Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm losing it

*sigh. I got a standard lecture from my dad about having kitties in my room. *sigh. He is saying that the cats might kill me coz I sucked too much furr when I'm sleeping (*imagine hairballs in between lungs). He said I should put them somewhere else? Being offensive about it, I ask him where? He said anywhere except in the room. It must be outside the room. *sigh. I told him I'll keep em in the toilet. He said he dun want them near the bed. *sigh. Mum had suggested me to put them outside. >_<" I can't. They can't be outside. Putting them in toilet even makes me wanna cry already. >_<" My thought, it must be an inside person. *sigh. I HATE YOU BITCH!

*sigh~~!!! I actually took the vacuum and cleaned part of my room. I couldn't clean the other part coz my sis is at her computer. Being noisy as always. *sigh~! Today must be my lousy day. Feeling so miserable. I'm seriously having a feeling that I had years ago. I thought I successfully killed that feeling but owww guess wut? It's starting to haunt me. *sigh~! ARGH!!! I'm so frustrated. Where the hell am I gonna put my kitties. *sigh~~!!!!!!

This practically spoiled my appetite. Oh wait. I've been skipping lotsa meals lately. How convenient *haih~

Noted: When I'm angry. I talk crap. So mind the crap. And I obviously dun handle stress very well. Oh wutever.

Thought: "My temper could seriously kill me"


  1. you spoiled ur cat lah...let em be indipendent lah..haha..let say...let em go wild..:P aiyah..skipping lotsa meal can cause gastrik lah :P not worried kah?

  2. >_<" Noiiiiiiiii!!! cannot cannot!!!! there's dogs outside the house!!! NO WAY!!!! NO WAY!!!!

    eh? skipping meals dun kill me. er...cause gastric..been there..but heck i dun really care do i?

  3. Keep it at the night can be security jaya for you tangkap tikus!!! wuahahahaha.

  4. kitchen..hmm...i wonder...

  5. mum's dog doesnt harm our cat only ate em heheh

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