Monday, December 11, 2006


Seriously, I'm losing my mind! I thought my sis would have use the middle door to go out this morning. Instead, she use the front main door >_<" oh my gawd! I totally snapped man. I was calling my eldest sis juz to verify. Thank gawd she's at home >_<" If not, I'm doomed!

Wut do u do when u're nervous?

Not a new thing or a secret to anyone. I'll be biting my lips or biting my nails or be looking anywhere (talking about paranoia?). Er, I dunno why but I juz dun do crowds. Crowds make me uncomfortable. Especially a crowd filled with strangers! *sigh~ Must be em genes. Sick I know. Ahhh the best part, I get sick if I go to ppl's house. Hence, the lack of eating. So, ppl, if you found me at somebody's house eating very little, am terribly sorry. It's juz me getting nervous. Takes a lil time to adapt to places actually >_<" *sigh~

Not totally fond of being like this but yeah. It's juz me *hiks~


  1. that ka?? u shud go to my hse..becoz we all stranger to you,so you will eat little..then i can save some beras lah heeheh

  2. *dropped jaw...punya men jat ni urang

  3. what i do when im nervous ?

    i drink water
    and eat
    and sweat =)

  4. haehaheheahea..wuah..oh sweating is a must! heahhaha...eek...u drink and eat ah? but u no fat?

  5. You not nervous la, just shy only. If biasa ledi sure you wollop alot wan! kakakaka..!!

  6. shy + nervous hahahah