Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday = Rest Day

Every Sunday, I'll be at home, lazing around. The only thing I do is watch tv, probably eat? play games till the day ends. (sounds pretty boring ain't it? more like somebody with no life at all?). Well, this is the best part of being me. You get to experience the most boring life ever hahahah NOT. Though, I would really appreciate more peace on a Sunday. Not having to listen to people's sarcastic arguments. I seldom get that these days. Peace and quiet I mean. I know I shouldn't complain much. Somebody somewhere would probably experience worst days than me but yeah, that's one more thing everyone gotta take note about me. I've been complaining since I got the ability to talk hahahahaha. Most people get tired of me complaining. At one extent, I stopped talking. But really, do you think I can stop talking? No rite? See, this is why I have a blog/journal or somewhere to crap about it. Obviously? (gee, I sound really energetic aren't I? while I'm suppose to be sleeping since it's really past my bed time?)

I guess sometimes, if I think too much, I couldn't seem to stop. I guess some of these kinda things are influenced by my environment or maybe I picked it up from a movie or something? Dun u guys think? Like I could possibly get inspired by even reading through somebody's blog or something? Yeah, sometimes I get inspired by even looking at people's artwork. I dunno. Oh yeah, guess wut I watched today? Bunch of anime from Animax and the movie "Hitch". This movie can never bore me somehow. I enjoyed it all the time I get to watch it. Very inspiring. Though I won't put my hopes up too high on the thing call "Love" hahahaha. Yes, it's late and I'm yapping. My kittens aren't sleeping. They are playing and making lotsa noise jumping around.

Bahhhhhh~~~ I dunno wut I'm talking about rite now coz I've been thinking too much and seriously, I should be sleeping and stop thinking. For now. Till then, I hope everyone have a wonderful day. And mind me for being so talkative today. Must be those darn hormones. >_<" Gewd nite.

Coffee can make u high but I dun think tea can?

OMG! I edited this twice coz I forgot to add some useful information. Ogie, it's like this. I love Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 digital camera's macro function. Seriously, u need not to stand real close to the subject to get a macro shot. While using Canon A710 IS camera that I recently bought, unfortunately, u can't zoom like mad to get a macro shot. Or maybe it's my skills? It might be all wrong? I guess, but I had to like be as close as I can to get shot of insects >_<" which is troublesome and creepy. I'll post some pix soon to show u wut I mean. Till then, I'm really gonna head off to bed now. I hope my mind won't go wander again. I might have to edit this again? Nahhh I dun think so hahahah...


  1. Hitch : I only adore Eva Mendes in this movie. Sexy lips, bootylicious..

  2. hahahhahaha...i bet u watch her and dunno the story lines hahahahah :P

  3. aiyah..don think 2 much leh rambut buli gugur eh.. ;P relax² don go out shopping² kah sunday? pi tamu tuaran ka :P

  4. zaini...rambutku mmg dah gugur ahhaha and i'm losing my memory too..ahhhhhh signs of getting old >_<"

    oh anyways, i sometimes only go to gaya street with my parents..but shopping? eeeeeeeeeeeeee...i'm not like those typical gals who like to shop hahahahaha...

    i only do that if i wanna pamper myself hahahah which i dun this month ahhahaha

  5. Of course I know the story line. :)

    But still Eva Mendez made me speechless. hheheh