Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Boring Saturday

Woke up early morning. I think it was around 7am or 8am. Kitty woke me up. They were like jumping around the bed and stepping on my face (thank gawd for thick blankie).

Mum found a dead rat outside. Mumu was playing innocent. Ooooh! He did it again alright! He killed a rat ewwwwwwwwww~ stinks man.

the dead male rat

the innocent mumu. "killer!"

remember the noisy crying dog that makes ppl can't sleep? well here he is. i dunno wut my sis named him but i call him "popi" hahahahaha. oh and he have 6 toes. ahhh i'll take a shot of his toes later *hee oh and he looks like a cow.

The initial plan is to go out with my mum after she send my sis back home around noon. >_<" But that didn't happen did it? Hmmm, we only got out around nearly 3pm *sigh. She thought I only wanna buy cloth. I wanna find working clothes also la~ aiyo. We went to Segama. Oh btw, it was really really hot. Nothing interesting there. *sigh, the clothes omg, nothing seems to attract me. Walked to KK Plaza. Ahhhhhh!!! So frustrating. I found 1 kewl top but it's a bit tight for me. >_<" *sigh. Bought a handphone bag thinggie.

blue is my favourite color (*singing at the background)

Ogie, this cost RM4.90 and the slightly bigger one is like RM1 difference. Heh~ I would say the pink color is tempting but ewww pink! NO WAY I'm getting that.

*points at the shoe. i want that shoe!!!!

Then walked to the market. Mum wanted to get some pearls for her relative who's coming here from er I forgot.

Around 6pm-ish, went to Tg. Aru for dinner. Ogie, the chicken rice wasn't that great! Around 7pm-ish went to pick my dad at airport. Went to boss house to send some stuff but nobody was home. *sigh~ thank gawd it didn't rain. I can't drive at nite if it rains. hehe~ Reached home before 9pm. Oh, not forgetting, my dad bought nasi lemak from er where that nasi lemak stall famous at KL? Antarabangsa? He tapau!!!

Ahhh it's been awhile since I last maple. So now I'm gonna maple! Weeee


  1. That rat is 'super masculine' hehehe...

  2. ke keh keh...lucky la ur cat can kill mum's cat can only look at em...and make friend with it heheeh..wah where u got tht doggie?? hehe..

  3. hahahaha saiful hahaha "super" hahahaha

    zaini: the puppy? neighbour give her...dunno where they got that puppy..but so damn noisy de...

  4. Just wanna ask. Is that true if you take pictures of your cat, the cat will dissappear or dead? My cat is growing bigger and healthy, and I really wanna take picture of it.

  5. i took a lot of mumu's pix a lot of times...erm...he's growing old with other cats...erm some died coz of sickness..i really dun know how does dat really apply coz i took some other cat's photo before..and they died...and some i took many never i dun really know how does dat really apply sorry :P

  6. There see..i said the cat can be security for U wan...tangkap rat for ya.

  7. thats not a dead rat... thats cat food! :P

  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww rambler ewwwwwwwww..hahahaha..oh only mumu...mumu is snobbish hahahaa