Friday, December 29, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand Trip Day 2

23rd Dec 2006

I'm sorry if I took a long time to post and upload the photos. I've been sick. And still sick. My sickness couldn't get any worst. I got the flu now >_<" *sneezed~

this is my breakfast. fried mee, fried potatos and rice thinggie in cube shape (i forgot wut izzit called) ^_^"

Woke up at 8am. Got a wake up call from my brother (well sounded like my brother?). Wuahhh~ the water is so hot. Where is the medium one?

Had breakfast at the hotel. We left the hotel at 9:45am to this place at Moeng Thong Thani for Otop City International Fair 2006 at this place called Arena? (my kittens are bugging me again). We took a pink taxi, the driver is Mr. Suwan Pewsoi. Did I mention that most of the taxi are Toyota? Including the police car! Oh and the taxis are colorful. There's pink, blue, green+yellow, orangie and etc etc. Earlier the taxi driver told us the fare would be 400 baht, coz dad asked another taxi, that fellow said 500 baht. We took the cheap one? Yeah rite! Guess wut? We got ripped. The fare if follow meter should be around less than 200 baht including toll. Dad paid 40 baht for the 1st toll, 10 baht at the 2nd toll and 20 baht at the final toll. Aiyer, toll also we have to pay ourselves. My dad keep saying "No wonder Thai people are so poor". No offence to any Thai ppl.

look! look! my name as a product brand? wakkakakakak it actually means something but i couldn't remember wut it is hahahaha omg! *hiks~

this sarawak guy definately attract a crowd. so hard to get a shot of him

Seriously, I gotta say, the place where we went is huge! HUMONGOUS!!! Malaysia booths are at the far right. OMG! It's so big! I could recall my dad was telling me that there's 3000 booths all around. OMG! Say wut?! So many!

it's so easy to take photo when there's less people around. cambodia booths.

Most of the booths have this kind of setting.

silvers anyone? things to expect from this fair. should have bought those bangles >_<" lots and lots of silk scarves

Participating countries are Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Korea and etc. Dad's staff was handling the booth for few days. We juz dropped some boxes there and started to walk around. It's seriously tiring and a lot of wonderful interesting stuff. I want a lot of stuff but since my money is limited. I only manage to get some *sigh >_<" The first thing I got was a hat from the Laos booth. The hat was made from herbs. And we learned some language (in Laos that is).

Kop Cai Lai Lai - Thank you ver much

Chao Sa Bai Di Bo - How are you?

Sa Bai Di - Hello

these are so cute!!! very creative. "tempurung kelapa" tu *points points

We (me and Lyne) was separated from dad and my brother. Thank gawd for Digi roaming. I manage to sms my brother (which cost RM2 per sms?) and told him to meet us at the fewd court. I bought a sling bag and some keychains. Took some photos around the booth also. Some of the people dun allow us to take any photo at their booth. I don't know why. >_<"
this is eastin lakeside hotel. not eastin bangkok >_<" *hiks
Took a taxi on the way back. The taxi driver took us to the wrong Eastin Hotel. There's actually a hotel called "Eastin Lakeside Hotel". WOT?! Lucky we got the address for Eastin Bangkok. Surprisingly, taxi fare for the way back is only 165 baht with additional 50 baht for toll >_<" see how much difference from the earlier fare? We reached hotel at around 5pm, so dad told us to rest and will go out at 7pm.
chicken in a basket and some fries *nyum ^_^

We didn't had lunch earlier and we were hungry. We call in for room service. Had chicken in a basket which cost 210 baht. It's nice. Either it's really nice or we're definately hungry? At 7pm, we left to First Hotel area (i dunno wut's that place called) to look for some stuff. On the way there, we passed through "Pratunam Night Market". Wow, lotsa stuff there. Taxi fare was 100 baht (kana tipu again >_<"). The place where we wanted to go mostly are closed.

IT mall. ground floor

We walked to the IT mall and most of the shops are closed. Hmm, I forgot wut time we were there. Brought fried grasshopper, everyone got to try and eat it. Taste salty. Hmm it doesn't taste like ewww. I guess it's the way people think?

a short video i took of bangkok traffic

I guess everyone was hungry (but me), so we went to the Iranian Restaurant near the hotel. This is the 2nd time we went there. I decided to share with my sis.

the amount of rice i had

fish! fish fish fish ♥_♥

Rice and fish. Fish taste gewd. Not fond of the rice though. My dad had the same meal set as us and my bro had beef curry. We had to wait a bit coz there's only 1 person doing all the serving. More like 1 person handling all the work. She's the cook, the one taking orders, the waitress and the cashier. Eventhough the place is small, I noticed quite a number of people coming in and out of the shop. Dinner cost around 650 baht. Wow, must be my lucky day! Dad gave each of us 1000 baht. Weeeeeeee

We went back to the hotel at around 10pm. By that time, most of the shops are closed already. Took a taxi on the way back, guess how much it cost? 37 baht only. >_<" *pftttttt ripped twice! OMG! Noted: It's my parents wedding anniversary today. We went to Luna Rossa for dinner. I posted some photos and some details here.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna help my mum clean the fridge *hiks~

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand Trip Day 1

I guess everyone's anxious to where I went during my holidays?

