Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The implementation of new layout

I started the design at 4pm yesterday. Continued halfway last nite and finished it today before noon. So wut do u guys think? There's still some minor error somewhere that I still need to fix. *sigh~ Other than that, I think everything is in working condition?

If it's not, please tell me. TQ!

Hope everyone like my new layout. If u ask me, I'm still not satisfied with it >_<" Btw, I'll be posting some photos of the tar-ed road here at Gaya Street.

I've changed the cbox smilies too. Some might be missing, so bare with me.

Credits: Website Goodies, Smiley Arena


  1. Err..the layout looked to big liddat!

  2. too big? wut is too big? the banner?

    it's meant to be big hahahahha

  3. Cool.. refreshing colour.. *jealous* Muhahahahhahahaha

  4. heaheh thanks...though, still got some errors >_<" *sigh

  5. wah...bila mo buat sa punya hehee...err..camana kasi hilang tue blog title??

  6. hilang blog title? juz remove the <$blogtitle> <-- something that look a bit like this..i can't remember the full tag..but something like dat

    eh wait..title ka header?

    title means the title u set to ur mine is the life of psychotic weirdo

    if header..yang everytime u post punya ada tu title header

  7. title lah hehe...ya ya itu la...keh keh..bah nnti sa try thanks