Monday, August 25, 2008

Black Monday

What suppose to be a gewd Monday was spoiled by dumb head such as these. I had a plan of clearing all my tags and posting the photos I took the other day but what I've just experienced spoiled my mood.

Who is having a "black monday" like me? @_@

Ogie, maybe no biggie for some but being someone who's not into these kinda shite, I have a thing called "level of tolerance".

STATEMENT: "I don't have a problem with anyone smoking, heck it's their life, I don't tell people how to live their life but please please please do me a favour, if you do want to puff some cigs, DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT!!! SMOKE IN A CLOSE AREA LIKE THE STAIRCASE AREA!"

Heck man! That's the only way up and ONLY way to the office. WTF is wrong with those people!?!?! Geez! WHICH RETARD SMOKE WITHOUT AN OPEN WINDOW?! Come on man! *sigh~

That's not my only problem, the boss smokes in his room, and this, I should say, is a close room too, heck no problem there. Except, the smokes goes out from the room, which lead us to who is outside. A pregnant lady. It goes to my room too. I had to open my window for air. Before I suffocate.

And oh wait, that's not the end yet. The office boy? He smokes at the pantry, no open window there and to TOP that up, he kept the doors close. So tell me, how does that don't really bother everyone else? You can't go into the pantry till he's done with all his smoke shite, and when he goes out or when the pantry door opens, the smoke still goes into the office. RETARDED! 'nuff said.

Gahhh! Having signboards around the office is pointless. Maybe I should take it off the wall and slams at their face. *sigh.


I need to go through some music dosage to calm myself down. *sigh. =_=""

Note: Not trying to offend smokers but these people don't use their brain when they smoke and I'm pissed, so I need to rant.


  1. I'm with you on this one. I'm not too fond of cigarette smoke myself.

    I don't smoke, never have, never will and have nothing against smokers as long as they smoke far, far, far away from me, I'm okay with that.

    But then, most of them time, smokers don't have any consideration for people who don't smoke.

    I'm sorry to hear your Monday is not a good one. Normally mine isn't too but somehow, this Monday, it seems fine so far ... Hope things get better for you :D

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I can't stand smokers myself. Hopefully the sin tax goes up further this year, but RM5. It might not deter them, but it will have affect on some, cutting back a little.

  3. Nick: I know wut u mean. Yeah I hope it goes well after this. I'm taking the day of tomolo mwahhahah XD padulik!

    Dan: I hope it goes up so high that smokers can't afford to get their ciggies XD *kijam~

  4. yah damn these smokers!

    btw aunty, you've won an award :P check my blog out

  5. uncle: creative blogger thing tu kan XD

    that's the 2nd time i got it XD

  6. I know exactly how you feel! I hate 'em smokers when I'm eating and they're nicely puffing smoke in my face.. grrrr!!!! Kan bagus kalu dia talan seja tu asap.

  7. Wuah nessa, talan tu asap bahaya man XD I dun want my smoker frens to die, yes I still want them around, besides, I'm pointing it at those no brain smokers XD Hey my frens are kewl eventhough they smoke, they'll keep their distance XD

  8. been smoker for like ages.. n stopped for 6 yrs.. i understand yer feelings....
    i hate them too.. i even told them to watch their surrounding.. especially with kids n pregnant lady.
    hope you not infected.. like coughing ..

  9. I'm not anti-smokers. Diorang mo smoke sampai the cows come home pun sia inda kisah ... cuma bikin panas bah kalau they know you're not a smoker tapi syiok2 isap rokok di dapan. Kalau ya pun, pi la di luar bah kan.

    Sia harap satu hari nanti, (even for just one day) they become allergic to smokes then they know how people like us feel.

  10. papaJPP: yeah!!! some ppl juz dun care, kesian the preggie lady at my work place haf to go through the smokes haihs...

    nessa: yeah! ehem ehem...tu papaJPP sudah successful quit smoke he oso annoyed XD