Sunday, September 27, 2009

Illegal Immigrant?

Driving without license?

Those are the questions that ran into my mind when my bro told me the entrance to our house is blocked.

My brother said, he honk many times before he finally gave up and got into the house (in this case, he parked behind the truck).  Gave me some time to run up to my room to grab the camera as evidence.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any photo of the person (lets just say he's not local).  And he keeps apologizing and telling us that he's new.  I'm guessing he must be illegal, judging from his way of driving (he nearly bang my bro's car while reversing, what kinda retard drives like that?  You don't wanna know how he got out from this area, it's stewped really)?  I'm very rude when I'm pissed.  And he told us that he's new.  I'm the type who won't give face, especially if it involves blocking my road. 

But I manage to take photo of how stewped these people are to park this way.

Notice the blue car behind that yellow truck?  That's my bro's car.

And we thought that we didn't manage to get the company name?  Lucky!  When I took this photo, the door was slightly open.  So, lets crop that out shall we?

CnTT Group?  Hmmm..

If I spotted anyone blocking the road again.  It'll goes to my blog. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

DIY: Your own bunny (beanie) hat

I'm not the most hardworking person alive but when I'm onto something, I hope I could finish it before I move on to another.  In this case, sewing projects.  I got tons of stuff I wanted to make but I could never, I mean seriously never, put it on paper.

Whenever I wanted to make something, I cut it directly and hope it'll work.  Drafting is not my specialty you see.  Same goes as blogging.  I don't really draft out and proof read any of my post.  So, if you notice any typo, it's either I was blogging when I was totally blur or totally distracted or anything that could possibly explain that.

Words doesn't really come flowing that easily for me but I simply type wut I want to.  Hehe.

Anyways, lets start off with how to make this thing rite?

My base design would be a beanie I got from korea in 1998 which is a roughly square shape.  I won't call it a rectangle coz I think it looks more square.  I think the width measure about 23 inch?  Well coz I sort of measure my head and it's roughly that size coz I like it slightly bigger.  Though the height, don't ask, I sort measured my head and decided to follow my previous beanie height/length.

Now that's done.  An attempt to sew use the sewing machine.  In this case, failed miserably coz the material I'm using is thick felt.  Now we know how thick does the normal felt is and this is the thick kind, and when combining 2 thick felt and try to sew using the machine, it's totally not farnie, coz it didn't move at all.  LOL.

I nearly give up coz I'm not fond of hand sewing coz I tend to sweat a lot especially in a non air-conditioned room.  First of all, I've chosen the closest thread color that I could find in my collection which is a baby blue color.  I should have use white hmm coz it looked almost white.

*note: since the new blogger formatting sux! My images is arranged like this *sigh.

Oh yeah sorry, this is how I sew it together, since it's two (2) small pieces that I bought from Daiso for RM5 each.

So, when both the ends are attached and flipped, it'll look like this LOL.  Ogie, kidding, since it's thick, folding it is a bit hard, hence, I don't think it's farnie that I use the wrong material for this orz.


 Actually it should look like this when it's folded, the same concept as the beanie I based on.

Now for the ears.  I have to make a quick draft for the ears coz shaping it without draft would make it look crooked and ugly.  So, that have to be done.


Lay it on the felt and cut at your own risk!  In this case, I cut four (4) pieces.  I actually plan on using two (2) but somehow it looked kinda thin. 

Continue sewing at work for these ears.

Done both ears.  Erm, yes, there's a reason why I sew it that way.  Or not?

I is have ears! AHHAHAHAHAH ;) 

The actual, sort of finish product looks like this.  I folded the top part, it's actually square.

Front view that I posted at facebook.

Back view, look how ugly it is coz of the thickness it doesn't wanna go down *sigh.

I have to figure out how to pin it down.

Which should look like this.

So, that's about it.  Now you can make your own ;) easy peasy no?

Ogie! Class is over ;)

Last but not least, I went to Likas Square with my bro the other day for this.  Fried rice from OK Chicken Rice coz the chili is so damn kick!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2009

*taking a moment to digest the changes in blogger.  OMGWTFBBQ is this compose layout?!  

Anyways, cough cough, I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya.  Maaf Zahir & Batin.

*ehem~ *clears throat.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who sent me messages via plurk, msn chat, blog, facebook and sms.

Aight now,  before I get to the eating part, I should just post about DaSaru's invite to his house for "break fast" (buka puasa) the other day.  Nothing much to say but the fewd was great! I mean seriously!  Going to his house is like going to the end of the road.  Well maybe I should a bit exaggerating, not as far as Arine's house but almost there.