WARNING! Starting from here, it would gonna be a very long blog post. Seriously.

Stated as my title, that is where I went. With my dad, eldest sis and brother. 4 of us only yes. Mum had to stay coz my 2nd sis decided she wanna work.

Lemme start by taking a deep breath (maybe you guys should too?).

while waiting for dad. my sis decided to touch-up a bit?

he's giving me the cold shoulder ¬_¬

the angle is so wrong. i looked ugly fugly

So, my trip started on the 22nd December 2006 = Friday. We left home at around 3:30pm and stopped at dad's office for awhile for some boxes. Reached airport at around 4pm or so. Terminal 2 airport is under renovation. Even with those renovations going on? I gotta say, it would look gewd (well at least it's better than the previous one?) We had to wait for few minutes as we only can check-in at 4:50pm. No aircond yet. Got some fans only, but it's not very helpful coz I'm seriously sweating like shite!

a shot of lyne with the bags

people, lotsa people waiting to check-in. sollie, shakie hands hehe

Very crowded! Our flight to Bangkok is at 6:50pm (*distractions. kitty decided to sit in front of me. she long for attention it seem). As I was saying. Unfortunately, flight delayed till 7:40pm *sigh. I wish I would be happy but I'm not. Seriously, it's a long wait and there's barely air. Oh, there's actually 3 flight at that time. Hey I know Terminal 2 is under renovation but common! At least fans? Nope, no fan no aircond. I could seriously die. Oh 3 flights, umm, to KL, Sandakan and Bangkok.

the crowd inside. *hiks~ no air~ hu~~

We were like waiting for our turns. *sigh. Oh guess who I notice I saw? Amirul from AF3. Not sure if it's him or not but certainly looks like him? I guess nobody was sort of noticing coz nobody was going near him or anything like that?

Oh another person who my sis met is Atama. He was with his family going on the same trip as us. Wut a small world. I manage to get window seat! Ahhh, I'm a big fan of window seat. I hate sitting anywhere else actually. Lotsa camwhoring from my sis. Erm, I'm not sure how many photos she took of herself from her camera. But I could say from my camera? Her photos? Is more than 50 shots. Maybe less than 100 shot? Atama's brother, er I think the name is Arnold or something like that, was sitting behind me, dad was sitting in front of me and my brother

camwhoring. this is one of the shots taken using my sis's camera. my big teeth *hiks~

We were expecting to get some fewd during our flight but they somehow ran out of everything? They only have hot milo, cold milo and mineral water? Are you kidding me? I felt hungry already. Sleep my way through *sigh. Each milo cost 30 baht (a rough RM3). My sis, Lyne manage to learn some Thai sentences (not so sure about the spelling though).

Kun Sui Mia - You are beautiful

Sapai di mai? - How are you?

We reached Bangkok at around 10:30pm. I think? Thailand time is 1 hour late than us. Wait, I'm lost with the timing hahahahaha. Yay! Roaming for Digi and Hotlink. Er, sms-ing cost RM2 each and calls cost RM3 per minute? I think?

baggage claim *hiks~

crowd at the airport

an xmas tree outside the airport. look! that's one tall xmas tree. and lotsa lights >_<>

Quite crowded. Somebody from the local travel agency suppose to pick us up but nobody showed. As usual, my dad would be pissed in this kinda condition. In the end, dad was cursing and we took a taxi to the hotel. *sigh >_<" Taxi fare is 220baht + 50 baht. I think. We had to pay toll. 1st toll cost 75 baht, 2nd toll cost 40 baht. OMG I'm so confused. Which is which? *hiks. As usual, Lyne is camwhoring again? We were so hungry! We stayed at Eastin Hotel Bangkok which is located at Makkasan. We decided to check-in to the hotel first. Have you ever seen a hotel with so many mirrors? OMG! There's so many mirrors! Lotsa xmas decoration too. We're wondering how izzit to celebrate xmas at Bangkok. Hmm...

