Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Half Day Off

I took half day off from work yesterday. No I'm not sick. I juz need to get my flu jab and juz so that my eldest sis is free that day.
cars. all u can see is cars >_<"

So, went back home at around 1pm. Totally not such a gewd idea to go out coz that's the time where my area is flooded with cars. It was really really hot and I decided to shower before I go out again.

I asked my mum to look at my tyre coz it looks like I need to go check it before I go off. So I did. >_<" and guess wut? Got my salary today, burn RM140 for 1 tyre. *sigh. Then went to the bank to drop some cheque, went to another bank so my sis could withdraw. Wow totally lucky for parking. Then off we go to clinic somewhere around Inanam. RM60 for flu jab. >_<" Decided to go to CPS to look for working clothes. Yes, I'm lack of working clothes and I dun enjoy it.
camwhoring. i was taking a shot of my sis and she was taking a shot of me, so that's why the blurness... >_<"

My sis was nice enuff to treat me dinner and some other stuff like junk fewd and drinks. Wow! So, we went almost everywhere and I only manage to get a shirt for RM29.50 (price after discount) at Ngiu Kee. Wonder why? Lemme tell you why!!! Coz most of the clothes are for flat chested papan type of ppl! >_<" *sigh I should have gone to Warisan Plaza. Hmmm Imagine looking around shops for clothes from 4pm to 9pm-ish. All I get is frustrations. Ahhhh giordano. There's this one 3/4 pants that I wanted. It cost RM74++ after discount >_< uhhh~ guys would look nice with skater 3/4 pants woo...

My post would be different if I were to type this last nite *hiks~

Ahhh. Something that most people would try to prevent. Arguments. How inconsiderate for a person who share room with me. When you already asked if she could find some other time to talk with her bf? Should you talk with ur bf if somebody is trying to sleep? I need a solid answer for this. What would you do? Tell me, I wanna know.


  1. Coz most of the clothes are for flat chested papan type of ppl!!<--wow..heheeh i wonder..err..nvm ekeke

  2. wuahhh!!! somebody got mountain la!!
    aiyo..just ask that person politely to talk outside lor and not in the room. kekeke

  3. zaini: er coz i got broader shoulders hahahahahahhahahaha

    aceone: hahahahha did use...very selfish type one these ppl

  4. hey! not selfish! just sleepy! Time diff makes for connecting an issue is all. I've been waking up at 7 so we could be done by 10, so no more grr, okay? Besides, cranking southpark isn't quiet :P

    Nothing I would love more than for sis to have her own room--but oldest sis takes up 3. I know she's a little big, but sheesh, so big she needs three rooms? ;D