Lucky for me though, I follow my brother's car.  Aww cube the driver ;) *pat pat.  I know how it feels.

Oh yeah, here's some photos.

Click this link, here.

*distracted, somehow I hate the looks of this new compose layout.

Moving on.

Yesterday was first (1st) day of raya.  Went to Hangmen's house.  Oh fewd! Lotsa em.

I know during raya u're suppose to eat a lot, but I think I'm a bit self-conscious about my weight.  *blames saru for the weighing scale!!! RAWR!!!  Lets just say my weight is not farnie.  I'm reaching the big 60kg =_="""  Is that thing broken?!

Oh and one should never make me feel this way coz when I do, I start controlling fewd consumption ahhahahaha.  *facepalming.  It has an auto effect on me (lets just say that trying to lose all those fats when I was younger is not farnie).

 *distracted again.  Oh ogie, uploading photos is easier and faster and you could change it on the spot.  Hmmm  I wonder wut if it's multiple images hmm?

Oh yes, now about Hangmen's (*should I link him? *points blogroll at the right sidebar) crib.  It's my first time there.  I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE MWAHHAHA.  Ogie, that wasn't quite the effect I was going for.

There's actually more fewd but this is my plate.  I mean it when I said I'm cutting down on fewd.  Delicious.  Yeah, this amount is enough to make me full.  HAHAHAH ogie I lied I ate at home before (but that was breakfast T_T).

 *wargh! what's with the frigging gap between photos?!  I'm starting to hate the photo uploading function.  hmph.

More photos, here

I seriously can't remember how long we were there but, we had a lot of drinks ;) 

This year raya is pretty quiet.  Not much open house.  But uh oh, but, we went to Internet Arena, Citymall after that. 

Surprisingly, it's full orz.  Well, almost.

Played Killing Floor, new map, WOOT?!  The Hive ;) Fun fun!

Break around 6pm, was it 6pm? or earlier than that?  for ice cream!!!!  Belgian Chocolate at Vedablu *drools ;)  I want green tea ice cream too but but...I only want 1 scoop. 

Dinner at Big Apple Donuts.  ;) omg hahaha.  What's this? Raya outing?

I was disappointed coz they only bring out alien (chocolate) after I had the Iceberg (vanilla + icing).  Hmph.

Was gonna get drinks from fresh after that but fresh was close.  NOI!!!! *screaming and bangs head on wall.  I want berry drink!!!

Continue and play Killing Floor again.  Fun fun fun ;)

Wearing kebaya with heels is not fun, I want my legs on the chair, it's way comfie sitting like that rather than having it hanging orz.  No, you don't have to do wut I said, it's self preference.  Or coz I'm so used to that. @_@"""

Played till 10pm, was it 10pm?  I didn't get to finish my Pet Society visit *cries.  Hence, why I woke up at 6am today.  Just to finish it before 8am LOL.  We don't wanna waste coins now do we? 

It's second (2nd) day of raya today.  Got open house.  Lets raid!!! 

Oh wait, before that, lemme get some sleep, or maybe I should like shower and stay up?  Hmm, no idea.  So how did you guys spend your raya?  Hey!!!  WHERE'S ALL THE FRIGGING FIRECRACKERS MAN!?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Old House

the main entrance *points at the balcony (behind that door is the living room). Uh oh, near that door used to be our computer LOL, imagine 3-4 ppl sharing that 1 computer orz. That was crazy since we got addicted to IRC then LOL farnie.

I followed my mum to check the renovation to our old house at Putatan today. It's been years since I last went there. Ahhh gewd memories (I walked to school). *waves at acing, come my house play playstation with the guys LOL.

my eldest sis old room *points at the window. I think.

Anyways, we went there and were dumbfounded. Mum told me that the contractors were suppose to fix the gate, the balcony and er I forgot wut's the other one but when we got there, it's like nothing has been done. I've also heard from my sis that according to the agreement, those mentioned were suppose to be done 2 days ago (well this is coz the contractor promised to complete those by 10th September). I also heard that our house was broke in twice. How did that happen? The workers (who hold the keys) left the house open during those 2 weeks and nobody was there. There were some stolen items. Some of the items were ours (like electrical appliances and some other stuff). While a set of computer owned by the previous tenant was stolen too. Now don't get me started with the previous tenant.

Eventhough my mum know them well. They're a bunch of liars and they avoid any possible contact from my mum. They left without paying rent and they left their old car there. Oh yeah, the car, some of the parts were stolen too. *sweat.

Makes me wonder if those workers are legal. The contractors came to discuss with my mum about the progress and lets just say that my sis gave them some basic constructing/architectural lecture LOL. Mum was acting kewl while my sis sound pissy.

