Monday, December 04, 2006

Walking is Exercising

Walking to and back from the bank took me at least or less than 10 minutes with a complete transaction. I did that coz there's barely RM100 left in my bank account. Which I think is sick. Besides, I couldn't do any online transfer or reload if I dun have any money there could I?

I'm working on a new template for my blog. Still can't come up with anything *pffttt~~~ I sucked. Huhuhu~ play maple is better for me now weeeeeeeeeeee :))


  1. You wan 3 column templates anot? I rekomen you la, Best punya!!! kekeke

  2. 3 columns hmm...*thinks...bulih jugak...mana?

  3. Depends la.. if you want simple blog, 2 columns is ok. 3 is crowded.

  4. *hiks..still thinking how am i gonna design it or maybe i take somebody elses hahahaha

  5. hahaha here i do a lot of walking... like mad dog... hahaha

    Online transfer.. HSBC give me "security device" which i jarang2 pakai... hahaha till kena hnatar surat from the bank ask WHY i jarang pakai... hahah i replyu them malas to do online baking... bukan millionaire pun... hahaha i think the telecenter guys piss off with me..