Friday, December 15, 2006

Vietnam Fewd and Window Shopping

This morning, had bread and egg. I didn't know that the bread was expired. Luckily I only ate like quarter of it. I feel sick. >_<" yuck! *ptui ptui~

Amy asked me out for lunch. We had lunch at Peppermint. The vietnam restaurant famous with chicken rice. Amy had rice with beef stew, I had er I dunno wut's this beef thinggie called. I owez call it "cold dish" and we shared the spring rolls. No worries, showing the photo is better than describing it. Tasty!

amy's lunch. rice, beef stew and soup

my lunch. the cold dish. well it's actually beef cooked with garlic, with meehoon, some taugeh, cucumber add vinegar and chili :) *nyum~
spring rolls. i remember this cost RM3 hehe

We were there for an hour or so, and decided to go to Wisma Merdeka to kill time. Oh, btw, every Friday, lunch hour is from 11:30am to 2pm. So, it's really boring to be sitting at the office. I can feel all the fats had gone to my butt argh!
It's seriously hot today. Oh well, so, we walked to Wisma Merdeka. Ohh, I'm so scared of crossing the road. Freakie for me. Hehehe. But I managed. Walking around Wisma, noticed quite a number of sales going on. Lotsa teddy bears selling, xmas trees (these aren't those real ones ogie), ornaments, lights etc etc. We were walking around till 1:30pm-ish.
one of the stalls selling teddies and some other deco stuff. ogie who gonna get me one of those soft teddy for xmas? hahahah *kidding. anyways, anyone wanna get these? location: ground floor
this was spotted at the 2nd floor. ow ogie, these are new for me
look at the price. isn't it too cheap to be A4 sized paper? hehe
look again. see wut i mean?
cute ain't it?

went to familia at the 2nd floor. found this canned fewd. not! it's actually a double A memo pad thinggie. so cute. i should have bought those. wut? dun believe me ah? wait i show u another pix
oh believe it! see! told u. dun u think these ppl are creative! i do i do! :)
the last shop that we went. we spotted this. so, if anybody curious where this is, *hint: 2nd floor hahahahaha who knows anybody wanna get this for xmas pressie? hahahahahah

Noted: This photo is a bit out of focus. Am really sorry is currently under server maintenance. No access at all. *sigh
Last but not least, it's seasons to be jolly! Juz gonna take this kawaii card that acing a.k.a rob-jr make as a wish to everyone. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. I know it's too cute and I juz gotta share it.

So now I'm gonna end the day and do some laundry weeeeeeeeeee.


  1. Chrismas fever kambing ledi!! Happy holidays! Ho..Ho..Ho.

    I like the last pic! lol

  2. hahahhahahahahahahhah *rofl

  3. the second last pic kinda suit u lah massy...hehe wat was they call it? err..lingerie?err..swimming suit hehe

  4. zaini = pervert!!!!

  5. Have a funky funky funky Xmas and a happy new year....