I just keep quiet and enjoy the view under the hot sun and took photos.

They sure talk a lot. BULLSHITTING if you ask me. Anyways, talking about experience in renovating, I still find it wrong to cement the balcony when you have cracking wood as your base no? Shouldn't they fix the gate so nobody can break in? Or maybe fix the whole ground floor first? *puzzled. A donkey also know that's how that should be done. *facepalming.

The condition of the house is bad. I'll just post some photos I took at the scene. I hope they get it done on time or a lawsuit coming their way.

Can't they like finish up with this first? Like hello? Isn't the gate important? *blurs. Halfway. orz.

Check out the drain, it's filled with water. @_@

The previous tenant abandon their car. they avoided my mum's sms and calls. Mum said she gonna get the contractor to sell it to scrap LOL.

Notice how close the houses is? Oh man, talking about tight space huh?

Oh yeah, I notice one of the person in charge (the contractor) hand gestures. LOL. Farnie, my sis was telling me about it and I laugh coz I said he's trying to psycho my mum. LOL since my mum is not the type who yell at people. She's too nice of a person sometimes. He keeps touching my mum's hand like a pat on the back. I should take a shot of it next time. The scene was too farnie that I just had to blog about it hehehe.

Oh yeah, we were there for 2 hours. Went off to Segama after that. Big mistake. Segama was filled with cars. It's not farnie. Mum went to find parking at KK Plaza, tough luck. No parking at all and we even had to pay RM1.50 for going round round like merry go round for half an hour. WTH.

Mum gave up and look for parking around Segama area. Segama was crowded. Like seriously crowded, I hate crowded places. I can't think properly in crowded places. Hence, couldn't find anything I wanted there but my sis went to the tailor to get her dress fix. I think I reach a point that I feel tense from the hot weather, I feel sticky, icky eww~ so asked mum if we could go home after, they actually wanted to go Karamunsing but I think I reach my limit for that day LOL.

Ogie, I reach my limit for being sleepy, I'm gonna head to bed now. Gnite people, pleasant weekend. ;) thanks for reading.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Updates

So lemme start with the part that I got myself a holga and it's shipped from Hong Kong. Ordered it via ebay. I'll talk about it once I receive it.

On another note, I've been playing Ghost Trapper most of the time. Crazy! My page for this game is owez open. orz. Harlp!

Oh yeah, Le Meridian gave our bosses some gifts.

Jewelery box x2.

ContainsCute ain't it?

My colleague gave me these. So wut happen to the jewelery box? Don't ask. LOL. It vanished to thin air LOL.

Office in moving process. Most of my colleague went to the new office earlier. While I went to collect these. Aren't these cute? Cimbbank octo plushie! These cost RM10.90 but I got these for free ;) Thanks to a gewd fren of mine (I'm feeling greedy). So happy. Oh yeah, and keychains ;)

Also limited edition octos ;)

You can get these, here.

Oh yeah I went to 1Borneo today for Daiso, I need more dust covers and sealed plastic bags. Meanwhile, I also dropped by Kamdar for cotton. Oh please don't take me there. I want a lot of em cotton.

I bought 2 kinds ;) this time.

I got few other cotton cloth that I bought last time. Haven't use em yet. Soon. Soon. Lemme draft out some stuff ;) *procrastinating.

Oh yeah and I got these 1990s (I hope I got the year correctly) stamps from old office mail ;) These are revenue stamps. More info I found on the net, here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Layout Update Progress

Apart from playing a lot, I mean seriously a lot of facebook games (I'm currently addicted to Treasure Mania), I've manage to completely organize my blog list as follows:

Bloggers (from all over) = 196
CSPians = 112
Blogshops, craft shops, camera shops = 182

A total of 490 blogs. These are from my following (blogger function) and blog list widgets (in the page). I hope I categorize them correctly. Next thing I'm gonna check for dead links. I notice some of the blogs are locked. @_@"""

After this, I'm gonna copy all my widget codings, so I won't have to reopen all the links I joined and recopy the codes hehe~ *smart~ We'll see when I'll manage to finish this.

New blog layout transition might take a lil bit longer coz I'm cleaning (seriously cleaning) my room during the weekends @_@"""

And I seriously need to give away/sell some of my clothes XD

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Just when I'm in the mood to redesign my blog layout, I got distracted with playing facebook games LOL harlp~

I'm also bz plurking. *points sidebar. Obsessed with emoticons.

Today was different. Today I cleaned part of my room again. Yes, been lazing around so much that I decided to clean my messy computer table. It smells of dettol now. And no, I'm not sniffing it @_@"""

That's it. ;)