We went out to look for fewd. There's a 7-11 nearby. We walked a bit and saw some stalls, had "bird nest" for 50 baht each. The size of a normal rice bowl. It was ok. Ahhh, there's a restaurant nearby. A seafood restaurant called "Thong Chai Seafood".

thong chai seafood. omg. so tasty!

ahhh such cute ornaments. must take photo while waiting for fewd

ahhh tasty deep fried fish with garlic on top. this would taste really great with soya sauce *nyum

asparagus cooked with osyter sauce. i think the waiter pronounce asparagus wrongly by calling it asparagas or something like that *rofl

BBQ prawn? i think that is wut this dish is called? am not a prawn lover. allergic~

soup and tea. the tea looks like "teh tarik"? no sugar added. only "susu cap junjung" *hiks~

Nyum. Dinner, or I should say supper cost 1060 baht. I'm stuffed! I'm so gonna gain weight on my holidays *sigh. OMG! I slept at 2:24am. >_<" oh man. I wasn't sleepy, I was definately having a hard time to sleep. Not like my roomie. *pftttt. I actually took shots of the room but I'll upload it in other post coz too many photos to edit >_<" Driving me nuts. And I'm sick. Sore throat and slight fever *sigh.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Tomorrow is my day off. Weeeeeee so much fun! I'm packing for my holiday! (barely). Whole day I was playing Maple Story. Oh I was trying to complete my quest (which is hitting and getting 1000 toy drums from bunnies). OMG! I never wanna see a drumming bunny again! But thank gawd for a helpful stranger who is a lvl 61 Cleric from another country (namely Spore) who is way younger than I am, helped me finish by getting half of the drums. Wow. We rarely meet those kinda ppl these days dun we?

Wow, I'm seriously in a gewd mood. I went to pick my sis up from work. Which I seldom do. Coz my patience gets the best of me. I'm easily tempered and I dun like waiting for others hehe. A behavioural change if u ask me. Trying to be a nice person (oh yeah rite! you wish). OMG! It's 7pm and I haven't shower yet OMG OMG OMG!

I'll continue blog later. Oh btw, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone! :)

Noted: I wanted to blog about this and I seriously forgot. I was browsing through my Friendster's page and saw and noticed that my friend joined "Blast Off". Anyone who dun know wut "Blast Off" is, go here.

I never actually seen it myself but I heard about it from advertisement. As I was browsing for my friend's band. I saw another friend's band. Oh, the band I'm refering to is "Andalusia" and "Cosmic". Both are vocalist hahahah only for different band >_<". I myself never heard them sing. Dun blame me. I seldom meet them. But I know them.

Just Another Day

Gewd morning! Gewd morning! Gewd morning! *hiks I sound like I'm in a really gewd mood. Well I guess I am. I'm getting all excited coz Xmas and New Year is coming! XD

Anyways, not quite the main point.

Did anyone hear the news about Thai Baht? Anybody going to Thailand? It's a gewd time to change ur money now! Thai Baht dropped. Woo~

Yesterday, I guess I was in a really gewd mood. Decided to go off early (only 30 mins early la) to pick up my sis at her work place. Well it's not that far and since she got off at 4pm. Normally I would be pissed if she even 5 mins late. But yeap, as I was saying, I'm in a really gewd mood. I planned to go to Karamunsing but she decided wanted to go to Wisma Merdeka. Not such a gewd choice but we went there. BIG MISTAKE! Who's the one suffering? ME! Cut the story short, I was turning here and there for I guess an hour or so juz to look for parking. So where did I manage to park? Sanaaaaa Wisma Sabah. We still have to walk u know. Lucky I haf slipper in my car. So I no need to torture my leg with heels (barely). Though, I do think my sis suffer in this matter coz she was wearing heels which seems to me doesn't really fit her huge feet hehehehehe...

fish and chips. very little chips >_<"

First thing we did is to find fewd. Yes I'm dead hungry with all the turning and I had brunch at 10am so yeap, I deserve a meal! We went to the fewd court and had fish and chips. Cost at RM4.95 and the taste was so so ok, I dun have too much to complain. If I wasn't that hungry, I would probably skip it. I like to eat the pizza and spagetti there but erm, I gotta say the fish was kinda raw. I still can taste the flour. >_<"
my sis took a shot of me while i was putting some sauce. i would be happy if they gimme pepper. but nope, dun think so

Ahhh not forgetting my sis disturbing behaviour which is to take photo of herself (everywhere she go, seriously). You can't see that much of cam-whoring anywhere. Trust me!

