am-ish this morning. I was dozing off while playing the DS. Gawd, how ridiculous is that? Blame SESB *hmph~ The electricity was only back on around 11am-ish. GG

Third of all, yet another excuse massy will come up for delaying blog post. Is that, I blame Fara for this! XD for introducing me a gewd and "not complete!" jdorama! How could you!?! Oh yeah, for those who're wondering what jdorma I'm talking about, it is "Seigi no Mikata 2008". It's so totally recommended to watch! It's a story of 2 siblings, Makiko and Youko, well lets say the eldest sis (Makiko) bully the young one (Youko). Anybody reminiscing their past? *cough cough. Currently this series is at episode 5. Come on! Faster! I wanna watch the next episode! Dammits~ Oh yeah, it's also another reason why I sort of cancelled *cough cough one of my sis's plan *cough cough, yeah she's still angry at me becoz of it. I slept around 3am because of this series! HELP!!!!!

Ogie, lets focus. We'll leave that series for some other time when I'm less hyper and hungry. Hmm, maybe I should eat my lunch first. I "tapau-ed" spaghetti from Pizza Hut today. Why? Coz 2 of the shops I owez get my lunch from is close for today. GG.

Done with my meal but distracted from watching another jdorama called "Ace Wo Nerae". Anyways get to know what Arkham Horror is about, watch the video. I leeched it from rule's blog (am I allowed to post the link? Don't think so @_@) XD

We had our Arkham Horror Boardgame session at CarcaSean, Citymall last Friday. We went there after work and was still in our working clothes. But first, we went to 2nd floor near Popular bookstore to check out the arcade center there. Went to Poppea Garden Cafe for dinner. Check out the raves, here. Oh yeah, not forgetting some food shots to make you guys drool? XD

Some of these shots I took using dori's 450D.

I think it was around 7pm-ish? *thinks. I can't remember really. We were at CarcaSean. Playing Arkham Horror Boardgame for the first time. Ogie fine! You guys would know it better as Cthulhu Boardgame? (Is this correct?). What's a Cthulhu? *points at sotong (same specie). Guess who's really happy about this? Sotong!!!! @_@ GG

Here's some shot, well if you ask me to explain this boardgame, I'll make you even confuse, so instead, check it from XD hehehehe. Instead, I'll show you photos hee~ XD

the boardgame, as laid on table (3 combined table to be exact), well it might look messy but it's not that bad. oh yeah, uncle took this (can you see my head? is that my head? @_@)

First, we need to randomly "pick" our character. I don't know what's the exact amount of character you get to choose from. But this is mine (well not really, I sort of had a switch with somebody *cough cough).

Lemme introduce you to ze GAME MASTER (boardgame owner), Shahrul/rule.

macam stress tapi inda LOL

Next are the players. Max no. of players is 8. But 6 of us is sufficient enough? @_@

HOI! Where's me?! GG Oh yeah, rule also playing a character hehe.

Dino, jna, fara and uncle came later on, but didn't play. GG

Kate Winthrop! I choose YOU! I R ze SCIENTIST! GG

on each turn, you get to move one of your upkeep. 1 step only @_@ I R a week scientist it seems

the scientist

Our characters are on board. Oh guess what? Dori is a "HOT" researcher. I mean yeah. Not him, his character. LOOK!

This game involves dice rolling. Opps, I forgot to take shot of the dices XD my bad~

At the start of this game, the 1st player were to hold this token? I don't know what is this called but it's the start of my bad luck hahahah ogie I'm kidding. XD

key tokens are beneficial for players, *points the squarish looking token? those are monster token. *sigh flashback to dice rolling

Your mission is to seal em gates so that monster boss is kept inside! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

I think throughout the game, 3 of the player (including myself) end up in the hospital. Oh not forgetting, I sort of pity Irene's character coz she had to skip turns more than 3 times I think XD

Ack! I didn't take a shot of the monster boss too? Dammits!

We finish playing at around 11pm. Conclusion, we died. I blame my seat, or maybe the day wasn't auspicious enough for me? XD hence dice rolling suxxor big time XD Yes! I is blames! I is not happy coz I is died. Oh yeah another reason why I'm not satisfied with my playing, is because my character become static. My items doesn't increase or decrease. GG

Overall it's a fun game! It takes around 2 -4 hours for this game play. Lets play again before rule goes back people! =_="

Actually I could explain more but I think my blog post gonna be uber long and it'll be uber confusing for everyone. So, I try to cut it short, well ogie besides I'm running out of time coz I wanna go home. XD Sorry peeps.

Last but not least, here's a shot of the happy "sotong" before we went back that night hehe.

Thanks dori for letting me "play" with ur "slut".
Translation: Thanks dori for letting me use your camera.

Thanks rule for letting us play Arkham Horror Boardgame.

Till the next post. Over and out. Thanks for reading. PEACE!


  1. haha, no worries. its my slut. you can play with her whenever i'm around...

    that sounds so wrong..


  2. dori: OMG, that is so wrong @_@

    ARKHAM HORROR!!!! *kicks table! assemble before thursday gawddammit!

  3. What's so 'horror'-fying about Arkham Horror? Ada hantu keluar ka bila main?

  4. perry: no antu kluar but playing with frens are fun! XD

  5. No worries guys just organise if u still wanna play...bawa rainer lagi.

  6. rule make it on wednesday nite can ka? XD

  7. Anonymous8:06 AM

    wah u guys havin so much fun owh kan...but i like the food part..;P yuuuumyyyy...makes me hungry*wait a minute, it is still early to get hungry at this time @_@ it's 8.05am* kekekeke...

    P/S : is Poppea Garden halal??? :D

  8. amy XD's fun

    uh oh btw, >.<"" I still dunno about that coz i see no halal worries..i try to ask my fren who works at citymall hehe XD

  9. hmm..arkham thingy looks fun...

    halal sign ah? 'tutup' mata jak bah...hahaha...but damn the food looks sooooo good..ko nie ah mas, bikin lapar orang jak..:P, im hungry oledi

  10. arkham horror!!! is fun!

    xander: mwahhahahahhahaha XD oh btw, i've checked, it's halal, the only non halal shop there is little taiwan XD

  11. I must be a katak di bawah tempurung... apa ti Jdorama?? Japanese drama ka?

    You guys have loads of fun, good food, fun and games and great company. I miss that... my frens all in KK :*(

  12. nessa: awww *hugs. Jdorama is japanese drama XD u can watch it free (complete series) at XD

    come back to KK! *hugs

  13. Anonymous4:55 PM

    ni blog ko massy ..bagus bagus..ekke banyak makanan buli gumuk sa lagi nie kalau hari hari datang melawat ahahaha

  14. itu makanan bah.. itu barulah sedap.. but wait.. is it because the "slut" is a good one thats y the food also good looking or really the food taste good?

    this game u all playing betul2 confusing bah... next time sia minta ajar kamurang ok... :D