Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Old House

the main entrance *points at the balcony (behind that door is the living room). Uh oh, near that door used to be our computer LOL, imagine 3-4 ppl sharing that 1 computer orz. That was crazy since we got addicted to IRC then LOL farnie.

I followed my mum to check the renovation to our old house at Putatan today. It's been years since I last went there. Ahhh gewd memories (I walked to school). *waves at acing, come my house play playstation with the guys LOL.

my eldest sis old room *points at the window. I think.

Anyways, we went there and were dumbfounded. Mum told me that the contractors were suppose to fix the gate, the balcony and er I forgot wut's the other one but when we got there, it's like nothing has been done. I've also heard from my sis that according to the agreement, those mentioned were suppose to be done 2 days ago (well this is coz the contractor promised to complete those by 10th September). I also heard that our house was broke in twice. How did that happen? The workers (who hold the keys) left the house open during those 2 weeks and nobody was there. There were some stolen items. Some of the items were ours (like electrical appliances and some other stuff). While a set of computer owned by the previous tenant was stolen too. Now don't get me started with the previous tenant.

Eventhough my mum know them well. They're a bunch of liars and they avoid any possible contact from my mum. They left without paying rent and they left their old car there. Oh yeah, the car, some of the parts were stolen too. *sweat.

Makes me wonder if those workers are legal. The contractors came to discuss with my mum about the progress and lets just say that my sis gave them some basic constructing/architectural lecture LOL. Mum was acting kewl while my sis sound pissy.

I just keep quiet and enjoy the view under the hot sun and took photos.

They sure talk a lot. BULLSHITTING if you ask me. Anyways, talking about experience in renovating, I still find it wrong to cement the balcony when you have cracking wood as your base no? Shouldn't they fix the gate so nobody can break in? Or maybe fix the whole ground floor first? *puzzled. A donkey also know that's how that should be done. *facepalming.

The condition of the house is bad. I'll just post some photos I took at the scene. I hope they get it done on time or a lawsuit coming their way.

Can't they like finish up with this first? Like hello? Isn't the gate important? *blurs. Halfway. orz.

Check out the drain, it's filled with water. @_@

The previous tenant abandon their car. they avoided my mum's sms and calls. Mum said she gonna get the contractor to sell it to scrap LOL.

Notice how close the houses is? Oh man, talking about tight space huh?

Oh yeah, I notice one of the person in charge (the contractor) hand gestures. LOL. Farnie, my sis was telling me about it and I laugh coz I said he's trying to psycho my mum. LOL since my mum is not the type who yell at people. She's too nice of a person sometimes. He keeps touching my mum's hand like a pat on the back. I should take a shot of it next time. The scene was too farnie that I just had to blog about it hehehe.

Oh yeah, we were there for 2 hours. Went off to Segama after that. Big mistake. Segama was filled with cars. It's not farnie. Mum went to find parking at KK Plaza, tough luck. No parking at all and we even had to pay RM1.50 for going round round like merry go round for half an hour. WTH.

Mum gave up and look for parking around Segama area. Segama was crowded. Like seriously crowded, I hate crowded places. I can't think properly in crowded places. Hence, couldn't find anything I wanted there but my sis went to the tailor to get her dress fix. I think I reach a point that I feel tense from the hot weather, I feel sticky, icky eww~ so asked mum if we could go home after, they actually wanted to go Karamunsing but I think I reach my limit for that day LOL.

Ogie, I reach my limit for being sleepy, I'm gonna head to bed now. Gnite people, pleasant weekend. ;) thanks for reading.


  1. I loved reading this post. Nice one massy! :-)

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    its as though a stream of thoughts rammed onto your keyboard... hohohoho... i couldn't stand up for coffee... damn j00 massy! XD

  3. @Dan: thanks, next time I take photo of the hand gesture hahahahah ;)

    @kent chan: weird ei? It's like I did this post when I'm sleeping hahahaha. Well more like I was really really sleepy and one of my eyes were close when I did this post LOL

  4. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Love the photos. That house really old. Have a nice day!

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  5. @IMCurtain: Thanks ;)

  6. rumah pusaka ka ni?hehe..nice2, it looks like my grandpa's house laa.. :)

    btw, tu contractor mmg mo kena sound..nanti pandai temberang..
    my fam penah kna tipu ole cntractor yg pandai makan duit sja..huh..rugi bnyak $$, tp rumah nda siap....

  7. @Ruth: heheheh my mum's house. Etto, I stayed there like masa sekolah menengah. Jalan kaki pigi sikul hahahah. Yar, tulah tu, my sis pigi sound yesterday. Kuat lagi tu suara LOL.

  8. I'm sure you can get some good cash if you sell that car for scrap :D

  9. @Nick: Yeah, we're selling it for scrap and heck the previous tenant won't be able to say anything coz they left it unattended there.

  10. wah that pic of 'rumah pusaka' really gave me the feeling of 'flashbacking' through my childhood.

    really2 vintage :)

    phew, I hate crowded places too.
    eh BTW, have a nice week ahead :)

  11. @cicak: heheheheh yeah, I had memory flashing back at me when I was there ;)

  12. Anonymous3:08 PM

    m, somehow i always knew that deep down inside, past the complex psychotic weird persona, you are just really a simple 'kampung' chick. :D

  13. whoa, contractor from hell!

    Best not pay the bugger a single cent until something has been done to the house. nanti tiba2 he will ask for money to buy cement or other materials coz he no money etc etc.

    as for the stolen stuff, welcome to the real world mas. some of my stuffs were also stolen during my hse renovation. tuh bilik dah kunci pun boleh masuk...

    just make sure nothing important is left there and always check on the hse at least once a week to monitor the progress.

    tat way when u ask the contractor wats the holdup and when he starts to bullshit, u can at least counter him by saying u went there just now to check the hse. XD

    just be patient lorrr. AND DON'T PAY THE CONTRACTOR PER DAY BASIS. Otherwise he will keep delaying while earning the daily pay.

    oh and selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin kak! XD

  14. @I, LOL, though I'm not fond of the rumah "rapat rapat".

    @Nick: dammit, u're older than me man! Anyways, yeah, my sis will make sure of that since my mum too nice bah. We're checking it next week for progress, I've told mum to reduce the payment. LOL Lets just say we'll get a major discount!

  15. that's really one old house..looks fragile..
    but after renovation.. should be ok lah.. =)

  16. @kenwooi: yeah very fragile hopefully they fix the base not do it randomly like wut we saw.

  17. Anonymous12:07 AM

    It looks like it got hit by a hurricane.

  18. lol. real easy to get addicted. indeed.

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

  19. @the envoy: LOL yeah, the house got plumbing and drainage problem.

    @SJ, thanks for dropping by ;)

  20. I think I'm like your sis. I'm sure sia suda taruh tu kontrekter kaw2 punya, such sloppy job! Like you said, donkeys lagi pandai buat kerja... LOL!

    Why not demolish the whole house, kasi brand new punya? (pandai2 pula sia ni).. hehe

    Selamat Hari Raya Mas!

  21. @Nessa: hahahahaha, oh, I dunno why oh, my mum yang suruh urang buat tu, I oso blur. the other day she went there with my sis again, my sis main teriak again LOL. Thanks ;)

  22. I miss these kind of houses back at my kampung... :'( sob sob... bring back good memories. n ur hse is cool ;D

  23. @arms: thanks ;) I like wooden house sometimes ;) and the sound of wood ;)