After dinner, went around for a bit and I guess her feet was suffering too much that she decided to give up and go home. *hiks~ So we did. We reached home at around 8:30pm and I told mum that I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy at 9pm. I got a problem with having the person I hate in the same room. I'll somehow annoy them *hiks. Yes, I know it's bad but I can't help myself but being annoyed for the person being there. Guess wut I did? Kinda childish I know but who could blame me? "I'm NOT perfect and I'm only HUMAN!" I was putting on Indo Songs and singing to it loudly. Oh one song I guess I dedicated to "that" person. Hwahahahah.

Went off to bed at around I guess nearly 11pm. Somehow woke up coz somebody didn't sleep yet *sigh. Somebody gotta move to another room. Seriously!

Thoughts: Has anyone notice their hands as I did to my wrist? Umm, sometimes, my veins somehow seem to be more obvious than usual. Mum told me that my blood is not flowing properly *hiks. Oh, and she was telling me the other day about people having their hands, armpit, legs sweat, there's a treatment to that. CUT YOUR NERVES! Seriously, no joke man! They can operate to settle this matter. Freakie!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Me and New Indo Songs

I've juz listened to "Mengenangmu" by the Indo Band "Kerispatih". Ahh, the new song is nice. I mean the lyrics. Sad and sappy juz like me.

The lyrics here:
Takkan pernah habis
air mataku
bila kuingat
tentang dirimu

Mungkin hanya kau yang tahu
mengapa sampai
saat ini
ku masih sendiri

Adakah di sana
kau rindu padaku
meski kita kini ada di
dunia berbeda

Bila masih mungkin
waktu kuputar
‘kan kutunggu

Biarlah kusimpan
sampai nanti aku
‘kan ada di sana
Tenanglah dirimu
dalam kedamaian

Ingatlah cintaku
kau tak terlihat lagi
Namun cintamu

Source of lyrics: Kerispatih - Mengenangmu [Kelinci Putih]

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Boiling Up

How do people expect me to cool down if the person u hate is juz right next to u? *sigh~!!!!!

Maple Story - Happy Ville

I forgot that I wanted to post these

Half Day Off

I took half day off from work yesterday. No I'm not sick. I juz need to get my flu jab and juz so that my eldest sis is free that day.
cars. all u can see is cars >_<"

So, went back home at around 1pm. Totally not such a gewd idea to go out coz that's the time where my area is flooded with cars. It was really really hot and I decided to shower before I go out again.

I asked my mum to look at my tyre coz it looks like I need to go check it before I go off. So I did. >_<" and guess wut? Got my salary today, burn RM140 for 1 tyre. *sigh. Then went to the bank to drop some cheque, went to another bank so my sis could withdraw. Wow totally lucky for parking. Then off we go to clinic somewhere around Inanam. RM60 for flu jab. >_<" Decided to go to CPS to look for working clothes. Yes, I'm lack of working clothes and I dun enjoy it.
camwhoring. i was taking a shot of my sis and she was taking a shot of me, so that's why the blurness... >_<"

My sis was nice enuff to treat me dinner and some other stuff like junk fewd and drinks. Wow! So, we went almost everywhere and I only manage to get a shirt for RM29.50 (price after discount) at Ngiu Kee. Wonder why? Lemme tell you why!!! Coz most of the clothes are for flat chested papan type of ppl! >_<" *sigh I should have gone to Warisan Plaza. Hmmm Imagine looking around shops for clothes from 4pm to 9pm-ish. All I get is frustrations. Ahhhh giordano. There's this one 3/4 pants that I wanted. It cost RM74++ after discount >_< uhhh~ guys would look nice with skater 3/4 pants woo...

My post would be different if I were to type this last nite *hiks~

Ahhh. Something that most people would try to prevent. Arguments. How inconsiderate for a person who share room with me. When you already asked if she could find some other time to talk with her bf? Should you talk with ur bf if somebody is trying to sleep? I need a solid answer for this. What would you do? Tell me, I wanna know.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Hot Sunny Weather and The Plan

I planned to take halfday today. But thinking that my sis wanna go fix her hair. Er...I dun think so. Am not gonna go there and pick her up? *sigh. Ohhh, I need to get a flu jab. I walked 2 blocks to the bank. Thank gawd for cheque deposit machines! XD it only took me 10 minutes to settle everything.

I was wondering why this morning, everyone seem to be driving so slow >_<" so very slow, snails.

My colleague told me that today is salary day. WOT?! R u freaking kidding me?! >_<" I didn't bring my bank book. *sigh omg~!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Boring Saturday

Woke up early morning. I think it was around 7am or 8am. Kitty woke me up. They were like jumping around the bed and stepping on my face (thank gawd for thick blankie).

Mum found a dead rat outside. Mumu was playing innocent. Ooooh! He did it again alright! He killed a rat ewwwwwwwwww~ stinks man.

the dead male rat

the innocent mumu. "killer!"

remember the noisy crying dog that makes ppl can't sleep? well here he is. i dunno wut my sis named him but i call him "popi" hahahahaha. oh and he have 6 toes. ahhh i'll take a shot of his toes later *hee oh and he looks like a cow.

The initial plan is to go out with my mum after she send my sis back home around noon. >_<" But that didn't happen did it? Hmmm, we only got out around nearly 3pm *sigh. She thought I only wanna buy cloth. I wanna find working clothes also la~ aiyo. We went to Segama. Oh btw, it was really really hot. Nothing interesting there. *sigh, the clothes omg, nothing seems to attract me. Walked to KK Plaza. Ahhhhhh!!! So frustrating. I found 1 kewl top but it's a bit tight for me. >_<" *sigh. Bought a handphone bag thinggie.

blue is my favourite color (*singing at the background)

Ogie, this cost RM4.90 and the slightly bigger one is like RM1 difference. Heh~ I would say the pink color is tempting but ewww pink! NO WAY I'm getting that.

*points at the shoe. i want that shoe!!!!

Then walked to the market. Mum wanted to get some pearls for her relative who's coming here from er I forgot.

Around 6pm-ish, went to Tg. Aru for dinner. Ogie, the chicken rice wasn't that great! Around 7pm-ish went to pick my dad at airport. Went to boss house to send some stuff but nobody was home. *sigh~ thank gawd it didn't rain. I can't drive at nite if it rains. hehe~ Reached home before 9pm. Oh, not forgetting, my dad bought nasi lemak from er where that nasi lemak stall famous at KL? Antarabangsa? He tapau!!!

Ahhh it's been awhile since I last maple. So now I'm gonna maple! Weeee

Friday, December 15, 2006

Vietnam Fewd and Window Shopping

This morning, had bread and egg. I didn't know that the bread was expired. Luckily I only ate like quarter of it. I feel sick. >_<" yuck! *ptui ptui~

Amy asked me out for lunch. We had lunch at Peppermint. The vietnam restaurant famous with chicken rice. Amy had rice with beef stew, I had er I dunno wut's this beef thinggie called. I owez call it "cold dish" and we shared the spring rolls. No worries, showing the photo is better than describing it. Tasty!

amy's lunch. rice, beef stew and soup

my lunch. the cold dish. well it's actually beef cooked with garlic, with meehoon, some taugeh, cucumber add vinegar and chili :) *nyum~
spring rolls. i remember this cost RM3 hehe

We were there for an hour or so, and decided to go to Wisma Merdeka to kill time. Oh, btw, every Friday, lunch hour is from 11:30am to 2pm. So, it's really boring to be sitting at the office. I can feel all the fats had gone to my butt argh!
It's seriously hot today. Oh well, so, we walked to Wisma Merdeka. Ohh, I'm so scared of crossing the road. Freakie for me. Hehehe. But I managed. Walking around Wisma, noticed quite a number of sales going on. Lotsa teddy bears selling, xmas trees (these aren't those real ones ogie), ornaments, lights etc etc. We were walking around till 1:30pm-ish.
one of the stalls selling teddies and some other deco stuff. ogie who gonna get me one of those soft teddy for xmas? hahahah *kidding. anyways, anyone wanna get these? location: ground floor
this was spotted at the 2nd floor. ow ogie, these are new for me
look at the price. isn't it too cheap to be A4 sized paper? hehe
look again. see wut i mean?
cute ain't it?

went to familia at the 2nd floor. found this canned fewd. not! it's actually a double A memo pad thinggie. so cute. i should have bought those. wut? dun believe me ah? wait i show u another pix
oh believe it! see! told u. dun u think these ppl are creative! i do i do! :)
the last shop that we went. we spotted this. so, if anybody curious where this is, *hint: 2nd floor hahahahaha who knows anybody wanna get this for xmas pressie? hahahahahah

Noted: This photo is a bit out of focus. Am really sorry is currently under server maintenance. No access at all. *sigh
Last but not least, it's seasons to be jolly! Juz gonna take this kawaii card that acing a.k.a rob-jr make as a wish to everyone. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. I know it's too cute and I juz gotta share it.

So now I'm gonna end the day and do some laundry weeeeeeeeeee.